15 Calcium-Rich Vegan Recipes

It's easy to get enough calcium on a plant-based diet - as these vegan recipes prove


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A vegan pasta dish that's high in calcium There are many plant foods that are brimming with calcium - here are 15 recipes that use them - Media Credit: It's All Good Vegan

If you thought you needed to drink cow’s milk to get calcium, you couldn’t be more wrong. One of the great myths associated with going vegan and putting dairy behind you is that you risk becoming calcium-deficient. But if you eat a healthy and varied plant-based diet with plenty of whole foods, calcium is an absolute breeze. 

Not only is dairy milk linked to a range of health problems in humans — its biological purpose is to make baby cows grow into adult cows, after all — the calcium it contains is often harder for us to absorb than the calcium found in plants. Instead, foods like kale, beans, soy products like tofu and tempeh, and seaweed, among many other vegan favorites, are excellent sources of calcium. Many plant milks are either natural sources of calcium or have been fortified with it for those making the switch.

Packing in the calcium on a vegan diet

Calcium serves several very important functions in the health and maintenance of the body, including building bones and keeping teeth healthy, keeping muscle contractions regulated (which includes the heartbeat), and ensuring blood clots normally. A diet lacking in calcium risks developing osteomalacia, osteoporosis, and rickets in children. 

“Getting enough calcium as a vegan is definitely possible with a well-planned diet,” Lisa Marley, a vegan chef and coach trained in both nutrition and fitness, tells Plant Based News (PBN). “Calcium is essential for overall bone health, muscle function, and nerve transmission, so it’s important to include calcium-rich foods in your daily meals.”

The recipes below are divided into three predominant vegan calcium ingredient sections: The calcium powerhouses broccoli, tofu, and white beans.

So, if you’re ready to up your calcium game, here are 15 calcium-rich vegan recipes that are delicious, inexpensive, and easy to whip up for yourself and the plant-curious friends and family in your life.

Please note: this is intended as a guide only. You should always consult a health professional if you’re worried about calcium intake.


“Broccoli is a fantastic source of calcium for vegans, with one cup of cooked broccoli providing about 60 mg of calcium,” Marley tells PBN. “It’s also packed with other essential nutrients like vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants.”

Sheet Pan Broccoli And Tofu

Sheet pan broccoli and tofu covered in a sticky sauce roasted in one pan
Rise Shine Cook This recipe is so simple and tasty

Our opening gambit pairs broccoli and tofu, meaning you’ll be positively vibrating with calcium, not to mention the tofu protein. Thanks to Rise Shine Cook for this delicious and nutritious powerhouse meal that is super quick to make. The firm tofu and broccoli are topped with tantalizing tamari, nut butter, and maple syrup.

Find the recipe here

Lentil And Broccoli Vegan Summer Salad

A high calcium vegan summer lentil and broccoli salad
Natlicious Food This calcium-rich salad is packed full of nutrients

This one is advertised as providing an invincible amount of iron, but the broccoli and the lentils mean you’ll be getting a good hit of calcium also, courtesy of Natlicious Food. This recipe is easy to make and perfect to eat in summer

Find the recipe here.

Garlic Broccoli Stir Fry With Chickpeas

Broccoli and chickpea stir fry, a calcium-rich vegan recipe
ElaVegan This calcium-rich recipe makes for a great weeknight dinner

Increase your calcium levels, while warding off any marauding vampires! And this one only requires 25 minutes of your time to do so. Broccoli is the headliner in terms of calcium, but note that protein heroes chickpeas are packed with it too. Which is all well and good, but it needs to taste good — and the garlic ginger sauce ensures this is a dish you’ll want to revisit all the time. Thanks to ElaVegan for this one.

Find the recipe here.

Orange Tofu And Broccoli

bowls of freshly prepared orange tofu and broccoli, one being held by the recipe developer from Plant Baes
Plant Baes This tofu is anything but bland thanks to an orange marinade

This recipe has great protein credentials, and it also packs in a huge amount of calcium with the broccoli and tofu. Sarah Cobacho from Plant Baes came up with this wholesome meal which also stars sesame seeds, rice, spring onion, tamari, maple syrup, and rice vinegar to ensure it’s irresistible.

Find the recipe here.

Superfood stir fry

superfood stir fry packed with edamame, kale, ginger, lemongrass, chili, and garlic
BOSH! Give this simple superfood stir fry a go for dinner tonight

People love stir fries because they are the ultimate ‘bish bash bosh’ style of meal to whip up quickly. So, appropriately, it’s BOSH! who bring us this brilliant superfood take on the classic dish. The broccoli is joined by more calcium superheroes: kale, courgette, and edamame. Taste-wise, get ready for an incredible combo of lemongrass, chili, ginger, and garlic.

Find the recipe here.


“Tofu is another great option for getting calcium as a vegan, with one serving of firm tofu containing around 350 mg,” says Marley. “Plus, tofu is a versatile ingredient that can be used in a variety of dishes like stir-fries, salads, and smoothies.”

Tahini tofu stir fry

A close-up of a vegan stir fry featuring tahini, tofu, peppers, greens, carrots, and other veg
Viva's Vegan Recipe Club Get a protein kick with this quick recipe

Viva!’s Vegan Recipe Club is here to add some va va voom to your calcium cooking. Here, the Viva! team has crafted a simple, delicious, high-protein, and high-calcium weeknight dish that’s ready in just 20 minutes. And it’s even quicker if you opt for a pre-marinated tofu and a pre-packaged stir-fry vegetable mix.

Find the recipe here.

Sweet and sour tofu with Asian greens

A tofu and Asian greens stir fry, a vegan calcium recipe
Plant Power Nutrition and Fitness This tofu recipe is packed full of flavor

Plant Power Nutrition and Fitness developed this recipe, and we are feeling the calcium and protein power. Pan-fried tofu is perfectly paired with bok choy and a fragrant sauce. It’s so easy to make that you won’t break a sweat — that is until you eat the chili. The bok choy does so much more than enhance the flavor — it also adds a wealth of nutrients, including phosphorus, zinc, copper, manganese, a big extra helping of calcium.

Find the recipe here.

Scrambled tofu

Vegan scrambled tofu served with egg, tomato, and avocado
Rebel Recipes Scrambled tofu is a great alternative for scrambled egg, and it couldn’t be easier to make

Scrambled tofu: it’s the classic breakfast and brunch choice of vegans across the land, and this take from Viva!’s Vegan Recipe Club does an expert job of mimicking the textures, taste, and color of scrambled eggs minus the cruelty to chickens. It serves up a whopping 17.4g of plant-based protein, making it a brilliant breakfast option, a post-gym snack, or a brilliant dinner option might be throwing it inside a breakfast burrito.

Find the recipe here.

Maple garlic tofu roast

Photo shows a vegan tofu roast surrounded by roasted vegetables
Romy London You will be amazed at how easy this is to make

This award-worthy meal from Romy London makes a fantastic replacement for any dish where the main event would usually be a whole joint or piece of roasted animal protein, for example, Sunday lunch. This one requires roasting a full block of tofu in the oven with an umami glaze, and then have a joyful time carving it up! The giant pieces of tofu will have you positively brimming with calcium and protein.

Find the recipe here.

The easiest tofu recipe ever

A saucepan full of easy to make tofu
Viva! This tofu recipe is perfect for beginners

A recipe name that’s sure to catch the eyes of those who want to keep their cooking simple and easy. It’s time to head back to basics with this recipe from Viva!’s Vegan Recipe Club. It’s also designed to be mega versatile: tofu cooked this way will work in Buddha bowls, stir-fries, sandwiches, salads, or even on its own. All you need is one minute of prep and five minutes of cooking time, and you’ve got yourself one of the ultimate go-to dishes.

Find the recipe here.

White beans

“White beans are a fantastic plant-based source of calcium, with 180g of cooked white beans containing about 160 mg of calcium,” says Marley. “They are also high in fiber, protein, and iron, making them a nutritious addition to any vegan diet.”

Mushroom Bourguignon With White Bean Mash & Kale Crisps

A vegan mushroom Bourguignon with white bean mash and kale chips
Rebel Recipes Mushrooms work as a great meat alternative in a bourguignon

Our first white bean dish to up your calcium stakes is this dish that sounds mega fancy, but is very doable and doesn’t require professional chef training. And have you ever tried mashed white beans (why should potatoes have all of the fun)?  If you’ve got a dinner party planned, this is the one to whip up and show your friends what a distinguished foodie you are. The legends at Viva! have turned the traditionally meaty dish with the yummy inclusion of kale chips and a portion of health-giving porcini mushrooms.

Find the recipe here.

Spinach white bean soup

A calcium-rich white bean soup recipe
Planted In The Kitchen This warming soup is perfect for colder evenings

As well as being another certified calcium winner, vegan soups are a brilliant way to pack in healthy volume and fiber. Especially when this recipe is chocker with outrageously healthy vegetables like spinach, potatoes, and yellow onions. Thanks to Kelsey AKA Planted In The Kitchen for this one.

Find the recipe here. 

Protein-Packed Creamy Cannellini Pie

Creamy cannellini pie made with plant-based puff pastry, pesto and protein-packed cannellini beans
BOSH! Try this creamy cannellini pie made with a delicious pesto and bean filling served with smooth mash

It’s time for the BOSH! take on an ultimate comfort food: pie! That’s right, you can enjoy a delicious pie and know you’re getting plenty of calcium, as well as protein, fiber, and a load of vitamins and minerals. The spinach is also a fabulous source of calcium and best of all, the pie looks and tastes spectacular. 

Find the recipe here. 

Cauliflower, white beans and kale pasta

A bowl of pasta, white bean, and cauliflower, a calcium-rich vegan recipe
It's All Good Vegan This comforting pasta dish is packed with calcium

Never let anyone tell you pasta dishes can’t be healthy and rammed up with calcium! The kale, cauliflower, and white beans in this pasta recipe will have you brimming with vitality. From the foodie mind of It’s All Good Vegan, it hopefully goes without saying that all the beautiful vegetables tick so many nutrition boxes, while the chili, cumin, and garlic powder make sure this pasta is irresistibly good.

Find the recipe here. 

Pesto butter beans

A bowl of vegan pesto butter beans next to some cutlery and bread
Plant Baes These pesto butter beans taste as good as they look

White beans are such a creamy little number, they couldn’t be more ideal for this Plant Baes pesto recipe that you’ll want to make time and time again. So much calcium and it also racks up a bicep-exploding 35g protein per serving, so a great one to whip up after a workout. We salute the tofu again for helping tip the calcium and protein scales. Added to the mix cashew and pine nuts, leeks, spinach, chill flakes, and more, and you’ve got one insanely yet delicious meal on your hands.

Find the recipe here. 

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