15 Vegan Picnic Recipes

Planning a picnic? Here's some recipe inspiration


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A vegan cheese and tomato quiche made with dairy-free ingredients Quiches are easy to veganize - Media Credit: Rebel Recipes

Summer is nearly upon us, which means it’s almost picnic season. Long, sunny afternoons in parks with friends while you graze on a selection of delicious food and ice cold drinks. Here, you’ll find a mix of sweet and savory vegan picnic recipes that you’ll be able to cook for the months of warm weather.

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Or at least, that’s the idea. Thanks to the climate crisis, it’s possible it will be scorchingly hot or battered by storms, depending on where you live. But while we can’t guarantee perfect picnic weather, we can help you out with the perfect plant-based picnic food.

Here you’ll find 15 vegan picnic recipes covering everything from dips to quiches to sweet treats. Your friends will be so grateful you didn’t just bring a bag of crisps and some cherry tomatoes hastily bought at the store on your way there.

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Vegan Summer Picnic Recipes

Broad bean dip

A broad bean dip, a high protein vegan recipe
The Pesky Vegan This broad bean dip is simple and high in protein

Houmous is a go-to dip to bring to summer picnics. So upend expectations by turning up with this vibrant broad bean dip from The Pesky Vegan instead. With just five ingredients, it couldn’t be easier to make. The zest and juice of a lemon give it a tangy flavor, while the broad beans provide a hit of protein, fiber, and folate. Top with fresh mint for extra summer vibes.

Find the recipe here.

Sunflower seed cheese

Vegan cheese made from sunflower seeds
The Garden Party This vegan cheese features sunflower seeds and coconut oil

A tasty cheese is a great addition to any picnic spread, and it’s easier than ever to find delicious dairy-free options. Why not try making your own with this recipe from The Garden Party. You’ll need to plan ahead slightly as the sunflower seeds need to soak overnight and the finished product needs to set in the fridge overnight too. But otherwise it’s more or less a matter of blending all the ingredients together to make a creamy, spreadable cheese to scoop up with a cracker.

Find the recipe here.

Veggie fritters with sweet chili dip

Veggie fritters with sweet chilli dip
Bettina's Kitchen This recipe uses vegan “egg” made from chickpeas

Chickpea flour serves as the key ingredient in the vegan “egg” for these fritters by Bettina’s Kitchen. Packed with veg and flavored with Jamaican jerk spice, they make the perfect finger food for a picnic. Bring along some sweet chili dip or chili jam to dunk them in.

Find the recipe here.

Spinach and potato rostis with tofu

Vegan spinach and potato rostis
Rebel Recipes This rosti recipe offers a new twist on the traditional dish

A rosti – or rösti – is a Swiss food that’s not dissimilar to a fritter, except it’s made mainly with grated potatoes. In this recipe from Everyone Can Cook Vegan by Viva!, grated potatoes combine with crumbled tofu, chickpea flour, and spinach for a high-protein snack. There are also instructions on how to make a caramelized onion chutney, which would pair well with other picnic foods too.

Find the recipe here.

Gluten-free asparagus quiche

A vegan and gluten-free asparagus quiche
The Garden Party A quinoa crust makes this gluten-free

Quiche is a classic picnic food, and this recipe from The Garden Party is not only free of eggs and dairy, but gluten too. The crust is made from quinoa and flaxseeds and filled with a creamy silken tofu mixture, plus asparagus, peas, and artichokes. Vibrant, healthy, and delicious.

Find the recipe here.

Cheese and tomato quiche

A vegan cheese and tomato quiche made with dairy-free ingredients
Rebel Recipes Quiches are easy to veganize

For fans of a cheesy quiche, this recipe from Viva!’s Everyone Can Cook Vegan book is the perfect picnic option. It uses firm instead of silken tofu and vegan cream cheese along with broccoli and tomatoes to fill a more traditional flour-based crust. Topped with shredded vegan cheese, it’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Find the recipe here.

Greek pasta salad

A Greek pasta salad made with dairy-free feta cheese, filled with tomatoes, olives, and spinach
Rachel Steenland Pasta salads are often naturally vegan

Who doesn’t love a pasta salad in the summer? This one by The Garden Party brings a taste of Greece with Kalamata olives, red onion, and vegan feta. Easy to make in a big batch, it’ll ensure no one at your picnic goes hungry.

Find the recipe here.

Easy 3 bean salad

three bean salad made with chickpeas, kidney beans, black beans, apple pieces, and a tangy vinegar dressing
Dreena Burton Served with a tangy dressing and mixed with sweet apple pieces, this three bean salad is great for summer

Healthy and colorful, this salad from Dreena Burton’s Let Them Eat Vegan cookbook is super quick and easy to make. It includes chickpeas, kidney beans, and black beans, as well as crunchy celery, apple pieces, and green onions. Topped with a tangy dressing, it works perfectly served cold as a side at picnics.

Find the recipe here.

Caesar pasta salad

A bowl of vegan pasta caesar salad made to a dairy-free recipe
Rebecca Hincke Pasta makes this Caesar salad even more filling

A caesar salad doesn’t traditionally come with pasta – but nor is it traditionally vegan, so who cares? The dressing in this take from Rebecca Hincke is cashew-based and flavored with miso paste, mustard, and garlic. Chunky garlic croutons made from sourdough bread give it extra crunch.

Find the recipe here.

Butter bean pesto salad

Pesto butter beans, a vegan butter bean recipe
Happy Skin Kitchen Pesto and butter beans are a match made in heaven

Pesto and summer go together like two peas in a pod. This Happy Skin Kitchen creation features tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, vegan feta, and a homemade basil pesto takes it to new heights. As an aded bonus, butter beans are among the most nutritious beans, with loads of protein, fiber, and iron.

Find the recipe here.

Halloumi salad

A vegan and dairy-free halloumi salad recipe from plant-based chefs BOSH!
Lizzie Mayson With a little creativity, it’s possible to make your own vegan halloumi at home

Store-bought vegan halloumi isn’t always the best, but in this recipe from BOSH! you make your own from tofu! The trick is to let it marinade for at least a couple of hours in the fridge before baking and griddling. The addition of veg and pearl barley makes this salad a tasty and substantial meal.

Find the recipe here.

High protein couscous salad jar

vegan couscous salad jar with pearl couscous, hummus, tofu, harissa spice, and assorted vegetables
FitGreenMind These salad jars look and taste great

These salad jars by FitGreenMind would be perfect for a small picnic so that you could make one for everyone. Harissa spiced tofu, red pepper, sundried tomato, hummus, and cilantro all layer up with couscous to make a healthy and gorgeous summer salad.

Find the recipe here.

Oil-free potato salad

A vegan and oil-free potato salad made without eggs or dairy
Amber Asakura This potato salad is dairy-free, egg-free, and oil-free

Would a picnic be complete without a potato salad? This one from Clean Food Dirty Girl includes a dressing made with soaked cashew nuts for a healthy, vegan, oil-free take on the classic potato salad.

Find the recipe here.

Biscoff donuts

A vegan Biscoff donut cooked to a dairy-free recipe
Crow Moon Kitchen These Biscoff donuts are easier to make than you think

If you’re vegan, you’re very possibly obsessed with Biscoff, particularly the spread version of the caramelized biscuit. So these donuts by Crow Moon Kitchen will no doubt be a hit as a sweet offering at your summer picnics. The dough is made with silken tofu and instant yeast and needs to be allowed to rise for an hour or two. Pop a Biscoff biscuit on top for a final flourish.

Find the recipe here.

Vegan shortbread biscuits with edible flowers

Edible shortbread biscuits in a white bowl with edible flowers on top
The Garden Party These shortbread biscuits look and taste amazing

Edible flowers bring summery vibes to these melt-in-your-mouth shortbread biscuits by The Garden Party. A perfect little sweet treat that will delight your picnic pals. Just make sure the flowers you choose are actually safe to eat first!

Find the recipe here.

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