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Dead Badger Hung From Vegan TV Presenter Chris Packham’s Gate

Reading Time: 3 minutes A dead badger has been hung by his neck from vegan TV presenter Chris Packham‘s gate – with reports assuming the attack is linked to his views on the controversial badger cull. Packham has previously described the cull as ‘eco-genocidal and vengeful’. ‘Without killing animals’ Packham shared an image of the animal with his 388,000 […]

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OPINION: We Can’t Let Animal Farmers Bully the Public Into Eating Meat

Reading Time: 3 minutes Cancer charity Macmillan has been forced to apologize for its Meat-Free March campaign after threats from animal farmers, but we cannot let them shame and bully meat-free initiatives. The campaign seemed fairly standard and innocent: a simple fundraising challenge that encouraged meat-lovers to try to go without meat for just one month. Yet within days […]

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Former Alcoholic Turns Vegan Blogger After Inspired By Plant-Based Documentary

Reading Time: 3 minutes Former alcoholic turned vegan blogger Aaron Calder says he was inspired to turn his life around after watching plant-based documentary Fat, Sick, And Nearly Dead. Calder, who now creates vegan recipes and YouTube videos, was rushed to hospital back in 2012 after he began vomiting blood. His liver and kidneys were ‘so damaged they couldn’t […]

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Joaquin Phoenix Praises Vegan Food In Critics Choice Acceptance Speech

Reading Time: 2 minutes Vegan actor Joaquin Phoenix praised the Critics Choice Awards (CCA) for serving a plant-based menu at the 25th annual event this weekend. The CCA announced last week that it would be serving an all-vegan menu, making it the second so far this season to do so – following the Golden Globes. The upcoming Screen Actors […]

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UK Dairy Recalls Milks Over E.Coli Fears

Reading Time: 2 minutes A Yorkshire dairy is recalling its products after 18 people across the country fell ill with E.coli. According to reports, nine of the 18 people are confirmed to have consumed Darwin’s Dairy products.  Barnsley Council and Public Health England have released a statement saying there is potentially a link between the outbreak and the pasteurization […]

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What Do Investors Look For From Plant-Based Startups?

Reading Time: 3 minutes These days it feels like the sky’s the limit when it comes to growth opportunities in the global plant-based sector, just look at the record-breaking success of Beyond Meat’s recent IPO.  But for the entrepreneurs behind plant-based startups, the journey is rarely – if ever – a straight upwards arrow of stress-free, exponential growth. Challenge […]

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Farmers Complain They Are Being ‘Cyberbullied By Animal Activists’

Reading Time: 2 minutes Animal rights activists are cyberbullying’ farmers’ and it’s causing mental health problems, according to a recent article in the National Post. The piece, titled Cyberbullying by vegan activists adds to farmers’ growing list of mental health problems, psychologists say, cites Quebec-based cattle farmer Mylene Begin who set up an Instagram account to show-off life on […]

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Winners Announced From ‘Plant-Based Dragon’s Den’ Competition

Reading Time: 2 minutes The winners from a plant-based Dragon’s Den style competition have been announced. More than 50 businesses applied for Pitch + Plant 2019, a competition that was founded in 2017 by vegan startup Vevolution, and which helps early stage startups access funding for their business. Seven of the applicants made it to the finalist stage, where they pitched […]

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Latitude Festival Slammed For Dyeing Flock Of Sheep Bright Pink

Reading Time: 2 minutes Latitude Festival, located at Henham Park in Suffolk, has been slammed by animal-rights activists after it posted a video of a flock of sheep that had been dyed bright pink for the event.  A petition against the stunt, which has become a 14-year-long tradition, has received more than 1,700 signatures – attracting the support of […]