21 Of Your Favorite Recipes Made Vegan – From Omelette To Duck Wraps

Veganizing ingredients is easier than ever, and these 21 recipes are all plant-based takes on classic dishes.


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Photo shows a vegan omelette folded in half on a blue plate on a blue background. You don't need to break any eggs to make an omelette - Media Credit: Lizzie Mayson

This January marks the tenth anniversary of Veganuary, an annual challenge for folks to follow a plant-based diet for the entire month. Last year’s Veganuary saw a record number of participants, and the many new plant-based food launches of 2024 so far indicate that this year will be significant for the movement, too. But even outside of Veganuary, plant foods and vegan recipes are everywhere.

In the US, over half of young Americans now describe themselves as flexitarian, with 68 percent stating that they would swap meat for a plant-based protein if it tasted the same. The majority of those already embracing meat and dairy-free foods are concerned about the health, environmental, and welfare implications of animal-derived ingredients compared to plants.

In short, there’s never been a better time to incorporate plant-based foods into your lifestyle, and it’s never been easier to veganize your favorite meals.

So, whether you’re adapting a family recipe or putting a plant-based twist on something new, the impressive availability of vegan products and ingredients can make the process as simple as a few quick swaps. Here are some exciting vegan versions of classic staples, from omelette to millionaire shortbread.

Your favorite recipes made vegan

If you’re looking to make some easy vegan swaps in your favorite meals – or just searching for some new ideas – these 21 recipes showcase veganized versions of classic dishes. There are some common swaps across many of the recipes, including tofu for eggs, mushrooms for beef, and lentils for ground meat, all of which can be applied to any number of other dishes. Don’t be afraid to try out different combinations, and let that creativity flourish!

Plant-based mains

Cheese and mushroom omelette

Photo shows a vegan omelette folded in half on a blue plate on a blue background.
Lizzie Mayson There are many different ways to adapt your favorite vegan omelette recipe.

This recipe from BOSH! Founders Ian Theasby and Henry Firth is built around silken tofu and cornflour. (Other comparable recipes might use store-bought vegan eggs and often include black salt for an authentic, sulphurous flavor.)

This version also includes plant-based cheddar, which is now available at most mainstream supermarkets in the UK. (Try mixing two different types together!) You could even top your omelette with a little nutritional yeast, or nooch, for some added nutrition and an extra cheesy flavor.

Speaking to Plant Based News about the importance of veganizing simple, traditional comfort foods such as omelettes, Theasby and Firth said: “People are now aware of where their food comes from and the impact it has. Because of this, they’ve changed the way they eat, eating a lot less meat and a lot more plants. However, a lot of people still want the texture and flavours of the food they’re accustomed to.”

Find the recipe here.

Vegan roast beef

Photo shows carved vegan roast beef on a white dish.
Carleigh Bodrug This seitan roast beef is juicy, tender, and can feed eight.

Carleigh Bodrug, the chef behind Plantyou, blends chickpeas with seitan for a tender, meaty roast that can feed up to eight people. After steaming, the vegan beef is best stored overnight, then re-seasoned and charred in a pan before serving for a distinct, crispy coating.

Find the recipe here.

Easy one-pot pad thai

Photo shows a bowl of vegan pad thai.
Rebel Recipes Marinated tofu, peanuts, and noodles all feature in this one-pot pad thai.

This quick and easy recipe for pad thai (which translates to “Thai stir fry”) features marinated tofu, peanuts, and straight-to-wok ribbon noodles to speed up the cooking time even more. Add whichever vegetables you like, but some popular ingredients might include sugar-snap peas, fine slices of carrot, baby corn, courgette, and bell peppers.

While traditional pad thai is made using fish sauce, this version from Viva!’s Vegan Recipe Club swaps in soy sauce or tamari, though vegan fish sauce is available at some stores.

Find the recipe here.

10-minute scrambled tofu

Photo shows a tofu scramble on toast topped with tomato.
Rebel Recipes Easy scrambled tofu that can be ready in just 10 minutes.

Another one from Viva!, this 10-minute scrambled tofu gets its golden color from turmeric and its umami flavor from a combination of nooch and soy sauce. It’s simple, nutritious, and can be served as-is or with anything from burritos to a full fry-up.

Find the recipe here.

Mushroom bourguignon with white bean mash

Photo shows two dishes of vegan bourguignon.
Rebel Recipes Bourguignon traditionally contains beef, but this vegan recipe uses mushrooms.

Bourguignon is a hearty French stew traditionally made by braising beef in red wine and stock alongside carrots and onions, and is sometimes garnished with bacon, too. This vegan version from Viva! makes mushrooms the star of the dish, and using a mixture of mushroom types helps to absorb and enhance the other flavors in the dish.

This bourguignon is also served with a high-protein white bean mash and kale chips, though the greens can be served steamed if preferred. Top with a light sprinkling of salt.

Find the recipe here.

Dairy-free cheese and tomato quiche

Photo shows a slice of vegan tomato and cheese quiche with a side salad.
Rebel Recipes A simple vegan recipe for a timeless classic – cheese and tomato quiche.

Another French cuisine-inspired recipe, this quiche swaps dairy and eggs for tofu, plant milk, and vegan butter. While tofu doesn’t fluff up in the same way that baked eggs do, its unique texture and high protein content are what make it an ideal vegan replacement. This recipe from Viva! also incorporates plain dairy-free cream cheese for added cheesy flavor.

Find the recipe here.

One-pot spaghetti with lentil ragu

Photo shows a large plate of spaghetti with tomato sauce prepared using a vegan recipe.
Romy London Swap ground meat for lentils in this high-protein one-pot spaghetti.

This recipe from Romy London uses a classic plant-based swap: lentils for ground meat. Lentils are affordable, nutritious, and arguably soak up the flavors of the dish even better than traditional ground beef. Ragu is hearty, and lentils can be cooked into a thick and meaty texture idea for this type of dish. (Try out different varieties of lentil – or a mix – and compare!)

Find the recipe here.

Comforting meat-free cottage pie

Photo shows a vegan shepherd's pie with a spoonful removed to show the filling.
World of Vegan A vegan recipe for comforting cottage pie.

in this cottage pie recipe, World of Vegan also swaps ground meat for lentils, and once again the humble legume makes for an affordable and nutritious vegan alternative. Lentils are rich in fiber and protein along with folate, zinc, potassium, iron, and B1. Well-seasoned with mixed herbs and bouillon, this recipe ensures the lentils soak up maximum flavor.

Find the recipe here.

The ultimate vegan grilled cheese

Photo shows a vegan grilled cheese and jackfruit sandwich sliced to show the filling.
Rainbow Plant Life Spice up your go-to grilled cheese recipe with hot sauce and jackfruit.

Everyone has their own favorite way to prepare a grilled cheese sandwich, and the ready availability of plant-based cheese at supermarkets has made this easier than ever. But this recipe from Rainbow Plant Life combines homemade nut cheese with hot sauce and jackfruit for a luxurious sandwich experience like no other.

Find the recipe here.

Butternut squash lasagna

Photo shows a vegan-friendly lasagna made using squash.
Natali Eleftheriou There are countless ways to veganize lasagna, but this recipe uses tofu and vegan mince.

Natali Eleftheriou, the recipe developer behind Natalicious Food, includes silken tofu and vegan mince for this lasagna recipe. However, there are countless alternative ways to make these component sauces, including using some of the ingredients from the recipes above. (Think nooch-based Béchamel and lentil-based “mince.”) Eleftheriou also includes butternut squash, which gives the tomato sauce extra flavor, texture, and nutrients. Buonissima!

Find the recipe here.

Cheesy aubergine parmigiana

Photo shows a bowl of parmigiana prepared using a vegan recipe.
Plant Club This vegan-friendly aubergine parmigiana uses plant-based mozzarella-style cheese.

Another Italian recipe, this one comes from Antonio Alderuccio, the founder and chef-patron of Plant Club in Stoke Newington, London. His restaurant is particularly well-known for its high-quality, authentic Italian dishes complete with vegan alternatives to the traditionally dairy-heavy gnocci cacio e pepe and burrata. (Gnocci with parmesan and a mozzarella and cream dish, respectively.) This aubergine parmigiana is simple but impressive and can be prepared using any of the plant-based mozzarella-style cheeses available in stores.

Find the recipe here.

Spicy, cheesy, chili dogs

Photo shows three vegan chili dogs lined up on a plate and topped with cheese sauce and jalapenos.
World of Vegan Top your vegan hotdogs with chili and jalapenos for a simple but high-protein meal.

World of Vegan’s chili dog recipe is fit for Sonic the Hedgehog and combines the hot dogs, cheese, and chili of your choice for a spicy and surprisingly high-protein meal.

Find the recipe here.

Simple vegan duck pancakes

Photo shows three plates of vegan duck pancakes.
Lizzie Mayson Swap your Saturday night takeaway for a vegan takeaway with this seasoned jackfruit duck.

Another one from the boys at BOSH!, this easy recipe for vegan duck pancakes is ideal for a cost-effective and plant-based Saturday night fakeaway. It uses seasoned jackfruit as the duck substitute, but this can be swapped for king oyster mushrooms if preferred. Either way: roast until crispy and pile it high with cucumber, spring onions, plum sauce, and coriander.

Find the recipe here.

Vegan side dishes and salads

Vegan cheese, bacon, and apple-stuffed mushrooms

Photo shows a plate of stuffed mushrooms.
JAZZ Apple These stuffed mushrooms work as a starter, side, or snack.

Stuffed mushrooms are versatile, simple, and timeless. This recipe from JAZZ Apple combines diced apples with vegan bacon, cheese, and crumbled sausage. It’s surprisingly meaty and a perfect starter, side, or even a Christmas snack…

Find the recipe here.

Homemade vegan feta cheese

Photo shows a bowl of home-made vegan feta cheese.
Janis Nicolay This vegan feta cheese recipe is made using macadamia nuts.

Ed and Natasha Tatton’s recipe for plant-based feta uses macadamia nuts for the base, which are rich in antioxidants, vitamin E, fiber, and protein. They also have a creamy, nutty flavor which combines with nooch and sea salt for an authentically cheesy taste.

Find the recipe here.

Simple patatas bravas

Photo shows a large plate of patatas bravas prepared to a vegan recipe.
Vegan Recipe Club This recipe for patatas bravas includes vegan aioli-style sauce.

Viva!’s easy recipe veganizes one of the most popular Spanish tapas dishes – patatas bravas, which is potato chunks served with spicy tomato and cool aioli-style sauces. The vegan aioli recipe is also just as good served as a dip with chips or fresh vegetables.

Find the recipe here.

Vegan halloumi salad

Photo shows a large bowl of salad topped with vegan halloumi.
Lizzie Mayson This recipe veganizes the popular vegetarian staple halloumi cheese.

There are now a variety of plant-based halloumi products available from supermarkets, but many are made using mostly coconut oil and potato starch – making them vegan but not particularly nutritious. In contrast, this recipe from BOSH! involves seasoning and grilling extra-firm tofu for that rubbery, salty, protein-dense halloumi experience.

Find the recipe here.

Homemade vegan cheese platter

Photo shows a brightly colored vegan cheese platter, including fruit and chutney.
Happy Skin Kitchen Make your own cheese platter with this vegan recipe.

This cheese platter from Happy Skin Kitchen is completely dairy-free and also includes instructions on how to make your own red onion and apple chutney. The cheese itself combines cashews with nooch, probiotics, and fresh dill, for a cheesy, citrusy flavor.

Find the recipe here.

Plant-based desserts and sweets

Vegan millionaire’s shortbread

Photo shows two pieces of vegan millionaire shortbread stacked so the caramel shows.
Romy London Luxurious millionaire’s shortbread complete with dairy-free caramel.

Millionaire’s shortbread originates in Scotland and combines a shortbread base with velvety caramel and a smooth chocolate top. It’s popular throughout the UK and can often be found at bakeries and cafes. While the traditional version typically contains animal-derived butter, cream, and milk, this version from Romy London swaps in dairy-free ingredients.

Find the recipe here.

Easy Scottish shortbread

Photo shows a tray of Scottish shortbread rounds prepared to a vegan recipe.
Janis Nicolay This vegan recipe makes 12 shortbread rounds with just the right amount of crunch.

A simplified and slightly more traditional companion to the above recipe, this Scottish shortbread from Ed and Natasha Tatton makes 12 uniform biscuits with just the right amount of crunch. (Don’t forget the all-important chilling stage which helps concentrate the flavors and prevents the shortbread from spreading while it cooks in the oven.)

Find the recipe here.

Vegan red velvet cake

Photo shows a vegan red velvet cake topped with sliced strawberries.
Lizzie Mayson This luxurious red velvet cake is entirely vegan-friendly, including the cream cheese frosting.

A true showstopper, this vegan red velvet cake from BOSH! even has cream cheese frosting. (Dairy-free, of course.) You can build it up to three tiers high using this recipe, and the cake is best topped with a handful of freeze-dried or fruit.

Find the recipe here.

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