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Selena Gomez To Launch Vegan Beauty Brand In Sephora

Reading Time: < 1 minute Celebrity singer-songwriter Selena Gomez is launching a vegan beauty brand in Sephora. Rare Beauty has also committed to raising $100 million in the next decade to help increase access to mental health resources as part of its Rare Impact Fund initiative. ‘We love our animals’ On Instagram, the brand wrote: “For the past few months, […]

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Vegan Star Lucy Watson Says Therapy Is ‘The Best Thing Anyone Can Do’

Reading Time: < 1 minute Vegan celebrity Lucy Watson has spoken out about the power of counselling, in an interview with Happiful Magazine. Watson told the magazine – the only title in the UK which focuses on mental health – how having regular counselling has had a positive impact on her life. According to the author, businesswoman and animal rights […]

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U.S Star Alyson Stoner Says Vegan Diet Improved Her Energy, Skin, Digestion And More

Reading Time: 2 minutes U.S star Alyson Stoner has revealed the health benefits she has experienced while following a vegan diet. Many fans chiefly know the actress, singer, and dancer for her role in the Step Up franchise. She has also appeared in Cheaper by the Dozen, Cheaper by the Dozen 2, and many other productions. Alyson Stoner podcast Stoner is […]

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EXCLUSIVE: 24 Experts To Share Latest Plant-Based Advice At FREE Online Summit

Reading Time: 2 minutes Leading experts in the plant-based sphere are sharing their boundless knowledge in a free online event, The Food Revolution Summit. Now in its 10th year, the summit sees 24 iconic experts speak over nine days – commencing April 24.  During this, they will delve into how to ‘optimize’ a host of health challenges with healthy nutrition. […]

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OPINION: We Can’t Let Animal Farmers Bully the Public Into Eating Meat

Reading Time: 3 minutes Cancer charity Macmillan has been forced to apologize for its Meat-Free March campaign after threats from animal farmers, but we cannot let them shame and bully meat-free initiatives. The campaign seemed fairly standard and innocent: a simple fundraising challenge that encouraged meat-lovers to try to go without meat for just one month. Yet within days […]

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Farmers Complain They Are Being ‘Cyberbullied By Animal Activists’

Reading Time: 2 minutes Animal rights activists are cyberbullying’ farmers’ and it’s causing mental health problems, according to a recent article in the National Post. The piece, titled Cyberbullying by vegan activists adds to farmers’ growing list of mental health problems, psychologists say, cites Quebec-based cattle farmer Mylene Begin who set up an Instagram account to show-off life on […]

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NHS Doctors Urge UK Government To Promote Plant-Based Diets To Protect Public Health

Reading Time: 2 minutes More than 100 NHS doctors have written to the UK government urging it to promote a ‘fair, sustainable, and healthy food system’. The open letter – which was also signed by a further NHS 100 staff members – calls on politicians to promote such a system via a raft of legislative measures. It features six […]

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Ethnic Minorities Are ‘Disproportionately Affected’ By Animal Food-Heavy Diets, Says NHS Doctor

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ethnic minorities and communities of lower socio-economic means are ‘disproportionately affected by diets high in processed foods and animal products’, according to an NHS doctor, who says healthy, affordable food is often less accessible to these groups. Dr. Shireen Kassam is the founder of non-profit organization Plant Based Health Professionals UK and a consultant hematologist. She […]

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By Chloe Donates 50% Of Its Vegan Pride Cupcake Sales To Miley Cyrus’ LGBTQ Charity

Reading Time: < 1 minute Vegan eatery, By Chloe, has announced it will donate 50 percent of sales from its vegan pride cupcakes to Miley Cyrus’ charity for LGBTQ youth. The food chain, which recently announced plans to triple its US presence by 2030, has collaborated with the Happy Hippie Foundation for the second year in a row to support […]