Vegan Brand Unveils Largest-Ever Plant-Based Meat Factory In India

India's plant-based meat sector has the potential to grow exponentially


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BVeg plant-based meat kebab BVeg creates realistic, plant-based meat products - Media Credit: BVeg

BVeg Foods has unveiled images of its integrated plant-based meat production facility, the largest of its kind in India.

The manufacturing plant is a one-stop destination for fellow vegan-friendly brands, alongside BVeg’s own product portfolio.

New product development and ingredients sourcing solutions are available to external partners. Private label packaging and high-capacity manufacturing capabilities are also possible.

BVeg constructed the facility to overcome India’s lack of manufacturing capacity, which the brand has previously identified as a serious bottleneck to sector progress.

Supporting India’s growing plant-based demand

India is a significant driver of the vegan food market. Traditionally home to a large number of vegetarians, in 2019 an Ipsos survey revealed that 63 percent of the population would negate meat for plant-based alternatives.

BVeg was founded in the same year, to cater to the majority’s preferences. It can currently produce 4,000 metric tons of plant-based meat a year. This figure will rise to 12,000 metric tons.

The domestic startup wants to innovate through its strategic partnerships. Earlier this year, BVeg announced it is working with Austrian equipment supplier Bühler, with the latter supplying high moisture extrusion technology for the new facility. 

This will allow BVeg to make vegan meat that realistically imitates whole muscle animal protein.

“In the rapidly transforming plant-based food ecosystem, innovation is key,” Prateek Ghai, BVeg Foods co-founder and COO said in a statement. 

He continued: “We believe that only by continuously innovating ourselves and delivering a diversified range of products that are customized to consumer needs can we satisfy their palates and achieve our objective of replacing conventional meat across the globe without compromising on taste or nutrition.”

New legislation for the Indian plant-based sector

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India recently initiated new regulations surrounding plant-based foods. 

They provide manufacturers, including BVeg, with stringent rules surrounding the production and labeling of finished goods. Items must have clear plant-based identification, and there must be no risk of animal product contamination.

The official regulations follow initial drafts unveiled in September last year.

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