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Chicken Is Not A Health Food – And Other Diet Myths Busted

Reading Time: 6 minutes Is chicken a health food? Can vegans really get enough protein? There are many pervasive myths when it comes to plant-based diets. But you can all get all the nutrients you need from a varied, vegan diet – and often in a form our bodies can better use. Plus, you avoid all the harmful health […]

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New Series ‘Highway To Health’ Will Explore Plant-Based Diets And Health

Reading Time: < 1 minute A new T.V program showcasing the benefits of a plant-based diet is set to launch in 2020. Highway to Health, co-hosted by Sepultura vocalist Derrick Green and top freelance bassist Tanya O’Callaghan, will explore numerous topics from food to social and environmental justice. The presenters travel around the world, sharing meals with guests, including Moby, […]

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NHS Doctors Urge UK Government To Promote Plant-Based Diets To Protect Public Health

Reading Time: 2 minutes More than 100 NHS doctors have written to the UK government urging it to promote a ‘fair, sustainable, and healthy food system’. The open letter – which was also signed by a further NHS 100 staff members – calls on politicians to promote such a system via a raft of legislative measures. It features six […]

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Top Plant-Based Experts To Speak At Free Online Health Conference

Reading Time: < 1 minute Numerous leading experts in the field of plant-based health will be speaking at a free online conference later this month. The Food Revolution Summit, which features 25 of the world’s most trusted food and nutrition experts (including Dr. Michael Greger and Dr. Neal Barnard), will run from April 25-May 3. The speakers will share the […]

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How To Keep Fit And Healthy During Self-Isolation

Reading Time: 3 minutes There’s a building pressure to be productive during self-isolation.  People are plastering how busy they’ve been on social media, with some redecorating their entire house and building an extension,  others learning three new languages and ghost-writing an autobiography. But, now more than ever is the time to prioritize ourselves and make sure we keep fit […]

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7 Diet And Lifestyle Resources To Help Protect Your Brain Health

Reading Time: 5 minutes What’s the most important organ in your body? Without your heart, your blood wouldn’t flow, and your cells would die. Without your lungs, no oxygen would get to your blood. And without your kidneys, you couldn’t get rid of nitrogenous waste. OK, so they’re all crucial to your survival. But when it comes to taking […]

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Meat Giants Try To Address Environmental Concerns – By Adding Veggies To Products

Reading Time: 2 minutes Multiple meat companies are creating ‘blended’ products like burgers, meatballs, and sausages – which all contain vegetables too. According to AP, the reason giants like Tyson, Applegate, and Perdue Farms are adding these plant-foods to meat products is to assuage consumer fears over the impact meat has on the planet and human health. ‘Eat less […]

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23% Of People In UK Believe Meatless Diets Are Healthier Option, Says Poll

Reading Time: < 1 minute More than fifth of people in the UK (23 percent) believe a meatless diet is the healthier option, according to YouGov. The organization also found that more than a third of consumers – 37 percent – are actively trying to reduce their meat consumption. Flexitarian diet “Veganism isn’t the only dietary trend for the New […]

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Farming Lobby Claims Meat Is ‘Essential’ For Health In ‘Meat Fight Back’

Reading Time: 2 minutes Did you get any good jokes in your crackers this Christmas? Here’s a good one: ‘Meat is an essential part of a healthy diet because the nutrient content of plant foods has fallen’. So says a failing meat industry. This really smacks of desperation. ‘Meat fight back’ In a speech billed as a ‘meat fight-back‘ […]