50 High-Fiber Recipes

Need more fiber in your diet? Read on for a wide variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes to try


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A vegetable paella made to a vegan, high fiber recipe It couldn't be easier to get fiber into your diet with these 50 plant-based recipes - Media Credit: Viva!

Fiber is an absolute superhero in the world of nutrition and plays a vital role in overall health and well-being. If you eat plenty of high fiber recipes, you’ll be feeding your gut microbiome with healthy bacteria, improving digestion while preventing constipation, and significantly reducing the risk of chronic diseases including heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers. 

Despite its huge benefits, many people are not getting their recommended amount of fiber. According to the USDA, a huge 95 percent of Americans are not getting enough.

If you’re stressing about how to get more fiber in your diet, we have the ultimate cheat code for you: follow a plant-based diet. If you regularly eat meals rich in vegetables, legumes, grains, and fruits, and prioritize whole foods, you will easily get enough fiber in your diet.

Dietitian’s advice on daily fiber requirements

The recommended intake of fiber is around 30 per day, but most people are not meeting that target. According to Andrea Rymer, a dietitian at The Vegan Society, not getting enough fiber can cause a range of health problems including constipation and raised cholesterol, as well as more serious conditions like diverticular disease and bowel cancer.

“Fiber is important as it not only promotes satiety (keeping you fuller for longer), but it also increases the beneficial bacteria in your gut, reducing inflammation and enhancing your immune system,” she tells Plant Based News. “This is why fiber-rich diets are also associated with a lower risk of inflammatory conditions such as heart disease and type two diabetes.”

There are two main types of fiber: soluble and insoluble fiber. The former is found in oats, beans, pulses, and fruits, and it dissolves in water, creating a gel-like substance to aid digestion. Insoluble fiber, on the other hand, remains intact, providing bulk to stools and supporting bowel regularity. This kind of fiber is commonly found in wheat bran and nuts.

The key thing to remember when thinking about getting more fiber into your diet is that it’s not found in animal foods like meat, dairy, and eggs. “Fiber is only found in plants, and so a plant-based diet has huge health potential,” says Rymer. “There are now studies suggesting that including thirty different plants a week is optimal for gut health. Although this may sound excessive, it isn’t difficult for most people following plant-based diets rich in herbs, spices, nuts, seeds, rice, oats, and beans.”

In a nutshell, diversity is key! So don’t stress, because we’ve got 50 delicious, varied, and nutritious high-fiber recipes to keep you going, feeling happy, satiated, and energized.

Avocado Mac and Cheese

A vegan mac and cheese recipe made with avocado
Fit Foodie Finds Avocado is a great source of fiber

Thought high-fiber and healthy meant boring? Wrong! We bet you weren’t expecting mac and cheese to head up this list, but the classic comfort food is made healthier and fiber-packed here, with just eight ingredients and ready in 30 minutes. There’s the option to add silken tofu also if you want to up the protein stakes and add even more creaminess. This recipe comes from Fit Foodie Finds.

Find the recipe here

Lentil salad

A vegan high protein lentil salad
The Garden Party Lentils are packed with plant protein and fiber

Not only are lentils a big protein hero, but they are also a great source of fiber, like the rest of the legume family. It’s time to put to bed the myth that salad can’t be a great source of protein while being packed with fiber. Evidence of humans eating lentils goes back as early as 8,000 BC, seen in the Near East and Mediterranean diets of the time. Great to see that people back then wanted a brilliant source of dietary fiber, as well as plant protein. This salad – which comes from The Garden Party – is just a gorgeous rainbow of colors, and the combination of tomatoes, peppers, fresh parsley, and lemon juice means this could be the staple dish of your dreams. 

Find the recipe here

Split mung bean curry

A vegan split mung bean curry made to a plant-based recipe
Nuts & Twigs This plant-based curry is packed full of protein

It’s time to sing the praises of another legume, and this time it’s the humble mung bean. Like lentils, people have been enjoying them for thousands of years. They’re not quite as widely available though, but you should be able to find them in some larger supermarkets and health food stores. One cup of these beans will power you up with 15.4g of fiber and 14.2g of protein — wowsers! And that’s without mentioning all the potassium, magnesium, folate, and vitamin B6. If you are going to go about increasing your fiber game, you could do a lot worse than doing so with this stunning curry from Nuts and Twigs.

Find the recipe here

Coconut and peanut curry

A close up shot of a vegan peanut and coconut curry
Amber Asakura This vegan curry is sure to impress

Let’s keep it curry, shall we? Because this one from Clean Food Dirty Girl is an absolute treat. It’s a recipe that doesn’t use any oil if you’re keen to keep the fat down while upping the fiber. It’s inspired by a Tanzanian mchicha, which is a spinach and peanut curry. If you haven’t tried rustling up some East African cuisine before, this is your sign to go all in. This combination of sweet potato, red pepper, kale, peanut butter, and coconut milk is just off-the-charts tasty. 

Find the recipe here

Pesto butter beans

A bowl of vegan pesto butter beans next to some cutlery and bread
Plant Baes These pesto butter beans taste as good as they look

Butter beans are so naturally creamy that they are ideal for this Plant Baes pesto butter beans recipe, which is stacked with fiber. It also clocks up a gigantic 35g protein per serving, so it’s a great one for recovery after a strength workout. We salute tofu for helping up the protein scales on this dish. Combine all that with cashew and pine nuts, leeks, spinach, chill flakes, and more, and you’ve got yourself the fiber-filled, succulent dish of your dreams.

Find the recipe here

Butter bean stew

A vegan butter bean stew
Natlicious Food Butter beans are a great source of plant protein

More bean-based joy with this dish from Natlicious Food. It’s packed full of veggies, with carrot, celery, and leek. It makes for a mega comforting midweek dinner and is ideal for those who love nothing more than meal prepping. The flavor notes of chilli, paprika, thyme will send you on a first-class trip to taste heaven.

Find the recipe here

Vegan chickpea and pumpkin pilaf

A vegan pumpkin and chickpea pilaf
Natali Eleftheriou This pilaf is a perfect midweek meal

Here’s another brilliant bit of munch from Natlicious Food. We’ve mentioned protein a fair few times here, and chickpeas are one of the ultimate staples in the vegan protein game. Pilaf is a big favorite meal in the Middle East, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean. This one is soy and nut-free, but do watch out for the bulgur wheat if gluten is troublesome for you. Full to the brim with herbs and spices, this excellent dish only takes 20 minutes to serve up!  

Find the recipe here

Apple and coconut dhal

A bowl of plant-based apple and coconut dahl cooked to a vegan recipe
Jazz Apple This vegan dahl recipe is packed full of nutrients

Apple in a dhal? Oh yes! This isn’t as avant-garde as it may sound, as it’s the most wonderfully comforting curry dish to quickly whip up, and ensures you’re hitting your fiber goals. Dhal is a staple in South Asian cooking, and the apple puts a stunningly sweet twist on the recipe. And with dhal being made from lentils, you can expect a great protein hit as well as the fiber factor.

Find the recipe here

Ginger and turmeric lentils

A bowl of vegan ginger and turmeric lentils
Natlicious Food This vegan lentil dish is a great way to pack more fiber into your diet

Get your tastebuds prepared for the epic duo that is ginger and turmeric. As well as the running theme of fiber, this Natlicious Food recipe is maxed out on antioxidants and digestive qualities also, and once again, that almighty lentil protein. And best of all, it tastes amazing.

Find the recipe here

Vegan hot pot

A vegan vegetable hot pot, a high fiber recipe
Jamie Orlando Smith This vegetable hot pot is packed full of fiber

Despite our very best intentions, sometimes the vegetables from our weekly shop can get on top of us. What to do with all those veggies that are starting to look a bit peaky? This fabulous fiber number is the answer to that conundrum, as you can stick any and all of your veg into this hot pot. Food waste, be gone! Big love to Matt Pritchard and his book Dirty Vegan: Fast and Easy for this one.

Find the recipe here

Butter Bean Bourguignon

A vegan butter bean bourguignon
Jamie Orlando Smith This butter bean bourguignon is sure to impress

Bourguignon? Butter? Vegan?! You’d better believe it. This Matt Pritchard recipe doesn’t have beef, and your tastebuds won’t have any beef with it either, as it’s a delectable delight. This is a fully plant-based powerhouse take on the famous French stew. Fiber? Check. Protein? Check. Butter beans replace beef as the main ingredient in an exquisite manner.

Find the recipe here

Butternut squash dhal

A bowl of butternut squash dahl and grains on a green towel
Ashley Madden This comforting dish is cheap and easy to make

Butternut squash: it has the fiber factor. And this dhal recipe has the ultimate deliciousness factor also. Best of all, it’s a straightforward one-pot affair, and the red lentils, spices, cashew milk, and creamy squash make it a taste sensation. Great for batch cooking also. It will help you hit your A game as butternut squash is rich in vitamin A. This one comes from Rise Shine Cook.

Find the recipe here

One-pot vegan pad thai

A one-pot vegan Pad Thai
Rebel Recipes This one-pot Pad Thai is an easy vegan dinner idea

A great one to try cooking at your pad, this is another recipe that only needs one pot, and takes just over ten minutes to make! While stir-fried rice noodles arrived in Thailand from China centuries ago, the pad thai version of a stir fry was born in the mid-20th century. We’re eschewing the eggs, fish sauce, and any other meat or animal-derived ingredients for this vegan take on the dish. Creamy, crunchy, and spicy, what a combo. We have Viva! to thank for this recipe.

Find the recipe here

Lebanese green bean recipe

Two plates of Lebanese green beans - also known as Loubieh bi zeit - next to some flatbread
Plant Based Folk This vegan green bean recipe is packed full of flavor

Here is a dish that will make your friends green with envy. Green beans are a mega versatile food, as they can be boiled, steamed, or stir-fried. Here’s how to make them loubieh bi zeit style, a traditional Lebanese recipe that involves slow-cooking the green beans with onions, tomatoes, onions and garlic in oil, with the all-important salt and pepper seasoning. This particular recipe – from Plant Based Folk – adds paprika and olive oil — a chef’s kiss! It’s a fantastic fiber dish, and hopefully the beans in the title make it obvious this is another protein-fest also.

Find the recipe here

Mushroom bourguignon with white bean mash and kale chips

A vegan mushroom Bourguignon with white bean mash and kale chips
Rebel Recipes Mushrooms work as a great meat alternative in a bourguignon

Yes, butter bean mash is a thing — because it shouldn’t just be potatoes having all of the fun. If you’ve got a dinner date planned, this is the one to show your friends what a fancypants you are. The heroes at Viva! have veganized the traditional meat-heavy dish with the amazing inclusion of kale chips and a delightful portion of health-giving porcini mushrooms.

Find the recipe here

One-pot spaghetti with lentil ragu

A one-pot spaghetti and lentil ragu recipe
Romy London This vegan one-pot recipe takes just 30 minutes to make

Veggies, lentils, and spaghetti, oh my! If you’re feeling peckish, this Romy London pasta recipe will hit the spot. If you love nothing more than twizzling spaghetti round your fork, but don’t like lots of washing up after, then this one-pot dish has your name on it. It’s full of flavor and fiber, it’s comforting, and is nice and filling also. While your nonna might go for the traditional beef ragu recipe, this one swaps the cruelty out for lentils, the perfect creamy ingredient for a pasta dish.

Find the recipe here

Creamy cauliflower casserole

A vegan cauliflower casserole with a tahini sauce
Ashley Madden Cauliflower is in season right now, so it’s the ideal time to make this casserole

Here is a fantastic and fabulous fiber dish for all you alliteration fans out there. But, grammar, aside, this cauliflower casserole is creamy, comforting, and a nutrition powerhouse. Coming all the way from recipe specialist Rise Shine Cook, you couldn’t ask for a better midweek meal that’s quick to rustle up. 

Find the recipe here

Wild Rice-Stuffed Squash

A vegan stuffed squash with wild rice recipe
Rainbow Plant Life This vegan recipe is sure to impress at your next dinner party

There was a time when stuffed aubergine and squash was the go-to meal if a restaurant or pub knew they had a vegan coming in, but this wild rice-stuffed squash is many levels above those disappointing dishes you may have had. It’s completely free of gluten, and you can use either the butternut squash or the acorn squash variety for this one if you have a particular affinity for either. Or, go completely crazy and use both! This one comes from Rainbow Plant Life.

Find the recipe here

Roasted cauliflower and apple

Roasted cauliflower and apple with cous cous
JAZZ Apple This roasted cauliflower dish is an easy and delicious weeknight meal idea

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, and so does eating lots of healthy sources of fiber. And you can delight your doctor even further by eating cauliflower, which is full of vitamins C and K, while also providing a good amount of folate and vitamin B6. Also, this recipe won’t leave you with much washing up afterward, just pick out your favorite mixing bowl and oven tray, and you’ll be right as rain. 

Find the recipe here

Bean, kale, and lemon stew recipe

A vegan bean and kale stew, a high protein plant-based recipe
Viva! Beans are a great source of plant-based protein

Beans in stews, it’s something that is meant to be. And it’s wonderful to see kale and butter beans joining forces with their incredible nutrition profiles. Shout out to Viva! for this one. They’ve described this one as the dream midweek meal, as it is quick and easy to put together, only taking about 30 minutes. A winter favorite, stews are a fabulous dish for packing loads of whole foods ingredients into your bowl, and this particular stew fits the bill.

Find the recipe here

Sweet potato and chickpea stew

A bowl of Indian vegan sweet potato and chickpea stew
Rainbow Plant Life This stew is a perfect addition to your weekly dinner rotation

Now it’s time for a stew with some of the tastiest Indian staple ingredients you can get your hands on. This hearty meal is gluten-free, and packs in the fiber thanks to the titular sweet potato and chickpeas, plus cilantro, Swiss chard, crushed tomatoes, and onions. Anyone who firmly believes a stew is a meat dish may undergo a powerful conversion after trying this dish out. We have Rainbow Plant Life to thank for this one.

Find the recipe here

Apple pie overnight oats

Apple pie overnight oats, a healthy vegan breakfast idea
Amanda McGillicuddy These apple pie overnight oats are easy to make

Ah, overnight oats. The breakfast dish that will have your future self thanking you in abundance for your thoughtfulness and foresight. They are so simple in principle: you place your oats and ingredients in a container and leave them soaking in milk, or a combination of milk and water overnight. The oats (and also the chia seeds in this recipe) will absorb the liquid, meaning you can look forward to the softest and creamiest results come morning. This “apple pie” spin on overnight oats is like having dessert for breakfast. You’ll be safe in the knowledge that you’re getting a whopping great load of fiber. So, onto the million-dollar question: which of your favorite plant milks will you use for this one? Thanks to World of Vegan for this recipe.

Find the recipe here

Tuscan one-pot spaghetti

A one-pot vegan Tuscan spaghetti recipe
Ashley Madden This pasta and bean recipe uses just one pot

Don’t worry, this recipe isn’t from the Tuscan Raiders who dwell on Tattooine in Star Wars, but instead from the picturesque Tuscany region of Italy. Known for its rolling hills, postcard-worthy vineyards, walled-medieval towns, and pasta. This vegan take on the Tuscan spaghetti dish will wow even a native Tuscan purist. Plenty of garlic, red pepper flakes, and cannellini beans make this so outrageously yummy, you may exclaim ‘mamma mia!’ involuntarily while feasting on it. Another Rise Shine Cook creation.

Find the recipe here

Root vegetable curry

A root vegetable curry, a recipe using seasonal vegetables like carrots, swede, and potato
Cook Veggielicious Use up leftover veggies with this easy vegan curry recipe

The chillier months provide an ideal opportunity to create hearty and warming dinners featuring staples like swede, turnip, and carrots. Supermarkets abound with these versatile veggies, often at budget-friendly prices during autumn and winter. If you’re seeking flavorful recipes showcasing an abundance of root vegetables, why not try this Indian-spiced root vegetable curry. It’s a brilliant way to use up leftover veg in the fridge. It comes from Veggielicious.

Find the recipe here

Pumpkin baked oatmeal

Pumpkin baked oat meal, a perfect fall recipe idea
World of Vegan This pumpkin baked oat meal makes for a great fiber-filled breakfast

It’s always great to find new ways to jazz up your oatmeal/porridge, one of the best breakfast companions we have. How about sticking some pumpkin in there? It might sound a little avant-garde but fear not, the pumpkin puree makes this the most delicious start to your day. Combined with cinnamon, vanilla extract, and maple syrup, it’s all a bit sumptuous. In the fiber stakes, this is an instant winner, and oatmeal will always leave your digestive system feeling delighted afterward. This is another World of Vegan creation.

Find the recipe here

Mediterranean chickpea stew

A Mediterranean chickpea stew, a healthy vegan weeknight meal
World of Vegan This stew is quick and easy to make

Shout out again to World Of Vegan for bringing the mighty chickpea to this list. Besides seeing off the myth that vegan protein is hard to obtain, it also dispels the illusion that vegan food is expensive, as this dish is as cheap as chips. Join it with fluffy white rice and you’ll be in tasty delirium. A generous handful of spinach ensures you’ll be comfortably hitting your fiber and greens quota.

Find the recipe here

Lentil and mushroom wellington

Photo shows a vegan lentil and mushroom wellington cut open to show inside the pastry.
Romy London This wellington recipe has all the makings of a classic

A wellington with no beef is up next. It’s been swapped out for delicious and cruelty-free mushrooms, which also raises the fiber stakes significantly. If you want some comfort food, this British classic from Romy London will give you that in abundance. The lentils ensure you get a lovely hit of protein also. Perfect for a midweek dinner, or wow friends and loved ones as you serve it up as a vegan Sunday roast centerpiece. You’ll be sure to hear that classic line, ‘I can’t believe it’s not meat!’

Find the recipe here

Kale, cashew cheese, and apple salad

A vegan kale salad with apple, cashew cheese, and pomegranate
Happy Skin Kitchen This vegan kale salad is easy to make at home

If the word “salad” doesn’t get you excited, it’s time for a tectonic shift in your culinary world. This high-fiber salad recipe combines sweet, savory, creamy, and crunchy flavors and textures in an outrageously yummy way. Kale and apple are two of the healthiest food items on the planet, and the cashew cheese upgrades its tastiness. Thanks to Happy Skin Kitchen for this creation.

Find the recipe here

Spanish-inspired white wine lentils

A vegan Spanish White Wine Lentil recipe
Vegan Recipe Club Lentils are a protein-rich and highly versatile ingredient

Make sure to read this one through first to avoid the mistake of thinking that drinking lots of white wine will increase your fiber intake. Instead, the high fiber of this Viva! dish is deliciously served up by lentils, tomato, carrot, and parsley. The wine is one of the ingredients to ensure this dish is irresistible, while only taking around half an hour to make. Vegan bacon is an optional extra. It’s time to turn your kitchen into a flamenco party. 

Find the recipe here

Vegan barbecue baked potatoes

Two baked potatoes filled with smoky vegan barbecue lentils and drizzled with plant-based sriracha mayo
Vegan Richa This recipe is said to be hearty, filling, and delicious

Do you love a comforting baked potato, but have grown weary of the same old baked beans filling? Well, have we got a sizzling alternative for you. Potatoes are a legit superhero in the high-fiber game, and this tantalizing filling recipe puts the fiber levels through the roof. Lentils and mushrooms join forces once again on this one, and the sriracha mayonnaise and barbecue spice blend make this an unforgettable eat. This recipe comes from Vegan Richa’s Instant Pot Cookbook.

Find the recipe here

Vegan butternut squash curry

A vegan red lentil and butternut squash Indian curry, cooked in an instant pot from a plant-based recipe
Vegan Richa Tender butternut squash and a creamy coconut milk base feature in this vegan recipe

A cuisine that is loved the world over, Indian curry can also be a quick and nutritious vegan dinner to make, once you know the basics. This 30-minute recipe is from Vegan Richa, and the butternut squash centerpiece is such a treat. Adding to the mix are lentils, spinach, and some of the most health-giving herbs and spices in the world, and you’ll be brimming with those vegan whole foods powers afterwards. 

Find the recipe here

Peach pasta salad

Vegan Arugula and tomato Pasta Salad featuring peach and other plant-based ingredients
Munchmeals by Janet This dish is packed with nutritious ingredients

Here’s another high-fiber vegan recipe that might just make you a salad convert for life. If that image doesn’t have you running to the shop to get the ingredients, I throw my hands up in despair. Another peachy thing with this Munchmeals by Janet dish is it’s so nutritious, and so quick to assemble, only needing approximately thirty minutes. Fresh dill, cherry tomatoes, dijon mustard, avocado, and agave are among the flavors packed into this sensational vegan pasta salad. 

Find the recipe here

Lentil and broccoli summer salad

Lentil and broccoli vegan summer salad served on a rectangular platter
Natlicious Food Legumes plus greens equals a heart-healthy salad you can make anytime

One to eat with your shades on, on a floating bed in the pool. Or whatever suits, you do you! Either way, this isn’t simply just another high-fiber recipe, but the combination of lentils and the vitamin C can increase iron intake by up to four times — wowsers. If iron levels alone aren’t what affect your lunch and dinner choices, rest assured that this salad is very tasty indeed. Thanks to Natlicious Food for this recipe.

Find the recipe here

Vegan taco recipe

A rack of freshly-stuffed vegan tacos in wholegrain tortilla with creamy tahini dressing on top
Jay Halford Make every vegan taco different with some additional dressings and toppings

Tacos — just one of Mexico’s wonderful culinary gifts to the world. So tasty, quick to rustle up, and they can also be very healthy if you use the right ingredients. That’s where these fiber-packed vegan tacos enter the chat. Black beans, salsa, pecan nuts, and then the paprika and cayenne pepper, it’s all a divine combination of flavors. This recipe comes from Jay Halford.

Find the recipe here

Roasted pumpkin and kale salad

Warm pumpkin and kale vegan salad served in a large ceramic bowl, on a scenic recipe table with dressing on the side
Plant Baes Vegan salads never looked or tasted so good

Our salad sensationalism continues. Pumpkin and kale are back in this Plant Baes recipe, and we’re laying out the red carpet for them. The pumpkin is roasted and oozing with flavor. A whopping 10 plant ingredients means it’s stacked with fiber, and the approximately 100 trillion microbes of bacteria in your gut will be high-fiving each other. Almost half your daily requirement of calcium, and 10mg of iron also, what a winner!

Find the recipe here

Cannellini beans hummus

A spread of vegan hummus made from white kidney beans on a table with fresh plant-based ingredients
Vegetafull Whether you’re catering for a crowd or creating a next-level solo snack, this plant-based hummus is sure to satisfy

Hummus is a worryingly addictive food. It’s so moreish, it should come with a warning label. Not all hummus is created equal, however, and some hummus products are healthier than others. Not only is this Vegata Full hummus recipe another healthy fiber source (green things usually are, right?), but it also puts an exciting spin on the traditional recipe by swapping out the usual chickpeas with cannellini beans. This also means it’s still a great way to get some protein intake. 

Find the recipe here

Vegan chocolate chili hotpot

A bowl of vegan chilli hotpot made with chocolate, in a black bowl, topped with vegan sour cream and fresh chillis, with a fork beside it
Viva! A quick and simple recipe that can be customised endlessly

Lots of chocolate purveyors now offer chili chocolate, so hopefully the idea isn’t too strange to you at this point. Cast from your mind any notions of sweet milkiness, as the vegan dark chocolate in this recipe, which can be substituted for cocoa or cacao powder, adds to the incredible richness of this dish. This Viva! recipe is a great one to make in bulk, and the protein content in the beans and lentils mean it’s a great one for bulking your arms too!

Find the recipe here

Vegan mushroom lentil risotto

Vegan lentil and mushroom risotto served with fresh thyme sprigs
Avocado Skillet An easy-to-prepare vegan alternative to traditional risotto recipes

Risotto might be one of those dishes you associate with being disappointing when it’s the only vegan option in a pub, but this take on the rice dish is anything but. The best thing about it is you won’t be stirring it for hours on end, and the washing up will be minimal as it’s a one-pot wonder. Loads of fiber, protein, and satisfaction. This recipe comes from Avocado Skillet.

Find the recipe here

Curried lentil one pot

A curried lentil hot pot, a high fiber recipe
Chef Day Radley This hot pot packs in a huge amount of fiber

Straight back into the one-pot lentils with this one, and this time it’s curry style. It calls for two types of lentils: split red lentils, and either green or brown lentils. That’s a mental amount of lentils. The tinned creamed coconut and herbs and spices mix produce the most succulent meal, despite how quick and simple it is to make. This comes from The Vegan Chef School.

Find the recipe here

Smoky vegan burger

A high fiber bean burger, made with a vegan recipe
Mira Weiner This vegan burger is filled with vegetables

A burger? On a high-fiber and healthy vegan recipe list? Take a few deep breaths, because we’re here to tell you that it’s possible to go into raptures eating a plant-based burger that’s full of fiber and nutrition. This Mira Weiner creation has apple cider vinegar that your gut will thank you for, as part of the healthy, sugar-free BBQ sauce that you’ll be making, and the sweet potato fries are also a fiber sensation. The burger itself consists of black beans, mushrooms, sweet potato, walnuts, and more ingredients that ensure you won’t be left with a heavy feeling of regret after tucking into this fantabulous burger. 

Find the recipe here

Lemon almond granola

An oat-based high fiber vegan granola
Herbivore's Kitchen Oats are a great way to pack more fiber into your diet

Granola — we’re declaring it the breakfast of champions. And you will be too when you try this one out. Oats are one of the most fiber-friendly foods out there, so adding more oat-based meals like this one to your weekly meal plan is a no-brainer if you’re looking to increase your fiber wins. Especially when it’s this zesty, crunchy, and luscious! We have Herbivore’s Kitchen to thank for this creation.

Find the recipe here

Balinese summer curry

Vegan Balinese curry, a fiber-packed recipe
Viva! You’ll come back to this flavorful curry dish again and again

Seeing cashew nuts and chickpeas together in a curry is usually a good sign your tastebuds are about to be tantalized. And what could be more tantalizing than this Viva! summer curry recipe inspired by the paradise island that is Bali? Put some shades on and imagine you’re there, with the flavors of lime, mango, and coconut to help transport you.

Find the recipe here

Vegetable paella

A vegetable paella made to a vegan, high fiber recipe
Viva! Who said paellas need animal products?

Zest, a rainbow of colors, fiber, vitamins, and protein, this paella packs a punch. It’s brought to us by the charitable legends at Viva! Don’t worry, a special paella frying pan is only optional; a wok or wide frying pan will work also. With olives, capers, sliced lemon, and cayenne pepper, this is a piquant dish that you don’t want to miss out on.

Find the recipe here

Easy chana masala

A vegan chana massala cooked to a high fiber recipe
BeExtra Vegant This vegan chana masala is packed full of fiber

There’s a reason chickpeas have come up in this high-fiber recipe compilation quite a few times now. The legume, which originates in Western Asia, tends to get the most plaudits for its high plant-based protein profile. But it deserves a huge round of applause also for being packed with fiber. Chickpeas are the main ingredient of the traditional Indian recipe chana masala, a go-to curry dish for many vegan and veggie types. This recipe is from BeExtra Vegant.

Find the recipe here

Banana oat cookies

A fiber-rich oat-based cookie recipe
Vivo Life These oat-based cookies feature a good amount of fiber

Okay, having burgers on this list was one thing, but cookies? You better believe it! These whole foods cookies will give you a big hit of fiber, and they taste amazing too. We have Vivolife to thank for these.

Find the recipe here

Salted maple pecan porridge

Vegan maple and pecan porridge, a high fiber vegan recipe
For the Utter Love of Food This fiber-rich recipe is comfort in a bowl

Hello again, oatmeal. Or porridge. Or whatever you call it. ‘A rose by any other name…’ and all that (I wonder if there are any Shakespearean sonnets about the benefits of a high-fiber diet?). Hopefully, you can sense the beginning of a drooling sensation just from the name of this recipe alone. The beauty of oatmeal/porridge is how speedy it is to make while being so satisfying, and this genius take on the breakfast staple is no exception. Thanks to For The Utter Love Of Food for this.

Find the recipe here

30-minute dhal stew

A high fiber dhal stew
Naturally Zuzu This fiber-rich stew is surprisingly easy to make

Do you like your meals to be high fiber, but also super speedy to make? The name of this recipe should catch your eye, in that case. And lentils are leading the fiber charge once again. They are rarely as delicious as when they are rendered so creamy in a dhal dish, and this take on the traditional recipe is an absolute stunner.

Find the recipe here

Baked peanut butter and jam oat bars

Peanut butter and jam oat bars, made with a fiber rich vegan recipe
Hot for Food These oat bars are tasty and filled with fiber

It’s peanut butter jelly time! Don’t worry, we’re not insulting your intelligence by including a recipe for a PBJ sandwich. If you’re bored of eating the same old store-bought cereal bars, some of which contain ingredients that spoil an otherwise healthy item, why not try making your own? Especially when these oat bars are out of this world. Thanks to Lauren Toyota’s cookbook Hot for Food all day for this recipe.

Find the recipe here

Gochujang stew

vegetable gochujang stew vegan recipe korean asian food
Matt Prichard Gochujang is a great addition to any hearty vegetable stew

As well as being packed with fiber-rich vegetables, this stew has the added bonus of featuring gochujang, a fermented chilli paste that’s popular in many Korean recipes. It has a spicy flavor, and – like other fermented foods – is great for your microbiome due to its probiotic effect. Another one from Matt Pritchard.

Find the recipe here

Creamy tahini kale salad

A creamy vegan tahini kale salad
Viva! This kale salad couldn’t be easier to prepare

If you’ve had a long day at work and can’t be bothered to cook, but still want to eat something tasty and nutritious, this Viva! kale salad is a great bet. It only takes around five minutes to prepare, and you can pack it with pretty much any fiber-rich salad items you like – so it’s a great recipe to make when you’ve got some veggies that need using up.

Find the recipe here

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