25 Authentic Vegan Christmas Recipes For The Holiday Season

Festive vegan Christmas recipes that will keep you inspired through the holidays.


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Photo shows a cast iron skillet full of roasted potatos, carrots, garlic, and carefully arranged vegan chicken. These recipes are all winter warmers with a unique and Christmassy twist. - Media Credit: School Night Vegan

It’s nearly the final week of the advent and for many that means it’s time to get in the last few snacks and ingredients for Christmas. However you choose to celebrate the festive season, it’s a unique opportunity to prepare and share delicious food with friends and family, and we at Plant Based News have picked a selection of vegan Christmas recipes and ideas to try out.

Over the last few years, an increasing number of people have said that they plan to eat more plant-based foods during the holidays. A new survey by World Animal Protection reported that one in six people in the UK are considering a fully vegan Christmas this year. An additional two in five are planning to simply reduce their meat consumption.

Britain’s appetite for meat already hit an all-time low in October, having fallen by a significant 14 percent over the last decade. One of the most commonly cited reasons for eating less meat and dairy is the environmental, though the cost of living crisis and impact of Covid-19 are also key factors in a national move away from meat.

The fact that so many are eating less meat and more plants at Christmas is particularly significant as the combination of consumer culture, astronomical amounts of packaging, and excessive food waste mean the entire season has a heavy footprint.

In the US alone, approximately 68 million turkeys are slaughtered just for Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations. A study by Satsuma Loans also estimates that a traditional turkey Christmas dinner produces around twice the amount of CO2 as a vegan one – making it a high-impact occasion that is easy to improve with a few simple, plant-based swaps.

“Going plant-based at Christmas is a great way to reduce your meat consumption,” World Animal Protection’s Farming campaigns manager Lindsay Duncan previously told Plant Based News. “What better time to do so than when there are so many wonderful plant-based goodies available.”

Vegan Christmas recipes to try:

With the growing demand for (and many benefits of) eating more plant-based foods in mind, these 25 vegan Christmas recipes are perfect for the season. They cover everything from mains and sides to desserts and drinks, and include beloved festive staples like plant-based eggnog, Scottish shortbread, roast “beef,” and pastry-wrapped Wellingtons. Happy holidays!

Plant-based mains and roasts

Vegan roast beef

Photo shows a large piece of vegan roast beef with the end section carved into slices.
Carleigh Bodrug Seitan is an affordable, high-protein, and highly versatile ingredient.

This vegan beef recipe uses the mighty seitan (or vital wheat gluten) for a dense, meaty, and protein-rich roast. As this recipe involves making the beef from scratch, it takes a little extra time to prepare and cook. However, chef Carleigh Bodrug (AKA Plantyou) notes that the recipe can keep for up to a week, making it a good option to prepare in advance.

Find the recipe here.

Lentil and mushroom Wellington

Photo shows a vegan lentil and mushroom wellington cut open to show inside the pastry.
Romy London This Wellington swaps the traditional meat filling for lentils and mushrooms.

The Wellington is a British dish that traditionally features meat wrapped in pastry. This vegan version by Romy London swaps in lentils and mushrooms for a meaty and nutritious filling, and the puff pastry can be swapped for a gluten-free version if required. Many private label ready-to-roll and pre-rolled pastries are vegan, but you could also make it from scratch.

Find the recipe here.

Vegan roast chicken with cranberry

Photo shows a cast iron skillet full of roasted potatos, carrots, garlic, and carefully arranged vegan chicken.
School Night Vegan Blending in tofu and beans can make seitan softer and more tender.

This vegan chicken recipe combines firm tofu and butter beans with a seitan base for a tender texture, delicate flavor, and next-level roast dinner – perfect for Christmas. Cooked in a cranberry marinade and best served with seasonal veggies, The School Night Vegan’s recipe just might be good enough to please everyone you’re hosting this Christmas.

Find the recipe here.

Roasted aubergine steak

Photo shows a well-marinated aubergine steak dished up with vegetables and sauce.
Romy London Carefully cooked and seasoned aubergine can be a meat-like, umami-flavored main dish.

Aubergine is extremely versatile and has a chewy, meat-like texture when cooked in the right way. It’s also nutritious, and contains fiber, potassium, vitamin C, and vitamin B-6. Romy London’s aubergine steak recipe combines herbs and spices with red wine and tamari for an intensely flavored main, best served with the accompanying brandy peppercorn sauce.

Find the recipe here.

Baked butternut squash with mushrooms

Photo shows a four baked butternut squash halves filled with garlic mushrooms and pine nuts.
Rebel Recipes This baked butternut squash is colorful and nutritious, making it an ideal centerpiece.

This Rebel Recipes baked squash makes for a colorful, nutritious main course for any occasion, including Christmas dinner. To finish, fill with garlicky, finely chopped mushrooms and top with toasted pine nuts and sunflower seeds.

Find the recipe here.

Easy lentil Wellington

Photo shows a lentil Wellington cut open to reveal the filling and decorated with pastry stars.
Healthy Living James This easy lentil-based Wellington recipe is suitable for Christmas or any other occasion.

Healthy Living James presents this lentil Wellington, a super easy winter warmer for any occasion. Combining mushrooms and chestnuts with the lentils makes for a particularly Christmassy-tasting, pastry-wrapped main dish. (This can also be prepared ahead of time and stored for a few days. It requires just 15-20 minutes in the oven to reheat.)

Find the recipe here.

Succulent seitan pot roast

Photo shows a tray of German-style seitan pot roast, sliced and arranged.
Romy London This vegan Christmas recipe includes tips for streamlining preparation if you’re pushed for time.

Romy London created this German-style, seitan-based vegan pot roast to have a “soft and succulent” texture with an umami flavor. (Note: it also includes tips for preparing the base ingredients ahead of time, but you can speed up the process by purchasing vital wheat gluten and skipping the flour washing process.)

Find the recipe here.

Brussels sprout and mushroom lasagna

Photo shows a brussel sprout and mushrooms lasagna complete with creamy vegan ricotta sauce.
Rainbow Plant Life Nisha Vora from Rainbow Plant Life has created a unique and creamy lasagna recipe using sprouts and mushrooms.

Got sprouts and mushrooms leftover after Christmas Day? No problem. This lasagna recipe from Rainbow Plant Life’s Nisha Vora is colorful and nutritious, incorporating a quick and easy tofu-based ricotta for a creamy and cheesy white sauce along with any leftover veggies you might have cluttering up the refrigerator.

Find the recipe here.

Vegan sides and accompaniments

Pecan apple stuffing

Photo shows a dish of pecan apple stuffing decorated with nuts and garnish.
Romy London This festive stuffing recipe is topped with pecans for a sweet, nutty crunch.

Romy London’s pecan and apple stuffing is the perfect accompaniment to any roast dinner and features tangy, nutty, umami flavors. For a quick vegan roast, spread it between the two halves of a butternut squash before roasting, or simply serve as-is.

Find the recipe here.

Braised red cabbage with apple

Photo shows a bowl of braised red cabbage with a sside of mashed potato and two sausages.
JAZZ Apple Braised red cabbage is a nutritious side for all occasions, including Christmas.

JAZZ Apple presents a simple and tasty braised red cabbage recipe. Cooked with either wine or vinegar, the sharp flavors soak into the cabbage and apple for a mouth-watering final dish. Red cabbage contains vitamins C, K, and manganese, while apples are rich in B-complex vitamins such as riboflavin, thiamin, and B-6, making this a particularly nutritious side.

Find the recipe here.

Cranberry and garlic green beans

Photo shows a large bowl of whole green beans cooked with garlic.
World Of Vegan This vegan Christmas recipe for green beans incorporates garlic and cranberries.

Green beans are versatile, colorful, and nutritious, and this recipe from World of Vegan incorporates the flavors of cranberry and garlic for an inventive and festive side dish. If you’re not a fan of dried cranberries, some good substitutions might include small cherry tomatoes, pimentos, chopped pickled beets, tart cherries, red currants, pomegranate seeds, or even raspberries, all of which will provide a sharp counterpoint for the garlic and beans.

Find the recipe here.

Curried brussels sprouts

Photo shows a white bowl of curried Brussels sprouts.
Cooking With Parita Sprouts are back, and this curried recipe puts a unique spin on the traditional Christmas veggie.

Whether you love them or loathe them, sprouts are undeniably divisive – but how you season and cook them can make an enormous difference. This vegan recipe from Cooking With Parita makes for an innovative and uniquely flavored way of dishing up the humble sprout. It might even change some minds this Christmas.

Find the recipe here.

Maple roasted carrots

The photo shows a plate of small, maple roasted carrots decorated with garnish.
Happy Skin Kitchen Naturally sweet baby carrots are given a decadent maple twist.

Happy Skin Kitchen’s recipe for roasted carrots includes maple syrup, thyme, and rosemary for an aromatic and sweet side dish. Carrots are the third most popular vegetable in the UK (after two different forms of the mighty potato) and are rich in vitamins A and B.

Find the recipe here.

Garlic butter mushroom scallops

Photo shows two rows of vegan garlic butter mushroom "scallops," garnished and grilled.
Romy London This recipe for garlic butter mushroom “scallops” is simple and effective.

These vegan garlic butter mushroom scallops make a great side dish or appetiser and require just five ingredients. This recipe involves pan-frying the mushrooms, which chef and recipe creator Romy London says brings out their “umami flavor and smooth texture.”

Find the recipe here.

Vegan cranberry butter

Photo shows a jar overflowing with bright red cranberry butter.
Carleigh Bodrug For a fresh twist on cranberries this Christmas, try making some smooth cranberry butter.

Cranberry butter has a smooth, creamy flavor and texture that differentiates it from cranberry sauce and other preserves. This dish from Carleigh Bodrug blends fresh cranberries with cinnamon, orange, and maple syrup for a sweet and soft “butter” – the perfect vegan Christmas recipe.

Find the recipe here.

Christmas tree-shaped garlic bread sharer

The image shows to side-by-side photos of a Christmas Tree shaped loaf of bread designed for tearing and sharing and decorated with green parsley.
So Vegan A large, sharable loaf of garlic bread shaped like a Christmas tree. What more could you need.

This savoury tree-shaped garlic bread from So Vegan makes a great accompaniment to any meal, and could even make for a simple starter on Christmas day. Don’t forget to sprinkle the loaf with fresh parsley – the peppery taste cuts through the butter and gives the Christmas tree shape the appearance of vibrant green foliage.

Find the recipe here.

Vegan Christmas salad

Photo shows a hearty vegan Christmas salad featuring green beans and sweet potato.
Claire Power Salad isn’t just for the summer. This Christmas recipe combines green beans, cranberries, and nuts.

Salad isn’t just for the summer, and this festive dish is packed with dried cranberries and nuts for added texture and protein. Recipe creator Claire Power also includes green beans, chickpeas, and sweet potato, making it a particularly hearty side or starter.

Find the recipe here.

Plant-based sweets, drinks, and desserts

Vegan eggnog

Photo shows a glass cup of vegan "eggnog."
Carleigh Bodrug Swap dairy for plant milk in this simple, creamy vegan nog recipe.

Traditional eggnog is decidedly not vegan-friendly, but swapping dairy and eggs for a coconut-oat milk blend is simple but effective. (Plus it can be ready in 15 minutes.) Top with a sprinkle of nutmeg and enjoy it hot or cold. Recipe creator Carleigh Bodrug aka Plantyou describes it as “thick and creamy,” and notes that you can add bourbon and rum if desired.

Find the recipe here.

Apple loaf cake

Photo shows an apple walnut loaf cake cut in half to show the inside.
JAZZ Apple Walnuts, festive spices, and apples make this apple loaf cake festive and warming.

Apples bring a sweet, tart flavor to baking, but they can also add moisture, making for a particularly soft loaf cake. Recipe creator JAZZ Apple includes walnuts, festive spices, and a citrus glaze, but it can be made allergen-friendly with a few small alterations and swaps. For example, wholemeal flour for gluten-free, walnuts for seeds, and citrus glaze for apple.

Find the recipe here.

Cinnamon star cookies

Photo shows a selection of Zimtsterne-style, star-shaped cinnamon cookies.
Romy London Made with ground nuts instead of wheat flour, these star-shaped cookies are gluten-free.

These cookies by Romy London are created in the style of the German Christmas biscuit Zimtsterne with an almond and hazelnut base, and include warm cinnamon and zesty lemon flavors. Because they are made with nuts rather than flour, these star-shaped cookies are gluten-free.

Find the recipe here.

Vegan Scottish shortbread

Photo shows a tray of circular Scottish-style shortbread adapted for a vegan recipe.
Janis Nicolay This vegan shortbread recipe is similar in taste to the traditional Scottish version.

This biscuit recipe by Janis Nicolay is a veganized version of traditional Scottish shortbread with a very similar taste to the original. For those already familiar with baking shortbread, choosing an appropriate vegan butter will make a big difference to the consistency of the biscuits, and buying a firm block rather than a tub of softer margarine will work best..

Find the recipe here.

Christmas granola

Photo shows three jars of vegan Christmas granola from above on a white and red tablecloth.
Nourishing Amy Make your breakfast festive with this Christmas twist on classic granola.

Nourishing Amy’s Christmas granola combines classic ingredients like nuts, seeds, and oats with the festive flavor of cranberries for a simple and on-theme holiday breakfast.

Find the recipe here.

Double chocolate fruit and nut swirls

Photo shows a double chocolate "fruit and nut swirl" decorated with pomegranite and other seeds.
Amy Lanza These impressive double chocolate swirls can be yours in under 25 minutes.

You can make these double chocolate fruit and nut swirl rolls in just 25 minutes with this recipe from Amy Lanza, AKA Nourishing Amy. The cacao-infused dough gives each roll a deep, chocolatey flavor, while the inclusion of vegan yoghurt gives them a protein boost.

Find the recipe here.

Spiced orange Christmas cookies

Photo shows a stack of spiced orange Christmas cookies on a small white plate.
Happy Skin Kitchen Could these spiced orange Christmas cookies be good enough to eat for breakfast?

Happy Skin Kitchen’s spiced orange Christmas cookies have a dark, rich flavor, and are sweetened mostly with lower GI sweeteners such as coconut sugar and date syrup. Orange zest and cinnamon make them a festive treat perfect for after dinner. (Or maybe breakfast?)

Find the recipe here.

Six-ingredient Christmas pavlova wreath

Photo shows a six-ingredient vegan pavlova wreath decorated with fruit and nuts.
So Vegan This pavlova wreath uses aquafaba to make light and crispy vegan meringue.

This Christmas pavlova wreath from So Vegan requires some careful prep but requires just six simple ingredients. The secret to plant-based pavlova (a meringue-based dessert) is aquafaba, which is the cooking water leftover from chickpeas or other pulses. It’s affordable, easy to find, and one of the single most effective replacements for egg whites in baking.

Find the recipe here.

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