10 Vegan Sandwich Ideas

These vegan sandwich recipes include plant-based spins on classics, as well as fresh and unique ideas


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Photo shows a recipe for a vegan grilled sandwich featuring carrots and spinach as well as plant-based cheese These 10 vegan sandwich ideas include a mixture of comforting recipes and fillings - Media Credit: ElaVegan

From humble lunches on the go to haute cuisine in avant-garde eateries, there aren’t many dishes as beloved, versatile, or deceptively simple as the sandwich.

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This might be because of its long history, which stretches back long before its namesake – the 4th Earl of Sandwich, John Montague – was credited with its invention. Or, it might be because so many foods can be improved by placing them between two huge slices of bread.

Either way, the sandwich is here to stay, and these 10 unique and delicious vegan sandwich ideas are sure to put a fresh new spin on a lunchtime (and dinner, and breakfast) classic.

10 vegan sandwich ideas

Sandwiches are a quick and simple solution for any mealtime, but they’re also a comfort food staple, providing reassurance and relaxation throughout the colder months and into spring. (In fact, carbohydrates like bread actually increase the brain’s serotonin levels.)

Whether you prefer veganized classics like a BLT or tuna sandwich, or something unique like a fully-loaded apple and tempeh tower, these recipes have got you covered.

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The best vegan grilled cheese

Photo shows a recipe for a vegan grilled sandwich featuring carrots and spinach as well as plant-based cheese
ElaVegan Try adding carrot and wilted spinach to your grilled cheese

In this twist on a classic, ElaVegan combines your go-to store-bought plant-based cheese with a sautéed carrot, diced onion, and wilted spinach. (ElaVegan also suggests swapping the store-bought cheese for a homemade vegan cheese sauce, if preferred.) Pair with your favorite crisps or a quick and tasty salad.

Find the recipe here.

Protein-packed BLT

A vegan BLT sandwich made with a plant-based recipe
Nuts & Twigs This BLT recipe uses high-protein soy curls

This recipe from Regina Pearce of Nuts & Twigs uses “soy curls,” a popular plant-based substitute that can be found in health food stores, certain supermarkets, and online. Soy curls are notable in that the manufacturer produces them from whole soybeans, meaning they retain all of the beneficial fiber, protein, and other nutrients.

Find the recipe here.

Artichoke tuna sandwiches

A vegan tuna salad sandwich featuring artichoke as a substitute for fish
World of Vegan This recipe uses artichoke as a tuna replacement

Artichokes are leafy and green, and make for a surprisingly effective vegan fish replacement. (Not unlike the banana blossom, which has become a go-to ingredient for plant-based fish and chips.) This recipe from World of Vegan calls for a mixture of shredded artichokes alongside diced onion, celery, pickles, and tomatoes, for a satisfyingly tuna-like texture.

Find the recipe here.

BBQ tempeh and apple sandwich

Photo shows a sandwich cut in half to reveal its filling of fresh apple slaw and thick pieces of marinated tempeh
Happy Skin Kitchen BBQ tempeh and apple slaw make for a unique and nutritious sandwich filling

Happy Skin Kitchen combines BBQ tempeh with a sweet apple slaw in this nutrient-packed sarnie recipe. It’s high in protein, vitamins, and even probiotics if you top it off with sauerkraut or kimchi, as suggested by the recipe creator. Try it with mayo-free potato salad.

Find the recipe here.

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Chickpea tuna sandwich

Vegan chickpea tuna mayo filling in a wholegrain sandwich
This recipe mixes mashed chickpeas with typical tuna accoutrements like sweetcorn and mayo

Chickpea tuna is a vegan staple. The versatile chickpea, or garbanzo bean, makes for a surprisingly convincing – and extremely nutritious – replacement for traditional tuna. In this recipe, VIVOLIFE combines chickpeas with sweetcorn, capers, soy sauce, and mayo.

Find the recipe here.

THIS chicken and bacon toastie

Photo shows a sandwich idea by No Meat Disco featuring chicken and bacon products from THIS
No Meat Disco This toasted sandwich idea includes both vegan chicken and vegan bacon

With the still-growing number of plant-based protein options in stores, brainstorming vegan sandwich ideas has never been easier. Created by No Meat Disco, this recipe features vegan chicken and bacon from THIS, but you could also sub in your go-to products – or homemade versions. Top with your favorite sauce and enjoy!

Find the recipe here.

Buffalo cauliflower sandwich

Photo shows a buffalo cauliflower sandwich prepared using a vegan recipe
Planted in the Kitchen Cauliflower is nutritious and versatile as well as a delicious sandwich filling

For something made with mostly plant-based whole foods, try this recipe from Planted In The Kitchen, which spices and roasts a cauliflower “steak” for the filling. Cauliflower is extremely nutritious, and this recipe includes plenty of vitamins C, K, and B9.

Find the recipe here.

King oyster mushroom BLT

Photo shows an oyster mushroom-based BLT-style vegan sandwich complete with salad and vegetables
Herbivore's Kitchen Oyster mushrooms have a meaty texture and rich, umami flavor

Another updated and veganized take on the BLT, this sandwich recipe from Herbivore’s Kitchen includes a step-by-step guide to marinating and cooking bacon made with king oyster mushrooms.

This variety of edible fungi is particularly popular for its meaty texture and earthy, umami flavor, which is accentuated by the marinade here. King oyster mushrooms are also rich in protein, along with B vitamins, potassium, phosphorus, copper, and selenium.

Find the recipe here.

Tofu katsu sushi sandwiches

Photo shows a vegan "sandwich" made using sushi ingredients like white rice and katsu flavored tofu
The Foodie Takes Flight This “sandwich” features ingredients typically found in sushi and Japanese curries

Here, the Foodie Takes Flight combines sushi ingredients into the format of a traditional sandwich. The crispy seaweed provides a delicious and protective outer shell, with the rice forming the bread and the katsu tofu as the filling. It’s also deceptively simple.

Find the recipe here.

Buffalo cauliflower sandwiches

Photo shows a crispy fried cauliflower sandwich prepared to a vegan recipe
Herbivore's Kitchen This sandwich features deep-fried, crispy, spicy cauliflower

Another cauliflower-based recipe, and another one from Herbivore’s Kitchen, this dish includes spicy, deep-fried cauliflower topped with a cool and tangy coleslaw. It’s comfort food at its finest and still takes less than an hour to prep, cook, and dish up.

Find the recipe here.

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