WATCH: Top Plant-Based Nutrition Hacks With Dr. Michael Greger


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Do you have questions about how to maximise the nutritional benefits of cruciferous vegetables? What about whether there are benefits to eating organic vegan?

In this Plant Based News video, top plant-based medic Dr. Michael Greger tackles a huge range of nutrition questions, offering a number of top hacks.

Dr. Greger is a medical doctor, best-selling author, internationally acclaimed speaker and advocate of plant-based nutrition.

Plant Based Nutrition

The video features footage from two Q&A sessions, in which he discusses a wide range of his audiences’ dietary concerns, offering indispensable advice for good health and longevity. 

One of the topics he handles is how patties like the Impossible and Beyond burgers compare to meat. Discussing key nutrients, he said: “Actually, Impossible comes out pretty far ahead because they add nutrients back. But there are lots of nutrients they’re missing. The key one is fiber.”

He added that the companies want to ‘match or even exceed’ the amount of protein in beef, as the macronutrient has become such a buzzword. “So I think a quarter pound patty of burger, if I remember correctly, has 18g of protein whereas Impossible and Beyond have 20g.”

You can watch the full video here

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