You Can Now Buy Vegan Goats Cheese In UK Supermarkets

Palace Culture’s Mouldy Goaty is one of the few dairy-free goats cheeses available in the UK


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Artistic photo of Mouldy Goaty vegan goats cheese on wooden board Goats cheese lovers can now get Mouldy Goaty in Waitrose stores and online - Media Credit: Palace Culture

Vegan goats cheese is now available in Waitrose supermarkets across the UK in another landmark moment for plant-based cheese.

Goats cheese lovers can get their hands on plant-based organic brand Palace Culture’s Mouldy Goaty in stores and online.

Winner of a Great Taste award 2023, Mouldy Goaty is made with organic cashews and almonds. It also contains coconut milk, sea salt, and live cultures.

From family kitchen to supermarket shelves

Mouldy Goaty vegan goats cheese
Mouldy Goaty Mouldy Goaty is now available at Waitrose

Palace Culture started life in a family kitchen in Crystal Palace, London, in 2018. Founder Mirko Parmigiani wanted to create a dairy-free cheese that the whole family, including his dairy-intolerant son, could enjoy.

Having previously been sold at markets and independent stores, including La Fauxmagerie, Palace Culture cheeses are now available nationwide. Mouldy Goaty is available at an introductory price of £4.46 (which will rise to £5.95).

Two other Palace Culture products are also entering Waitrose. Kimcheeze is a soft cheese made with red chillies and Holy Smokes is a smoky cream cheese. Both are also available at an introductory price of £4.46.

A big moment for vegan cheese lovers

Goat used to make goats cheese
Jerome Wilson / Alamy Stock Photo Goats cheese lovers can now get a more ethical version of their favorite cheese

With new product launches happening ever more regularly, vegan cheese has well and truly become mainstream in the UK. Until now, however, goats cheese had remained more elusive for many consumers.

On Instagram, enthusiastic consumers called the announcement the “best news ever.”

Goats cheese without the goat

Investigations have unveiled cruelty in the goat milk industry. Like humans, goats need to have a baby in order to produce milk. On farms, they are forcibly impregnated and newborn goats are taken from their mothers.

The arrival of vegan goats cheese in supermarkets offers an alternative for consumers looking for a more ethical alternative to their favorite cheese.

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