Vegan Chain Neat Burger Launches Chunk Foods Steak Sandwich

Lewis Hamilton’s chain Neat Burger has partnered with Chunk Foods


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A vegan steak sandwich made with Chunk Foods at Neat Burger The sandwich is available to buy now in New York - Media Credit: Neat Burger

Plant-based fast food chain Neat Burger has announced the launch of its first ever steak product: a sandwich in collaboration with Chunk Foods. 

The Chunk Steak Sandwich is available to buy at the NOLITA location in New York City. It features a sliced Chunk Filet, dairy-free blue cheese, cilantro chipotle sauce, and caramelized onions in an artisan roll. 

This marks the first time Chunk Foods’ steak product has been sold at a fast casual restaurant. The steak is made from soy and wheat, contains 25g of protein, and is fortified with B12 and iron. 

“We’re thrilled to partner with Neat Burger to introduce the Chunk Steak Sandwich,” said Chunk Foods founder and CEO Amos Golan. “This marks a milestone as Chunk steak becomes available at a fast casual dining establishment for the first time. Crafted from simple, clean ingredients, the Chunk steak served in this sandwich offers over 25g of protein without cholesterol, preservatives, additives, binders, or thickeners. We’re excited to bring our delicious product to even more people!”

The rise of vegan steak

A shot of a person holding up the new Chunk Foods steak sandwich outside plant-based fast food restaurant Neat Burger
Neat Burger The sandwich is available to buy now

A few years ago, plant-based steaks were a relatively niche product, but they can now be found at supermarkets and restaurants all over the world.

Earlier this year, it was reported that the global vegan steak market would reach a value of USD $1.13 billion by 2033, which is almost double the current value of $598.6 million. As well as Chunk Foods, there are a number of other companies stocking increasingly realistic steak products around the world. 

In October 2022, Beyond Meat released its first vegan steak, which later became the first plant-based meat ever to be certified by the American Heart Association’s Heart Check programme. The programme was introduced to help shoppers find “heart-healthy foods.” 

Slovenian startup Juicy Marbles has created what are thought to be the world’s first vegan marbled steaks, and Israeli company Redefine Meat specializes in 3D printed steaks. These can both be found at supermarkets and restaurants in the UK.

Neat Burger brings vegan steak to the masses

While vegan steaks are being launched at supermarkets and restaurants across the US, it’s still relatively rare to find such products at fast food chains. These businesses tend to rely on burgers and nuggets as their primary plant-based meat offerings. 

Neat Burger, which was co-founded by racing driver Lewis Hamilton, operates 11 restaurants around the world. The majority of these are in London, UK, but it can also be found in Dubai, as well as New York. It’s not known if there are plans to introduce the Chunk Steak Sandwich to other locations. 

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