20 High Protein Vegan Dinner Ideas

These recipes will easily help you meet your daily protein needs


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A bowl of vegan lentil stroganoff, a high protein vegan dinner idea All these recipes feature at least one good plant-based protein source - Media Credit: Romy London

Everyone seems to be worried about getting enough protein these days. High protein diets like Paleo and Atkins are all the rage, while there’s a misconception that you can’t get all you need without eating animals. Actually, it’s pretty simple to eat sufficient protein from plant sources if you know what ingredients to look for, and have a few handy recipes to help. Here are some high protein vegan dinner ideas to help you reach your protein RDA.

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The general rule of thumb for how much protein you should eat a day is 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight (0.36 grams per pound). So if you weigh 60kg you should eat about 48g of protein in a day. This will vary a bit depending on your age, sex, and level of physical activity. 

But however much you need, there are loads of excellent plant-based sources of protein that you can turn into delicious, filling meals. These include tofu, tempeh, nuts, lentils, beans, and vegetables such as brussels sprouts. Here are 20 totally vegan high protein dinner recipes to try.

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High protein vegan lasagna

high protein vegan lasagna meal prep in four containers
Sarah Cobacho This vegan lasagna is packed with protein from silken tofu and soy mince

The main protein in this creamy lasagna from plantbaes is textured vegetable protein such as soy mince. But it adds another dose with silken tofu blended into a basil cream to drizzle between the pasta layers.

Find the recipe here.

Pepper pasta

Vegan recipe developer Madeleine Olivia eating vegan high protein pepper pasta, a high protein vegan dinner idea
Clare Winfield All the protein is hidden in the sauce

So much protein in such a simple dinner! Butter beans and silken tofu create the base of a creamy red pepper sauce in this recipe from cookbook Make it Vegan by Madeleine Olivia. Use legume pasta for even more protein, and add whatever other veggies you like.

Find the recipe here.

High protein vegan mac & cheese

Four dishes of meal prepped high protein vegan mac and cheese with greens ontop, a high protein vegan dinner idea
Plant Baes This vibrant dish has 40g of protein per serving

You wouldn’t normally expect mac & cheese to be a high-protein meal. But this one from plantbaes uses cashew nuts, soy milk, and red split lentils to pack in 40g per serving. The recipe suggests grilling or stir-frying your favorite greens to have on the side for an extra dose of nutrients.

Find the recipe here.

Curries and stews

Split mung bean curry

A vegan split mung bean curry made to a plant-based recipe
Nuts & Twigs This plant-based curry is packed full of protein

Mung beans are one of the lesser known beans, but they are an incredible source of plant protein. They’re small green beans with a mild, slightly sweet flavor. Not being quite mainstream, you may have to try health food stores to find some – but it’s worth it. This curry from Nuts & Twigs has a creamy coconut milk sauce that’s full of Indian flavors. Just remember to soak the beans first.

Find the recipe here.

Butternut squash dhal

Photo shows a white bowl of butternut squash dhal served with quinoa
Rise Shine Cook A delicious one-pot meal

This recipe by Rise Shine Cook brings together red lentils, butternut squash, cashew milk, and carefully selected spices for a nutritious weeknight meal. It takes a little planning ahead as you need to soak the cashews for a few hours first to make the milk. But once that’s done, it’s easy to make and can be cooked in one pot .

Find the recipe here.

Mung bean stew with flatbread & gomashio

Mung Bean Stew with Flatbread & Gomashio
Rebel Recipes Try something different with mung beans

Since you went to the trouble of finding mung beans, here’s another recipe to use them in. After the beans have soaked, they are simmered with veg stock, tomatoes, and various spices to make a rich, nutritious stew. It’s topped with gomashio, a Japanese toasted sesame salt you can make at home. This recipe from Rebel Recipes also shows you how to make flatbreads using high-protein gram flour, which is made from chickpeas.

Find the recipe here.

Tofu time

Sweet and sour tofu

Plant Power Nutrition and Fitness Tofu and bok choy are perfect together

This simple sweet and sour tofu recipe is a quick and protein-rich weeknight meal. The bok choy is cooked in a gingery tamari sauce and is the perfect vegetable to pair with tofu. This recipe by Plant Power Nutrition and Fitness doesn’t take long to cook and it won’t take you long to eat.

Find the recipe here.

Ground tofu bowl with teriyaki sauce

ground tofu bowl made with shredded teriyaki tofu, coconut rice, and broccoli
FitGreenMind Try this ground tofu bowl that’s packed with plant protein and incredibly flavorful

Shredded and baked tofu is a perfect replacement for ground beef and works wonderfully with a sticky teriyaki glaze. Served with coconut rice andsautéed broccoli, this dish from FitGreenMind is a real treat.

Find the recipe here.

Cashew and tofu stir fry

Photo shows a cashew tofu stir fry prepared to a vegan recipe and is high in plant-based protein
Cupful of Kale This is way better than a take away

This quick cashew and tofu stir-fry by Cupful Of Kale is high protein, super easy, and makes for a great replacement for the Saturday night takeaway. The sticky hoisin sauce includes vegan fish sauce, which is easier to find than ever – common brands include Thai Taste, Samui, Sozye, SQUID, and Longdan. Top with spring onions and sesame seeds and serve with rice.

Find the recipe here.

Super healthy quinoa tofu 

super healthy quinoa tofu made with cavolo nero, banana shallot, tomato, and is packed with plant protein
BOSH! Full of flavor from smoked tofu and sun-dried tomato pesto

This recipe by BOSH! is packed with plant protein from both the quinoa and tofu and is so simple to make. Smoked tofu already has tons of flavor, but here it’s boosted with nutritional yeast and sun-dred tomato pesto. Cavolo nero or Tuscan kale and a garnish of nutrient-dense sprouting seeds add extra texture and healthiness. 

Find the recipe here.

Sheet pan broccoli and tofu

Sheet pan broccoli and tofu covered in a sticky sauce roasted in one pan
Rise Shine Cook This recipe is so simple and tasty

Tofu is a wonderful source of plant-based protein. Here, Rise Shine Cook pairs it with nutritious broccoli for a super healthy meal. Bake both in the oven and toss with a rich tahini or nut-butter sauce. You can eat it as is or have it with grains of your choice.

Find the recipe here.

Warming black pepper tofu

Photo shows a bowl of black pepper tofu garnished with scallions and served with white rice, prepared to a vegan recipe
Viva!'s Vegan Recipe Club Peppery, gingery, and perfect for a cold night

Black pepper, red chillies, and fresh ginger bring a warming kick to this simple tofu dish from Viva!’s Vegan Recipe Club. Serve with brown rice, fresh coriander, vegan yogurt, toasted cashews, roasted aubergine slices, and steamed broccoli for a filling, healthy meal.

Find the recipe here.

Or try tempeh

Tempeh black bean burger

Tempeh black bean burger
Sculpted Kitchen Make your own burger patty from tempeh, beans, and veg

This burger patty is absolutely packed with nutritious ingredients, from high-protein tempeh and black beans to sweet potato and carrot, both rich in vitamins A. The homemade cashew-based mozzarella included in the recipe, by Sculpted Kitchen, is also incredibly easy to make.

Find the recipe here.

Cajun pasta with panko-encrusted tempeh

Photo shows a creamy Cajun pasta dish topped with tempeh, a high protein vegan dinner idea
This Savory Vegan This creamy pasta dish features tempeh for an unusual twist

This Savory Vegan created this incredible Cajun-style pasta recipe. The tempeh is coated in a zingy tahini marinade which you can leave overnight or just half an hour before rolling in crunchy panko breadcrumbs. The sauce uses spicy Cajun seasoning and vegan cheese cheese for a rich, comforting meal.

Find the recipe here.

Lovely lentils

Lentil stroganoff

A vegan lentil stroganoff served with pasta
Romy London This stroganoff is a protein-packed vegan dinner idea

Romy London’s creamy lentil stroganoff recipe is bursting with earthy chestnut mushrooms, savory lentils, and aromatic flavors. The dish pairs up wonderfully with pasta, potatoes, or rice, and offers a comforting meal that’s nutritious, filling, and delicious.

Find the recipe here.

Mushroom lentil risotto

Vegan lentil and mushroom risotto served with fresh thyme sprigs, a high protein vegan dinner idea
Avocado Skillet An easy-to-prepare vegan alternative to traditional risotto recipes

Brown lentils are the protein star of this dish from Avocado Skillet. Miso paste, soy sauce, and balsamic vinegar give the risotto a rich umami flavor, while chopped kale and nutritional yeast add a load of extra vitmains.

Find the recipe here.

One-pot curried lentils

Curried Lentil One Pot
The Vegan Chef School Just throw all the ingredients in a pot and let it cook

Not one but two types of lentils feature in this one-pot recipe by The Vegan Chef School. The red split lentils breakdown and thicken the sauce, while the green or brown lentils give it added texture. It also couldn’t be easier to make, with all ingredients thrown into a pot at the same time and left to cook.

Find the recipe here.

Roasts and a pie

Maple and garlic tofu roast

Photo shows a vegan tofu roast surrounded by roasted vegetables
Romy London You will be amazed at how easy this is to make

A whole block of tofu is the star of this roast dinner recipe by Romy London. First pan fried, then roasted with the maple and garlic sauce, you score the tofu with a knife to let the flavors penetrate. It would make an impressive center piece, served with roast potatoes and vegetables of your choosing.

Find the recipe here.

Vegan roast beef

A vegan roast beef joint made with chickpeas and seitan
Carleigh Bodrug Thought your roast beef days were over? Think again

Another take on a roast dinner, this one by Plantyou uses protein-rich seitan and chickpeas instead of tofu. The roast has a tender texture and savory umami flavor and is best steamed, stored overnight, then charred in a pan.

Find the recipe here.

Creamy cannellini pie

Creamy cannellini pie made with plant-based puff pastry, pesto and protein-packed cannellini beans
BOSH! Try this creamy cannellini pie made with a delicious pesto and bean filling served with smooth mash

Cannellini beans are an excellent ingredient to be part of a high-protein dinner. One serving provides 11g of protein, as well as nearly a third of your daily fiber needs and 10 percent of your calcium. In this pie recipe by BOSH!, the pie filling is made of beans, spinach, and leeks in a creamy pesto sauce. Served with a side of creamy mashed potatoes, it makes a healthy, comforting dinner.

Find the recipe here.

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