30 Vegan Weeknight Dinner Ideas

New to plant-based cooking and not sure where to start? We've got you covered


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A plant-based tofu pad thai, an easy vegan weeknight dinner idea Weeknight dinners are best when they're easy, quick, and tasty - here are our picks of the best - Media Credit: Viva!

Most of us have a handful of trusty recipes we cook on rotation on weeknights. If you’re new to a plant-based diet, the idea of an entirely new weekly meal plan may at first seem daunting. To help you on your journey, we’ve compiled an extensive list of vegan weeknight dinner ideas to suit all tastes and budgets.

An ideal vegan weeknight dinner should be tasty, nutritious, and – above all – easy. Nobody wants to be spending two hours on complex recipes after a long day in the office, so keeping recipes to less than 60 minutes is usually advised.

The following list features a wide range of different foods and cuisines, including pasta, salad, dhal, curry, stews, and more. All of them are made with completely plant-based ingredients, using ingredients that should be easy to find at any late evening supermarket run.

Greek pasta salad

A vegan Greek pasta salad, a vegan weeknight dinner idea
Rachel Steenland This Greek pasta salad is easy, delicious, and nutritious

You’ve heard of Greek salad, but have you ever thought of adding pasta into the mix? This easy recipe for a Greek pasta salad – which comes from The Garden Party‘s Rachel Steenland – features classic ingredients like kalamata olives, olive oil, oregano, feta (dairy-free, of course), and garlic, mixed together with some curly pasta shapes for a substantial and nutritious meal.

Find the Greek pasta salad recipe here

Butternut squash and miso risotto

A plant-based and dairy-free butternut squash risotto, a vegan weeknight meal
Plant Baes Risotto is always a trusty weeknight meal

There’s nothing quite like a steaming bowl of risotto after a long day, and this butternut squash and miso recipe is sure to impress. Traditional risotto recipes are often heavy on dairy, but this Plant Baes version features a homemade vegan parmesan instead. If you want to save time, you can buy your own dairy-free cheese from the supermarket.

Find the butternut squash and miso risotto recipe here

Coconut and peanut butter curry

A close up shot of a vegan peanut and coconut curry
Amber Asakura This vegan curry is sure to impress

If you haven’t had peanut butter in curry before, you need to get to know this magic ingredient, pronto. While many people just spread it on toast, peanut butter can elevate curry dishes – giving them am irresistible smooth and creamy texture. This Clean Food Dirty Girl curry recipe also uses a wide range of vegetables, easily getting you to your five a day.

Find the coconut and peanut butter curry recipe here

Apple and tofu bowl

A vegan tofu and edamame bowl
Jazz Apple This tofu bowl is a quick and high protein vegan meal

This super easy dish can be put together in just 15 minutes, meaning it’s a perfect evening meal for those particularly long and tiring days. It’s packed full of plant protein, featuring both tofu and edamame, and the addition of apple gives it a delicious sweet and savory flavor.

Find the apple and tofu bowl recipe here

Sweet potato katsu curry

Sweet potato curry, a vegan dinner where vegetables are the main event
Yuki Sugiura Whoever said vegetables can’t be the main event didn’t see these vegan dinners

If you’re familiar with katsu recipes and are feeling alarmed at the idea of cooking one on a weeknight, don’t fret. This So Vegan katsu recipe takes out the hassle of breadcrumbing the sweet potato cutlets, meaning it’s quick and relatively easy to cook after work. The famous katsu taste is still there, however, as the breadcrumbs are sprinkled on the top of the dish.

Find the sweet potato katsu recipe here

Bean, kale, and lemon stew

A vegan kale, bean, and lemon stew
Rebel Recipes This kale and bean stew is a warm and high protein vegan dinner idea

This protein-packed stew only takes 30 minutes, proving it couldn’t be easier to produce healthy and nutritious plant-based meals. It comes from Viva!, and features a lot of ingredients you’ll likely already have in your cupboard.

Find the bean, kale, and lemon stew here

Apple and coconut dhal

A bowl of plant-based apple and coconut dahl cooked to a vegan recipe
Jazz Apple This vegan dahl recipe is packed full of nutrients

Another savory-meets-sweet apple recipe, this coconut dhal is comfort in a bowl. It doesn’t feature too many ingredients, and many of them are cupboard staples. Red lentils are the star of the show, complemented with coconut milk, Jazz apples, and crispy onion.

Find the apple and coconut dhal recipe here

Baked feta pasta

Baked feta pasta cooked to a dairy-free recipe
Natali Eleftheriou If you want to try the viral baked feta pasta but follow a plant-based diet, this recipe is for you

If you’re in the mood for something ultra comforting after a long day, this vegan take on the viral baked feta pasta recipe may be just what you’re after. Baked feta pasta exploded on TikTok a few years ago, and this Natlicious Food recipe shows you how to easily make a dairy-free version.

Find the vegan baked feta pasta recipe here

Butternut squash dhal

A bowl of butternut squash dahl and grains on a green towel
Ashley Madden This comforting dish is cheap and easy to make

Another vegan dhal recipe, this butternut squash gives this one a sweet and creamy taste, and kale an added boost of vitamins and minerals. It comes from Ashley Madden, owner of Rise Shine Cook, and takes just 45 minutes to prep and cook.

Find the butternut squash dhal recipe here

Vegan “beef” and mushroom stroganoff

A vegan "beef" and mushroom stroganoff
Edible Ethics This vegan stroganoff recipe is an easy plant-based weeknight meal

You won’t believe this dish is ready in just 30 minutes. An ideal vegan weeknight recipe, this Edible Ethics beef and mushroom stroganoff is hearty, delicious, and requires just a few ingredients.

Find the vegan “beef” and mushroom stroganoff recipe here

Vegan Pad Thai

A one-pot vegan Pad Thai
Rebel Recipes This one-pot Pad Thai is an easy vegan dinner idea

One of the quickest on the list, Viva!’s vegan take on a traditional Pad Thai takes just 12 minutes. As well as tasting amazing, it’s also full of vegetables and protein. You can pick any stir fry-friendly veggies you like (such as mushrooms, broccoli, and carrot), as well as some marinated tofu of your choice.

Find the vegan Pad Thai recipe here

One pot spaghetti with lentil ragu

A one-pot spaghetti and lentil ragu recipe
Romy London This vegan one-pot recipe takes just 30 minutes to make

There are some evenings where only a massive plate of spaghetti will do, and this recipe is exactly what you need for those evenings. It comes from Romy London, and features lentils in place of meat for its ragu. Topped off with vegan parmesan, it’s sure to satisfy any cravings you have for non-vegan spaghetti dishes from your past.

Find the vegan ragu recipe here

Roasted cauliflower and apple

Roasted cauliflower and apple with cous cous
JAZZ Apple This roasted cauliflower dish is an easy and delicious weeknight meal idea

And here’s *another* savory apple recipe for your consideration, this roasted cauliflower and apple dish is quick and straightforward to make, using just nine ingredients. Cauliflower is having a bit of a moment right now, and this recipe is a great place to start for those wanting to experiment with the vegetable.

Find the vegan roasted cauliflower and apple recipe here

One-pot chili mac

A vegan chili mac in a bowl next to dairy-free cheese and cilantro
Rainbow Plant Life This chili mac is vegan, dairy-free, and easy to make

If you’re yet to experience the delight of mixing pasta with beans, we recommend giving this recipe a try immediately. While at first the combo might seem odd, beans add a delicious texture and protein kick to your pasta dish. This Rainbow Plant Life chili mac recipe uses just one pot, and features kidney beans, vegan cheese, and dairy-free sour cream.

Find the one-pot chili mac recipe here

Butternut squash lasagne

A vegan butternut squash lasagne
Natali Eleftheriou Who said lasagne needs meat?

Lasagne on a weeknight doesn’t need to be a rare treat, as this simplified recipe from Natlicious Food has taken away the hassle of having to layer the sheets. It features butternut squash, as well as soy milk, silken tofu, and nutritional yeast in its béchamel sauce.

Find the butternut squash lasagne recipe here

Mediterranean chickpea stew

A Mediterranean chickpea stew, a healthy vegan weeknight meal
World of Vegan This stew is quick and easy to make

Requiring just nine ingredients and 15 minutes of your time, this Mediterranean chickpea stew is perfect if you’re tired but still fancy something nutritious. It comes from World of Vegan, and is perfect served with white rice.

Find the Mediterranean chickpea stew recipe here

Spanish white wine lentils

A vegan Spanish White Wine Lentil recipe
Vegan Recipe Club Lentils are a protein-rich and highly versatile ingredient

This Viva! dish looks restaurant-quality, but it unbelievably takes just 30 minutes to make. It’s a vegan take on a traditional Spanish lentil dish, featuring vegan bacon lardons in place of meat (these are often easily found in supermarkets).

Find the Spanish white wine lentils recipe here

Vegan stir fry

A close-up of a vegan stir fry featuring tahini, tofu, peppers, greens, carrots, and other veg
Viva's Vegan Recipe Club Get a protein kick with this quick recipe

A stir fry is the ultimate weeknight meal – easy, quick, and often packed with vegetables. Another one from Viva!, this recipe features your choice of veg (such as baby corn, carrot, and edamame), as well as some marinated firm tofu (tip: to make this recipe even quicker, you can buy ready-marinated tofu).

Find the vegan stir fry recipe here

Smoky BBQ lentil jacket potatoes

Two baked potatoes filled with smoky vegan barbecue lentils and drizzled with plant-based sriracha mayo
Vegan Richa This recipe is said to be hearty, filling, and delicious

Jacket potatoes are always a trusty and hassle-free weeknight dinner, but this Vegan Richa recipe puts a new spin on them with this smoky BBQ lentil filling. Packed with veg and protein, you’ll be coming back to this recipe again and again.

Find the smoke BBQ lentil jacket potato recipe here

Vegan fettuccini alfredo

A plate of dairy-free and egg-free creamy Fettuccini Alfredo, made from a vegan recipe
Crow Moon Kitchen The pasta is coated in a smooth dairy-free sauce

Taking just 30 minutes, this spaghetti is the ultimate comfort food dish. It comes from Crow Moon Kitchen, and it’s creaminess and garlicky taste will have you craving it for days after eating it. It’s completely free from eggs and dairy, using ingredients like nutritional yeast, vegan butter, and pasta water in their place.

find the vegan fettuccini recipe here

Peach pasta salad

Vegan Arugula and tomato Pasta Salad featuring mango and other plant-based ingredients
Munchmeals by Janet This dish is packed with nutritious ingredients

Pasta salads are an ideal weeknight dinner. They offer all the taste of a delicious pasta dish, with the added bonus of being packed with vitamins and minerals in the form of all the veggies. This recipe, from Munchmeals by Janet, marries sweet with savory with the addition of peach. A perfect summery dish.

Find the peach pasta salad recipe here

Avocado mac and cheese

A bowl of creamy dairy-free mac and cheese made with all vegan ingredients, including avocado
Fit Foodie Finds This recipe provides a unique vegan twist on a comfort food many of us know and love

A few years ago, the idea of vegan mac and cheese would have seemed a distant dream – but there are now a huge array of dairy-free recipes to choose from. This version, from Fit Foodie Finds, takes less than 30 minutes to make – and the addition of avocados adds to its delicious creamy texture.

Find the avocado mac and cheese recipe here

Mac and cheese burger

Two fully loaded vegan bean burgers topped with dairy-free mac and cheese and served in bread buns
Violife The earthy bean burger pairs beautifully with creamy mac and cheese

Burgers? On a Wednesday? You bet. Show your family/housemates/partner/yourself that you don’t play by the rules, and get the Friday feeling with these easy-to-make vegan burgers.

Find the vegan mac and cheese burger recipe here

Vegan salmon with dill sauce

Photo shows a plate of vegan salmon topped with a creamy dill sauce.
Viva!'s Vegan Recipe Club If you’re craving salmon, it’s possible to make it plant-based

Prior to going vegan, many of us will have eaten salmon as a midweek dinner. But did you know it’s perfectly easy to make a completely plant-based version of the popular dish? This recipe, which comes from Viva!, will win over even the biggest “seafood” fans.

Find the vegan salmon with dill sauce recipe here

15 minute noodles

15 minute vegan noodles, a perfect vegan weeknight dinner idea
So Vegan These noodles take just 15 minutes

If you’ve had a stressful day and are craving a takeaway, you can make your very own noodles in less time that it would take to arrive. These So Vegan beauties take just 15 minutes, and you’ll be coming back to this recipe again and again.

Find the 15 minute noodle recipe here

Lentil and broccoli salad

Lentil and broccoli vegan summer salad served on a rectangular platter
Natlicious Food Legumes plus greens equals a heart-healthy salad you can make anytime

This Natlicious Food summery salad is not only tasty, but it’s also a great way to help you get more iron in your diet. Lentils are a key example of an iron-rich vegan food, and the vitamin C in the broccoli helps your body to absorb it. Tip: to save the time from soaking lentils, you can opt for a canned variety.

Find the lentil and broccoli salad recipe here

Vegan tacos

A rack of freshly-stuffed vegan tacos in wholegrain tortilla with creamy tahini dressing on top
Jay Halford Make every vegan taco different with some additional dressings and toppings

Tacos can be a tasty, nutritious, and deceptively easy meal. This recipe, from Jay Halford, features an array of ingredients including tofu, pecan nuts, and sundried tomatoes.

Find the vegan taco recipe here

Vegan shakshuka

A pan full of Turkish vegan shakshuka made using tofu instead of eggs
Aegean Delight Shakshuka has many variations around the world but this vegan adaptation is rooted in Turkish heritage

Traditional shakshukas refer to a dish of egg cooked in a sauce of tomatoes, olive oil, peppers, and onion. But did you know it’s possible to make this dish vegan with just a little creativity? This recipe, which comes from Aegean Delight, uses a magic combination of tofu and black salt to do this. Black salt is often used in vegan egg recipes, as it has an eggy taste and odor thanks to its sulfur content.

Find the vegan shakshuka recipe here

Black pepper tofu

close up of vegan black pepper tofu and rice
Viva Vegan Recipe Club This tasty tofu is nutritious and delicious

Black pepper tofu is a hugely popular takeaway dish, but did you know it’s perfectly simple to make yourself at home? This Viva! recipe shows you how to do just that, with a combo of ingredients like garlic, ginger, brown sugar, black pepper, and chilis.

Find the black pepper tofu recipe here

Curried lentil one pot

Curried Lentil One Pot
These curried lentils are packed full of protein and iron

This Chef Day Radley recipe uses not one, but two, different types of lentils. One’s used to thicken the sauce, and the other to add texture. It also uses required just one pot, so you’ve got the added bonus of minimal washing up after a long day.

Find the curried lentil pot recipe here

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