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Times Of India Heralds Benefits Of Plant-Based Diet

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Times Of India, one of the country’s leading daily newspapers, printed a double-page spread hailing the benefits of a plant-based diet. It is titled: ‘Life cycle analyses show a plant-based diet is most nutritious with least environmental impacts’. Whilst India is widely considered a nation of vegetarians, the article claims sustainable and traditional diets are changing to […]

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India Debuts Safety Standards To Define Vegan Products For 1st Time

Reading Time: < 1 minute India is debuting new safety standards to help identify vegan products for the first time. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) formulated the draft report, which will involve introducing a label. India vegan safety standards According to the new regulations, vegan food products are to be labeled as follows: “Those foods or […]

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Bollywood Star To Serve 100,000 Plant-Based Meals During India COVID-19 Crisis

Reading Time: < 1 minute Actor Genelia Deshmukh is helping deliver 100,000 plant-based meals to people caught in India’s second COVID-19 wave. This in partnership with the global non-profit, Million Dollar Vegan. Million Dollar Vegan The Bollywood star is assisting Million Dollar Vegan in its quest to help Indian people suffering from the pandemic as it sweeps through the country. […]

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‘Blood-Soaked’ Live-Animal Markets In India Branded ‘Petri Dishes For Pandemics’

Reading Time: < 1 minute New video footage released today reveals what animal advocates describe as ‘blood-soaked’ live animal markets in India, with campaigners saying the ‘filthy’ conditions create a ‘Petri dish for pandemics‘. The investigation, by vegan charity PETA India, had led to the group calling for the immediate closure of these markets. Numerous experts believe the current coronavirus […]

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Pharmaceutical Giant To Trial Plant-Based Drug For Covid-19 Treatment In India

Reading Time: < 1 minute Sun Pharmaceutical has been granted permission to trial a plant-based drug to test whether it can treat patients with coronavirus (Covid-19.) The drug, named AQCH, has shown ‘broad antiviral effect’ in several in vitro studies and has already completed its human safety study. The clinical trial will test 210 patients from more than 10 centers […]

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Vegetarian Files Legal Petition After Restaurant Served Her Meat

Reading Time: < 1 minute A vegetarian filed a legal petition seeking financial compensation after a restaurant served her meat on a pizza in India. The woman is vegetarian for religious reasons and accuses the restaurant of giving her ‘permanent mental agony’, according to the India news outlet, NDTV. Legal petition Deepali Tyagi ordered the vegetarian pizza two years ago and […]

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The TransFARMation Project: From Animal Farming To Growing Plants

Reading Time: 4 minutes The latest episode of The Plant Based News Podcast features vegan agricultural economist Rashmit Arora, who is part of the vital TransFARMation project. The project is run by the animal protection charity Mercy For Animals and helps farmers transition to growing plant-based crops. Thus, revolutionizing the current system which, he says ‘exploits anything in its path’. Rashmit […]