25 High Protein Vegan Recipes

A selection of protein-packed vegan recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between


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A vegan apple dahl recipe, a high protein vegan recipe If you're looking for some protein-packed vegan meals, we've got you covered - Media Credit: Happy Skin Kitchen

If you eat a plant-based diet, you’ll have likely been asked where you get your protein from. The enquirer might have had the best intentions – but the idea that animal-based foods are the only variety to contain protein is as inaccurate as it is pervasive. It’s perfectly possible to find high protein vegan recipes, and there are a wide range you can try.

Meat and other animal ingredients are undeniably rich in protein, but it can also be found in plants. In fact, some varieties – such as legumes, pulses, beans, and nuts – are particularly good sources of plant-based protein.

With that in mind, here are 25 of the best high protein vegan recipes.

Why is protein important?

Proteins are large molecules that play a critical role in the functioning of the human body. They can be found in muscles, bones, skin, hair, and virtually everywhere else.

Consuming protein in food provides energy, but it also helps to build and repair the body’s tissues, particularly following strenuous exertion or injury – which is why a person’s recommended protein consumption may vary depending on their lifestyle, profession, and hobbies. For example, a professional athlete may require a much higher protein intake than someone who works in an office.

(Note: every body is unique, and RDAs and generalized baselines are only estimates. You should always consult a health professional if you’re concerned about your personal nutrition)

Do plant foods contain protein?

Even professional athletes are more than able to meet their dietary needs with plant-based foods. From weightlifters to ultrarunners, leading sportspeople of all kinds are winning competitions and breaking records on vegan and plant-forward diets. Among the best plant sources of protein are foods like tempeh, seitan, tofu, quinoa, lentils, chickpeas, and beans.

25 high-protein vegan recipes

Now that we know plant-based ingredients can be rich in protein, how can they be prepped to make tasty and nutrient-dense dishes? The below high protein vegan recipes, which come from a wide range of plant-based chefs, contain at least one plant-based protein source (as well as a few surprising – and delicious – combinations). Enjoy!


Scrambled tofu

Photo shows a slice of toast topped with a tofu scramble, avocado, and tomatoes.
Viva!'s Vegan Recipe Club Scrambled tofu is a high-protein vegan classic.

When shredded, tofu is a simple plant-based alternative to traditional scrambled eggs. You can make your tofu resemble eggs more closely by adding black salt (known for its sulfurous flavor) and blending different types of tofu (silken with firm), or you can go wild and season your scramble however you like. (Try a splash of Henderson’s Relish. No, really.)

Tofu is an ideal plant-based source of protein along with calcium, iron, manganese, and vitamin A. Around half a cup of firm tofu offers 21.8g of protein and 11 grams of mostly polyunsaturated fat, making it a good swap for either eggs or traditional meat.

This version from Viva!’s Vegan Recipe Club also includes tahini, soy sauce, and nutritional yeast flakes (aka nooch) for flavor and some additional nutrients.

Find the recipe here.

Vegan eggs Benedict casserole

Photo shows a serving of vegan eggs Benedict.
Vegan Richa This vegan eggs benedict casserole is an adventurous breakfast idea

This recipe from Richa Hingle (creator of Vegan Richa) makes for a simple one-pan breakfast casserole. The “egg” sauce uses firm tofu colored with turmeric and flavored with Indian “sulfur salt,” or kala namak. It can be adapted for a gluten-free diet by substituting wheat flour for rice flour or corn starch, or given a spicy Mexican twist with the addition of green chiles, sweetcorn, cilantro, and your hot sauce of choice.

Find the recipe here.

Banana and cinnamon protein bars

Photo shows some banana flavored protein bars.
Vivolife These vegan protein bars are easy to make at home

Vegan protein brand Vivolife has put together this simple recipe for banana and cinnamon protein bars with just a handful of ingredients. Ideal for snacks, desserts, or breakfast on the go. (There are tons of minimal ingredient bars out there, many of which use powdered protein.)

Find the recipe here.


Tofu salmon with creamy dill sauce

Photo shows a plate of vegan salmon topped with a creamy dill sauce.
Viva!'s Vegan Recipe Club If you’re craving salmon, it’s possible to make it plant-based

Another one from Viva!’s Vegan Recipe Club, this “salmon” with creamy dill sauce tastes just like the traditional version. The trick is marinating tofu in a seaweed dressing, as well as combining it with the familiar creamy dill sauce so often served with fresh salmon. Serve with smashed new potatoes and seasonal greens for a nutritious and impressive lunch.

Find the recipe here.

Viral tofu salmon rice bowl

Photo shows a salmon bowl made with shredded and marinated tofu.
Plant Baes How to make this viral salmon rice bowl vegan

This recipe from Sarah Cobacho of Plant Baes went viral with its grated and marinated tofu salmon. For a winter-warmer version of the recipe, try serving it with sliced, baked sweet potato and warm edamame beans.

Find the recipe here.

Soy-free lentil ‘tofu’

Photo shows a dish of pink colored "tofu" cubes made from red lentils so as to be soy free.
Plant Baes If you’re avoiding soy, you can easily make your own tofu using red lentils

Another recipe from Plantbaes, this red lentil-based tofu is a neat, protein-packed substitution for folks who avoid soy. Furthermore, lentils are extremely affordable, widely available, and rich in B vitamins and fiber.

This lentil tofu can be sliced, crumbled, or diced, meaning that it can be swapped into any of the tofu-based recipes on this list.

Find the recipe here.

5-ingredient broad bean dip

A broad bean dip, a high protein vegan recipe
The Pesky Vegan This broad bean dip is simple and high in protein

A single cup of broad beans contains approximately 13g of protein, but they are also high in fiber, folate, manganese, copper, and magnesium. The Pesky Vegan’s recipe for broad bean dip means that you can have a protein-rich lunch or snack whether you’re pairing it with fresh vegetables or tortilla chips. (Plus it’s only five ingredients.)

Find the recipe here.

Roast mains

Maple and garlic tofu roast

A vegan roast maple tofy
Romy London If you’re craving roast ham, try this tofu recipe instead

This tofu dish by Romy London could easily replace a roast ham or any main at Sunday lunch or any other occasion. Because tofu is so versatile and soaks up whatever it is seasoned and basted with it really captures the umami flavors of the tamari, maple syrup, and red wine this recipe incorporates.

Find the recipe here.

Vegan roast beef

Photo shows a vegan seitan beef-style roast charred and carved on a plate.
Blend your wheat gluten with pulses for a more tender texture.

Carleigh Bodrug (the recipe creator behind Plantyou) designed this recipe around a meaty, high-protein roast that also has a tender texture and savory umami flavor. (Blending chickpeas with the seitan helps to get that authentic mouth feel.) The “roast” beef is actually best steamed, stored overnight, then charred in a pan.

Find the recipe here.

Seitan pot roast

Photo shows a seitain pot roast dished up on a tray.
Romy London Seitan is renowned for its meat-like texture and protein-dense nutritional profile.

Another seitan recipe from Romy London, this “wheat meat” pot roast is hearty, delicious, and high in protein. A typical serving of 28g contains around 21g of protein, in addition to selenium, iron, and calcium. You can save time on this recipe by purchasing wheat gluten directly rather than making it from strong white flour.

Find the recipe here.


Turmeric and ginger lentils

Photo shows a bowl of turmeric and ginger lentil stew.
Natalicious Food Combine lentils with turmeric and ginger for a fortifying and hearty dish.

This recipe from Natali Eleftheriou (the owner of Natilicious Food) combines the mighty lentil with ginger and turmeric – each of which is thought to have a variety of natural benefits – to make the ultimate high-protein winter warmer.

Find the recipe here.

Creamy high-protein pasta

Photo shows someone eating a bowl of spaghetti with tomato sauce.
Madeleine Olivia This pasta recipe contains silken tofu for an extra protein kick

Recipe developer Madeleine Olivia combines silken tofu and lima (butter) beans for a combined protein boost. It takes just 30 minutes to make, and if preferred you could add even more protein by swapping the wheat spaghetti for legume-based pasta.

Find the recipe here.

Butter Bean Bourguignon

Photo shows two dishes of vegan butter bean-based bourguignon.
This dish can be made using either canned or dried beans.

This recipe is from Matt Pritchard, the author of Dirty Vegan: Fast and Easy, who suggests trying it with canned butter beans to save time or dried beans for an extra meaty texture. Lima beans are an oft-maligned but versatile ingredient that can soak up flavors almost as well as tofu. They are also creamy and nutritious.

Find the recipe here.

Butternut squash dhal

Photo shows a bowl of butternut squash dhal.
Ashley Madden Butternut squash gives this dhal a unique and warming flavor.

Ashley Madden (the owner of Rise Shine Cook) combines red lentils, butternut squash, cashew milk, and carefully selected spices for a quick, affordable, and nutritious weeknight meal. It’s also easy to batch cook and safe to freeze.

Find the recipe here.

Mediterranean chickpea stew

A high protein vegan chickpea stew
World of Vegan Chickpeas are a great source of plant protein

This Mediterranean chickpea stew from World of Vegan makes another good weeknight dinner option. A single cup of chickpeas contains approximately 15g of protein along with manganese, vitamin B9, copper, iron, zinc, and plenty of fiber.

Find the recipe here.

Apple and ginger dhal

An vegan high protein apple and ginger dahl recipe
Happy Skin Kitchen This dahl recipe features apple for a new and exciting twist

Another simple and delicious dhal recipe, this one from Happy Skin Kitchen includes apple, which the creator says “adds a natural sweetness to the dish and makes it extra delicious!” It also gives the dish a delightful pale green color.

Find the recipe here.

Orange and ginger tofu

Photo shows a block of orange and ginger-flavored tofu.
Romy London Orange and ginger give this tofu some heat and sweetness.

This recipe from Romy London makes for an impressive date night dinner. The chef notes that combining the “flavors of zesty orange and zingy ginger in a marinade and sticky glaze” helps “make the tofu the hero of this dish.” Serve over rice with fresh orange.

Find the recipe here.

Sweet chili tempeh

Photo shows a bowl of sweet chili tempeh served with two kinds of dipping sauce.
World of Vegan Tempeh is a great plant source of protein

Another special recipe from World of Vegan, this dish is simple, flavorsome, and works as a starter or a main. It also uses tempeh, which is a traditional fermented food made from soaked, cooked, and mold-inoculated soybeans.

In its final form, tempeh resembles a dense white laced cake of beans. Like tofu, tempeh is rich in protein and other nutrients, but the fermentation process also breaks down any “anti-nutrients,” enabling better absorption.

Find the recipe here.

Spanish white wine lentils

Photo shows a dish of lentils flavored with a Spanish white wine sauce.
Viva!'s Vegan Recipe Club White wine gives this lentil stew a unique flavor.

This Spanish-influenced recipe for white wine lentils is quick, easy, and feels surprisingly fancy. Viva!’s Vegan Recipe Club uses dry white wine to give the dish its unique flavor, which can be complemented with the addition of vegan bacon or ham.

Find the recipe here.

Cajun pasta with panko-encrusted tempeh

Photo shows a creamy Cajun pasta dish topped with tempeh.
This Savory Vegan This creamy pasta dish features tempeh for an unusual twist

This Savory Vegan created this extra-special Cajun-style pasta recipe. The sauce combines vegan chicken broth, cream cheese, and milk, while the tempeh is coated in crunchy panko breadcrumbs. It’s a rich and decadent but nutrient-dense dish.

Find the recipe here.

Warming black pepper tofu

A simple and high protein vegan black pepper tofu recipe
Viva!'s Vegan Recipe Club This recipe takes simple black pepper tofu to the next level

A simple and warming dish with just the right amount of heat. (Turn it up by adding some fresh chili.) Viva!’s Vegan Recipe Club suggests serving with brown rice, fresh coriander, vegan yogurt, toasted cashews, roasted aubergine slices, and broccoli.

Find the recipe here.

The easiest tofu recipe ever

Photo shows a wok full of cubed and seasoned tofu.
Viva!'s Vegan Recipe Club If you’re new to cooking tofu and don’t know where to start, this recipe is for you

Another straightforward one from Viva!’s Vegan Recipe Club, this tofu recipe is quick, tasty, and versatile – meaning that you can use it for rice bowls, noodles, sandwiches, burritos, as a snack straight out of the bowl, and any other way you can think of.

Find the recipe here.

One-pot curried lentils

Photo shows several dishes of a lentil stew cooked simply in one pot.
The Vegan Chef School Combining two types of lentils gives this recipe its uniquely hearty texture.

By combining two different types of lentils in this one-pot recipe, The Vegan Chef School has made an extra thick, delightfully textured stew. It also contains cavolo nero, a dark green kale that is rich in B vitamins along with K, A, and C.

Find the recipe here.

Sweet and sour tofu

cubed sweet and sour tofu on top of a bed of bok choy.
Plant Power Nutrition and Fitness This high protein vegan recipe mixes tofu and bok choy

Plant Power Nutrition and Fitness created this simple sweet and sour tofu recipe for a quick and proteinous weeknight meal. Paired with bok choy, chili, and a tamari-sesami sauce, it doesn’t take long to cook and it won’t take you long to eat.

Find the recipe here.

Spinach and potato rosti with tofu

Photo shows a plate of spinach and potato rosti served with salad and hummus.
Viva!'s Vegan Recipe Club These crispy rosti get their protein from tofu, potato, and gram flour.

Affordable, delicious, and high in protein, this recipe for spinach and potato rosti with tofu by Viva!’s Vegan Recipe Club can be served with an optional tablespoon of hummus for some additional flavor, texture, and protein.

The rostis also contain gram flour, which is made from kaala chana – a type of chickpea – and is high in protein itself. Bon appétit.

Find the recipe here.

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