20 Vegan Chocolate Dessert Ideas

Here are 20 diverse and creative vegan chocolate dessert ideas to try


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a vegan double chocolate cake with marshmallow filling, topped with raspberries This list of vegan chocolate desserts are a chocoholics dream - Media Credit: Addicted To Dates

Vegans crave tasty chocolate desserts just as much as anyone else, and there are a wide variety of vegan chocolate dessert ideas you can try. Vegan chocolate, which is made without animal products like dairy, is now widely available and easy to find in many supermarkets and grocery stores across the world.

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The range of vegan chocolate desserts is impressive. You can find everything from classic chocolate cakes and vegan rocky road to innovative treats like chocolate avocado cheesecake or chocolate protein muffins. What’s more, the desserts on this list vary from true comfort food to healthier alternatives. Whether it’s for a special occasion or just to satisfy a sweet craving, vegan chocolate desserts prove that you don’t have to compromise on flavor or indulgence.

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20 vegan chocolate dessert ideas

The following recipes showcase the variety and creativity you can put into vegan chocolate desserts, and these ideas will inspire your next baking adventure. Enjoy exploring these 20 vegan chocolate dessert ideas and discover how versatile vegan chocolate can be.

Store cupboard chocolate tart

a vegan chocolate store cupboard tart made with dates, mixed nuts, and dark chocolate
Lucy & Lentils This vegan chocolate tart uses everything you have in your kitchen cupboard

As its name suggests, this vegan chocolate tart by Lucy & Lentils aims to keep things simple by using cupboard staples for its core ingredients. This recipe is super simple and only takes 20 minutes to assemble.

All you need for the base is a cup of mixed nuts of your choice, Medjool dates, desiccated coconut, and an optional addition of cacao nibs and pine nuts. Meanwhile, you only need peanut butter, dark chocolate, and vegan cream to make the ooey-gooey filling. Bake your base, fill it, and chill it before grating some vegan chocolate on top and enjoying.

Find the recipe here.

No-churn vegan chocolate ice cream

a picture of no-churn vegan chocolate ice cream made with cocoa, vegan condensed milk, and served in a tub
This no-churn vegan chocolate ice cream is incredibly easy to make and great for group occasions

There’s nothing better than a simple ice cream recipe, and this no-churn vegan chocolate ice cream is no different. The creamy mixture is assembled in just ten minutes. This Viva’s Vegan Recipe Club recipe serves up to 12 people and is perfect for hot summers. While you have to freeze this ice cream for at least six hours, the easy prep makes the wait worth it.

To make this ice cream, you need cocoa, water, vegan condensed milk double cream, salt, vanilla, and your favorite vegan chocolate. First, whisk all your ingredients together, then heat some cocoa and water and add to your fluffy cream mix before adding your chocolate chunks. Here, you can get creative and add any vegan chocolate treats to your ice cream base for an even more delightful ice cream experience. Place in an old ice cream tub or two liter container and enjoy after freezing.

Find the recipe here.

Homemade chocolate donuts

rows of vegan homemade chocolate donuts topped with sprinkles
So Vegan Give these fun homemade vegan chocolate donuts a try, they’re baked not fried

Oven-baked, vegan, and adorable, these homemade chocolate donuts from So Vegan are super quick and easy to make. You use typical vegan cake ingredients for your batter and make a simple plant milk icing to decorate your little donuts. Add some vegan sprinkles for added color and crunch, and enjoy.

Find the recipe here.

Vegan coffee and chocolate muffins

vegan coffee and chocolate muffins made with espresso and vegan chocolate chips
Give Me Plant Food This completely vegan chocolate and coffee muffin recipe was made for coffee lovers

If you want bold flavors in little muffin-sized packages, then you need to try these vegan coffee and chocolate muffins. The blend of espresso and vegan chocolate in these muffins complements and elevates one another, balancing sweetness and sharpening the depth of the cocoa. The recipe is by Give Me Plant Food and takes less than an hour to make in total.

Find the recipe here.

Easy vegan rocky road

a picture of easy vegan rocky road made with digestives, chocolate, vegan mini marshmallows, and puffed rice
Viva's Vegan Recipe Club Vegan rocky road is an excellent treat for those with a sweet tooth

This easy vegan rocky road is another recipe by Viva’s Vegan Recipe Club. It’s a charming-looking treat that requires minimal prep and has all the traditional rocky road flavors without animal products. It takes just 15 minutes to put the ingredients together and then another two hours to chill until the rocky road is hardened. Once it’s firm, you can cut it into adorable little cubes and share them with friends and family.

Find the recipe here.

The best vegan chocolate pie

A picture of a dense vegan chocolate pie made with a thick nutty crust and a chocolate drizzle
ElaVegan Try the ‘best’ vegan chocolate pie with its wonderful contrasting textures of smooth chocolate and a crunchy crust

Coined “the best vegan chocolate pie,” this exciting recipe contains sweet potato and avocado to make its creamy filling. It comes to you from Ela Vegan and contains a rich chocolate filling, a hearty crust, and is topped off with a chocolate drizzle. With all the chocolate in the filling, you shouldn’t taste the sweet potato or the avocado once mixed together in the food processor. Arguably, the best bit has to be the date, oat, and nut crust that elevates the pie in flavor and texture.

Find the recipe here.

Fudgy chocolate avocado loaf

a vegan chocolate loaf cake made with dark chocolate, avocado, and coffee
So Vegan This vegan chocolate loaf cake is super moist thanks to its key ingredient: avocado

Here is another So Vegan recipe. Like a few of the recipes on this list, it doesn’t shy away from incorporating avocado into a good vegan chocolate loaf. As you can see, the cake is incredibly moist thanks to the avocado, and it’s topped with dark chocolate ganache and dark chocolate shavings to give the fudgy cake even more depth.

Find the recipe here.

Double chocolate cake with a marshmallow surprise

a vegan double chocolate cake with marshmallow filling, topped with raspberries
Addicted To Dates Moist, decadent, and filled with vegan marshmallow, this chocolate cake is sheer decadence

The show-stopping double chocolate cake with a marshmallow surprise by Addicted To Dates is one you need to try. This indulgent recipe will surely please dinner guests; you could even serve it at a party. Not only is it appealing to the eyes, but it tastes great, too. It takes only an hour and ten minutes to prepare and follows the usual cake-baking steps.

However, the only difference is that you’ll melt down vegan marshmallows to sandwich between your chocolate cake layers. Top with freeze-dried raspberries for a pop of color and tang to break the sweetness.

Find the recipe here.

Double chocolate cookies

a picture of a vegan double chocolate coconut oatmeal cookie
School Night Vegan These double chocolate cookies are made with coconut, oats, espresso, and heaps of dark chocolate chips

Everyone needs a good double choc chip cookie recipe to keep on hand when cravings call. Learn how to make these moist double chocolate coconut and oatmeal cookies by the School Night Vegan, and you’ll always have a crowd-pleasing treat on hand. The cookies take less than 40 minutes to prepare and are very simple to put together.

Mix all the prepared ingredients, scoop out the cookies onto a baking sheet, and bake for 12 minutes. Remember to let them cool for at least 15 minutes after baking to prevent them from falling apart.

Find the recipe here.

Chocolate covered strawberry muffins

a batch of gluten-free vegan chocolate covered strawberry muffins
The Fruity Life These gluten-free chocolate covered strawberry muffins are vegan and made with zucchini

Now for a gluten-free muffin option from This Fruity Life. These chocolate covered strawberry muffins take only 30 minutes to make and have simple ingredients. You use oat flour, almond butter, banana, and a surprise ingredient: zucchini to make these muffins moist and tasty. Filled with cacao and topped with diced strawberries, this is a wonderful choice for anyone to try, gluten-intolerant or not.

Find the recipe here.

Oreo banana bread

a picture of a sliced loaf of vegan chocolate banana bread with pieces of Oreo cookie in it
Naturally Dan Try this super chocolatey take on vegan banana bread filled with Oreo chunks

Banana bread is a well-loved baked good that deserves some recognition. You can add almost any sweet addition to banana bread and it’ll taste good. This version by Naturally Dan utilizes cacao, vegan chocolate, and Oreos (which are accidentally vegan) to make this tasty rendition of the classic. His recipe uses apple sauce and five ripe bananas alongside wholewheat flour and soy milk, amongst other ingredients, to put this bake together.

Find the recipe here.

Vegan gluten-free baked donuts

a batch of baked, gluten-free, and vegan chocolate donuts covered in a chocolate glaze and rainbow sprinkles
Delightful Adventures Try these sprinkle-covered gluten-free vegan chocolate donuts, they only take 25 minutes to make

Another gluten-free recipe on this list is a vegan and gluten-free baked chocolate donut recipe by Delightful Adventures. These baked donuts only take 25 minutes to make and have simple baking ingredients, including ground flaxseed as a binding agent and gluten-free flour. The chocolate glaze is made with cocoa powder, soy milk, powdered sugar, and vanilla. Top your batch with plenty of rainbow sprinkles and enjoy these delightful little treats.

Find the recipe here.

Chocolate walnut cookies

a batch of vegan chocolate and walnut cookies made with almond flour and apple sauce
The Delightful Vegans You’ll keep coming back to these delightful chocolate walnut cookies that take only 25 minutes to make

Walnuts are a star ingredient in vegan cooking (so long as you’re not allergic to nuts), and they are utilized beautifully in this chocolate walnut cookie recipe by The Delightful Vegans. These adorable tea-time treats include vegan chocolate, chopped walnuts, almond flour, and apple sauce in their list of ingredients. They take only seven minutes to prep and 18 minutes to cook, making this a quick 25-minute bake.

Find the recipe here.

3 ingredient vegan fudge bites

a picture of a tower of cubes of vegan chocolate fudge
Healthy Holistic View Smooth, tasty, and made with only three ingredients, this fudge is a must-try

Add this three-ingredient chocolate fudge to your list of vegan chocolate dessert ideas. They’re scrumptious and effortless to create. This recipe comes from Healthy Holistic View and is very straightforward. Grab your favorite pan and start by melting some vegan dark chocolate. Then, add your chocolate to peanut butter and agave syrup before combining and pouring into your pan. Let the fudge set in the freezer for one to two hours until set. Cut into squares when the fudge reaches room temperature.

Find the recipe here.

Chocolate avocado cheesecake

a slice of vegan chocolate avocado cheesecake with a drizzle of chocolate and a nut base
Gloria Vegan Stories What sets this vegan chocolate cheesecake apart from the rest is the inclusion of avocado in the filling

This chocolate avocado cheesecake recipe comes from Gloria Vegan Stories and relies on avocado for its creaminess in the vegan cheesecake batter. The ‘cheesecake’ is made of avocado, peanut butter, vegan chocolate, and cocoa powder. On the other hand, the base is made with pitted dates, hazelnuts, peanuts, and cocoa to create a chewy and rich crust.

Find the recipe here.

Double chocolate fruit and nut swirl rolls

a vegan double chocolate fruit and nut swirl rolls covered in chocolate and pomegranate seeds
Nourishing Amy Try these light and fluffy 25-minute double chocolate fruit and nut swirl rolls, they’re delish and easy to make

Forget cinnamon rolls; these surprisingly easy double chocolate swirl rolls by Nourishing Amy are unforgettable. The dough is infused with cacao, a rich vegan chocolate spread coats the dough, and a lovely mix of dried fruit and nuts fill these chocolate swirl rolls for a layered, sweet, and crunchy dessert.

Find the recipe here.

Vegan protein muffins

vegan chocolate protein-packed muffins made with oat flour, almond flour, and vegan chocolate protein powder
Maria's Munchies These yummy protein-packed vegan chocolate muffins are perfect for a healthier treat

Maria’s Munchies offers a healthier version of the vegan chocolate muffin in the form of these chocolate protein muffins. They’re gluten-free and refined sugar-free, making these muffins a healthy dessert or snack. Made with oat flour, almond flour, vegan chocolate protein powder, banana, and dairy-free chocolate chips (amongst other baking ingredients), these muffins take about 40 minutes to make.

Find the recipe here.

Salted caramel chocolate pots

a picture of a salted caramel chocolate pot made with vegan ingredients and topped with salt and biscuits
So Vegan These vegan salted caramel chocolate pots are super creamy and flavorful

The salted caramel chocolate pots recipe is the final So Vegan recipe on this list. Made in adorable little glass jars, these would be great for after-lunch desserts or even picnics. The bottom of the jar contains a vegan caramel layer made from dates and coconut milk, while the chocolate layer uses plenty of dark chocolate and coconut milk. Top these little desserts with salt and crushed biscuits for texture and depth of flavor.

Find the recipe here.

Chocolate and raspberry torte

a vegan chocolate and raspberry torte made with a digestive base, a raspberry layer, and a deep chocolate torte filling
Viva's Vegan Recipe Club This crowd pleaser is simple to make and incredibly decadent

This chocolate and raspberry torte by Viva’s Vegan Recipe Club has three layers. First, the base is made of vegan butter and digestive biscuits. Second, the raspberry layer is made on the stovetop, creating a jammy raspberry reduction. Finally, the torte or filling is made with high-quality dark vegan chocolate, vegan milk chocolate, coconut oil, and caster sugar. The torte is topped with freeze-dried raspberry bits and highlights how the tang of the raspberries complements the depth of the chocolate.

Find the recipe here.

Chocolate fondant with mango coulis

a vegan chocolate fondant cake on a plate with mango coulis
Darrin Jenkins This chocolate fondant is great to serve at dinner parties

The final dessert on this list is a vegan chocolate fondant made with mango coulis by Danielle Maupertuis. This vegan version of the classic pulls out all the stops and takes only 40 minutes to make. Create decadent ganache balls, a light and fluffy fondant mix, and serve it alongside a tangy mango coulis for optimal decadence.

Find the recipe here.

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