Aldi Launches Huge Vegan Cheese Range – Including Feta And Camembert

Vegan cheese has expanded massively in recent years


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Vegan cheeses at Aldi, including feta and camembert Aldi has upped its vegan cheese game for Veganuary 2024 - Media Credit: Aldi

Aldi UK has announced its largest ever selection of plant-based cheeses, with vegan camembert, feta, and parmesan all available now.

The newly expanded dairy-free range features a variety of coconut oil-based cheeses. The release comes during Veganuary, which sees many consumers try vegan cheese for the first time.

Alongside the new cheeses, Aldi announced an expanded Plant Menu range earlier this month, including a return for its popular pains au chocolat. The German-owned budget supermarket has said it expects to see a 40 percent increase in sales from its vegan range compared to the previous year.

More vegan cheese options at Aldi

Options include three varieties of Plant-Based Cheddar. Priced at £1.99, this B12-fortified cheddar alternative is offered in sliced, grated, and block forms.

Other products include Grated Mozzarella, French Style Round Camembert, Greek Style Salad Cheese, and Grated Hard Cheese – all priced at £1.99.

Additionally, Aldi is also selling Applewood Smoky Vegan Slices (£2.25), Plant-Based Babybel (£1.65), and Philadelphia Plant-Based Almond & Oat Soft Cheese (£1.99). Lastly, the range also features Plant-Based Garlic & Herb Boursin (£1.99).

Plant-based cheese market keeps growing

Vegan cheeses come in many forms
Adobe Stock Vegan cheeses come in many forms

In the UK, meat consumption has fallen in recent years. However, one ingredient that many vegetarians and meat-eaters say they would struggle to give up is cheese.

That is partly because dairy cheese contains casein, which is thought to be addictive. Since a cow’s milk is intended for her young, casein is supposed to help comfort nursing babies and put them to sleep. When humans take this milk and turn it into cheese, the result is a potentially addictive product with various health risks.

Vegan cheeses avoid the ethical, environmental, and health impacts of dairy cheese. There are hundreds of vegan cheeses available in the UK, from Violife to La Fauxmagerie. Many non-vegan cheese brands have also launched plant-based versions in recent years, including Cathedral City and Applewood.

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