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Joe Rogan: James Wilks ‘Knocked It Out Of The Park’ Defending ‘The Game Changers’

Reading Time: 2 minutes Joe Rogan has hosted a debate on his podcast between James Wilks – one of the producers of The Game Changers* – and Paleo advocate and licensed acupuncturist Chris Kresser. The latest conversation follows a recent episode, featuring Kresser criticizing the film, which he has described as ‘vegan propaganda’. Rogan described this latest podcast as ‘an opportunity for […]

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WATCH: Cardiologist Slams Joe Rogan: ‘He’s Funded By Meat Companies’

Reading Time: < 1 minute A top cardiologist has blasted comedian and podcaster Joe Rogan – saying he is funded by meat companies. Plant-based cardiologist Dr. Joel Kahn, who appeared on Rogan’s podcast last year, made the comments during an exclusive interview with Plant Based News founder Klaus Mitchell. The pair discussed a range of issues, including upcoming documentary The […]

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Joe Rogan Admits Carnivore Diet Made Him ‘More Aggressive’

Reading Time: < 1 minute Podcaster and comedian Joe Rogan has admitted his carnivore diet made him ‘more aggressive’.  The keen hunter announced on Instagram that he would only eat ‘meat and eggs’ for the entirety of January as part of ‘World Carnivore Month’.  ‘A predator’  Speaking to former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Rashad Evans on a recent podcast, Rogan […]

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Vegan Strongman Blasts Joe Rogan After Being Insulted In Podcast

Reading Time: 2 minutes Vegan strongman Patrik Baboumian has hit out at Joe Rogan after being insulted in the comedian’s popular podcast. Rogan interviewed professional strongman Robert Oberst in episode #1321 of The Joe Rogan Experience. During the episode, Rogan and Oberst spoke about Baboumian, questioning his credentials, world records, and size. Baboumian made a video on his own […]

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Joe Rogan Would ‘Be Happy’ To Have ‘Game Changers’ Producer On His Podcast

Reading Time: < 1 minute Podcaster and comedian Joe Rogan has revealed he would be happy to interview James Wilks – the producer of The Game Changers – on his show. Rogan made the comments during a recent podcast with paleo diet advocate Chris Kesser. Kresser appeared on the show to, in his own words, ‘debunk some of the biggest […]

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Mike Does A Miley: How Joe Rogan Became The Antithesis Of Veganism

Reading Time: 4 minutes Miley Cyrus made headlines this week for announcing she’s no longer vegan – claiming her half-a-decade abstinence from animal products had left her brain unable to ‘function properly’. The singer’s confession to nonother than carnivore enthusiast Joe Rogan stirred up quite the frenzy online – with social media users blasting the celeb for ‘spreading false […]

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Joe Rogan Promotes ‘World Carnivore Month’ Amid Veganuary’s Roaring Success

Reading Time: 2 minutes Podcaster and comedian Joe Rogan has promoted ‘World Carnivore Month’ amid the roaring success of Veganuary. Rogan announced to his 8.2 million Instagram followers he had adopted a ‘strict’ carnivore diet – consisting of ‘meat and eggs’ – for the entire month. Meanwhile, a record-breaking 350,000 have signed up for Veganuary: the world’s biggest month-long […]