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Meet Our Team

Klaus Mitchell
Founder & Co-Director
Robbie Lockie
Co-Founder & Co-Director
Maria Chiorando
Giuseppe Federici
Social Lead
Liam Giliver
Deputy Editor
Rob Halhead
Graphic Designer & Artist
Elizabeth Yardley
Social Media & Illustration
Cameron Almeida
Video Editor
Grace Han
International Development Manager
Rohini Bajekal
Health Editor
Jon Rogers
Video Editor
Ossian Arthur
Assistant Video Editor
Saoirse Clohess
Video Editor
Shirin Lee
Financial Advisor
Phil Marriot
Podcast Editor & Audio Engineer
Kamran Mortazavi
Fitness Editor
Randy Hereman
Brand Sales
Caroline Burgess-Pike
Public Relations

Company Ownership: Robert Lockie, KBW Ventures, KOMS Media & Investments

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