10 Vegan Burger Recipes: From Mac And Cheese To Buffalo Cauliflower

Whether you make them with vegan meat, veggies, or beans, there's a vegan burger for every taste


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two vegan mac and cheese burgers with a bean patty, vegan mac and cheese, tomato, lettuce and vegan cheese Take your burger game to the next level with these unique recipes - Media Credit: Violife

There are so many ways to enjoy a vegan burgers these days. Whether you’re replacing meat for veggie or bean patties or opting for jackfruit and cauliflower, there’s always a plant-based burger recipe waiting for you. Here are 10 vegan burger recipes that will take your plant-based cooking to the next level.

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Common vegan burger substitutes

In the world of vegan burgers, you’ve got a pretty wide range of choices. Brands like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods are a hit because they offer that chewy, meat-like texture and flavor which can be really appealing, especially if you’re just transitioning away from eating meat. It’s a great option for those who want to reduce their meat intake but still crave that traditional burger experience.

Then, there are burgers made purely from veggies, grains, and legumes. Legumes like black beans and chickpeas are popular for their high protein content, providing a satisfying chewiness that mimics the texture of ground meat. Tempeh and tofu, made from soy, are also favored for their protein density and adaptability in texture and flavor.

Grains and vegetables, like quinoa and mushrooms, contribute both texture and nutrient. Mushrooms, for instance, are favored for their umami flavor, which enhances the meatiness of the burger without the animal products. Other veggies, like cauliflower and sweet potato, are also popular options for making creative vegan patties.

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10 tasty vegan burger recipes

If you’re exploring the world of vegan burgers, you’re in for a treat. Just like a comforting plate of carbs can lift your spirits, diving into a tasty vegan burger can be a delightful culinary experience that aligns with your health and ethical choices.

The recipes below span a diverse range of flavors and ingredients, from smoky vegan burgers to innovative creations using jackfruit and tempeh. Each recipe offers a unique twist on the classic burger, proving that plant-based options can be just as satisfying and diverse as their meat-based counterparts. Keep reading to explore these tasty vegan burger recipes.

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Jackfruit and apple coleslaw burger

vegan roasted BBQ jackfruit and apple slaw burger
Happy Skin Kitchen This pulled jackfruit burger is similar in texture to pulled pork and made with a sweet and tangy BBQ sauce and apple slaw

This recipe from Happy Skin Kitchen combines the meaty texture of cooked jackfruit with homemade BBQ sauce, and a fruity jazz apple coleslaw for a Southern-style vegan burger.

Jackfruit is a popular fruit full of vitamin C and A, potassium, and fiber. While it’s not that high in protein, the pulled-pork texture is the main draw of this fruit as a meat substitute.

Find the recipe here.

Vegan mac and cheese burger

two vegan mac and cheese burgers with a bean patty, vegan mac and cheese, tomato, lettuce and vegan cheese
Violife These vegan mac and cheese burgers are super indulgent with a filling bean patty, creamy cheese, and guacamole

If you’re looking for an ultra-indulgent burger that screams comfort food, you have to give this vegan mac and cheese burger from Violife a try. Gooey, rich, and satisfying, this vegan cheese burger combines vegan mac and cheese, guacamole, and bean-based veggie patties. You can add as many toppings as you like – this recipe includes a lot of vegan cheese, pickled onions, vegan mayo, tomato and lettuce.

Find the recipe here.

The vegan mega burger

Viva Vegan Recipe Club's meat-free mega burger stacked with dairy-free cheese, salad, and onion rings
Viva Vegan's Recipe Club Add as many toppings as you dare and make this burger your own

This mega burger recipe pulls out all the stops. Viva!’s Vegan Recipe Club shows you how to make the ultimate comfort food burger to rival any fast food chain. While there’s no right way to make yourself a comforting homemade burger, it’s always good to use ingredients you know and love. Choose vegan burger patties of your choice, plant-based cheese and bacon, onion rings, and all the toppings and sauces for a nostalgic taste.

Find the recipe here.

Tempeh black bean burger

tempeh black bean burger made with sweet potato, assorted vegetables, and dairy-free mozzarella
Sculpted Kitchen This burger is packed full of protein and nutrients

Packed with vegetables and protein-filled tempeh and black beans, this burger recipe from Sculpted Kitchen is nutritious and satisfies your cravings. This recipe has veggie patties loaded with zucchini, carrot, sweet potato, tempeh, black beans, and heaps of spices. You can also make your own dairy-free mozzarella with cashews and nutritional yeast.

Find the recipe here.

Crispy vegan buffalo cauliflower sandwich

crispy vegan buffalo cauliflower burger made with deep fried cauliflower and tangy coleslaw
Herbivore's Kitchen Spicy and deep fried, this buffalo flavored cauliflower sandwich is topped with tangy slaw

Looking for something a little different to what’s already on the list? Check out this deep friend cauliflower sandwich with spicy buffalo sauce and tangy coleslaw from the creator at Herbivore’s Kitchen. Top with sweet pickle chips and enjoy on a soft bun for the perfect sweet and spicy cauli burger.

Find the recipe here.

Cheesy garlic pav bhaji sliders

Vegan Cheesy Garlic Pav Bhaji Sliders that are dairy-free
Cooking with Parita This cheesy garlic pav bhaji slider is an ideal party food

Looking for a heavenly Indian-style vegan burger? These cheesy garlic pav bhaji sliders from Cooking With Parita brings Indian street food to your house. Enjoy deep-fried pav made with potato, onion, broccoli, and traditional Indian seasonings. Topped with plant-based cheese, green chilis, and pav bhaji masala for an added kick.

Find the recipe here.

100% veggie burger

one hundred percent veggie burger made with an oat and sweetpotato patty and topped with avo and tomato
The Happy Pear For the ultimate veggie lovers, this bean-free burger is for you

Sometimes all you want is a straightforward burger with a patty that doesn’t contain a million different ingredients. This recipe from The Happy Pear creates its veg patty with oats, sweet potato, spinach, red pepper and binding agents like rice flour and Psyllium husk for this dish. Top it with creamy avocado and garnish of your choice to make this veggie burger your own.

Find the recipe here.

Carrot, beetroot, and cumin burgers

vegan carrot, beetroot, and cumin burgers made with chickpeas and topped with garnish of your choice
Viva's Vegan Recipe Club Made with chickpeas, carrot, beetroot, and cumin, these burger patties are a great gluten-free option

This beetroot burger, also from Viva!’s Vegan Recipe Club, is the ideal summer burger that’s gluten-free and can be served at lunch or dinner. The beetroot patties are made with mashed chickpeas, carrot, and beetroot along with seasonings and ground flax for binding. Just pop these patties into the oven on a lined baking tray until browned or stick on the barbecue for 20 minutes.

Find the recipe here.

Smoky vegan burger

A high fiber bean burger, made with a vegan recipe
Mira Weiner This vegan burger is filled with vegetables

If you’re looking for a smoky vegan burger, try this smoky plant-based burger by Mira Weiner. Made with hearty ingredients such as black beans, sweet potato, mushrooms, and walnuts, expect a nutrient-rich patty with basically any garnish you like. This recipe recommends greens, caramelized or pickled onions, guac or avo slices, and cucumber and tomato. Serve with homemade sweet potato fries and indulge.

Find the recipe here.

Buffalo cauliflower sandwich

Photo shows a buffalo cauliflower sandwich prepared using a vegan recipe
Planted in the Kitchen Made with a cauliflower steak, this buffalo flavored cauli-patty is great with vegan ranch

Simple, yet tasty, this rendition of the buffalo cauliflower “sandwich” by Planted In The Kitchen uses breaded cauliflower steaks as the burger patty in this recipe. Assemble with lettuce, tomato, red onion, and vegan ranch.

Find the recipe here.

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