One In Six Considering A Fully Plant-Based Christmas In The UK, Poll Finds

2023 could be the UK’s most vegan Christmas yet


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AI-generated piglet coddled by a pink blanket One in six people in the UK will hold a fully plant-based Christmas - Media Credit: PBN (image generated with Midjourney. All rights reserved)

One in six people in the UK are considering hosting a fully plant-based Christmas, according to a new poll by World Animal Protection.

Moreover, more than two in five are planning to reduce their meat consumption. Earlier this year, it was revealed that meat consumption had fallen to its lowest level on record in the UK.

Now, 2023 could be the UK’s most vegan Christmas yet.

Lindsay Duncan, World Animal Protection’s Farming campaigns manager, told Plant Based News (PBN): “Going plant-based at Christmas is a great way to reduce your meat consumption. What better time to do so than when there are so many wonderful plant-based goodies available.”

Christmas without the cruelty

The poll asked 2,000 people in the UK what they planned to eat at Christmas.

With the environmental, ethical, and health implications of eating meat more widely known than ever before, it is unsurprising that more people are choosing to leave animal products off their plates.

In 2023, investigations at UK farms showed cows “eaten to the bone” and pigs suffering “harrowing” abuse. After revealing “shocking” conditions at UK farms, World Animal Protection is leading a No Future for Factory Farming campaign.

Duncan added: “Over 80 percent of UK farmed animals live on factory farms in confined and squalid conditions. These are sentient beings who feel fear and pain. There is no future for factory farming. Let’s remember this on December 25th and leave animals off our plate.”

An abundance of plant-based options

A fully plant-based Christmas bowl of roasted veg
Adobe Stock A fully plant-based Christmas is less cruel but just as delicious

In 2023, it has never been easier to host a fully plant-based Christmas. There are an abundance of vegan options available at every supermarket.

From shortbread and Yorkshire puddings to brandy cream and a whole vegan turkey, so many Christmas traditions can easily be made vegan.

And with Veganuary around the corner, this could be the perfect time to start your vegan journey.

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