15 Delicious Meaty Recipes (That Are All 100% Vegan)

If you're craving meat, there's no need to eat animals. All of these meaty recipes are entirely plant-based


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Seitan pot roast Can you make "meat" with plants? Absolutely - Media Credit: Romy London

You don’t need to eat animals to make filling, meaty meals to enjoy at home. Mushrooms, jackfruit, tofu, and plant-based meat alternatives are among the options for turning a typically meat-centric recipe vegan. They lend the texture and juiciness to dishes that meat would, without harming any animals.

Here are 15 meaty recipes that are completely vegan to try out. From healthy weeknight dinners to show-stopping centerpieces, there’s something for all occasions.

Vegan Beef Stew

A bowl of vegan beef stew made with plant-based ingredients
ZardyPlants This beef stew is 100% plant-based

This recipe from ZardyPlants is packed with vegetables and lentils. The “beef” is made from seitan, a wheat-based meat alternative that you can make at home. Red wine, balsamic vinegar, and smoked paprika make the broth rich and warming, perfect for a cold evening in. Dunk in some crusty bread or serve on top of your grains of choice.

Find the recipe here.

Dirty Fries

A tray of vegan dirty fries
Jamie Orlando Smith Dirty fries are the ultimate comfort food – and easy to veganize

“Dirty” food is made to satisfy all your cravings – loads of carbs, fat, and salt – but all brought together in a more upmarket way than your average fast food. These dirty fries from Matt Pritchard’s new book, Dirty Vegan Fast and Easy, tick all the boxes, with a sticky tomato-based sauce, vegan burger patties, and vegan lardons. Topped with vegan cheese, spring onions, and chili, this recipe packs a lot of flavor.

Find the recipe here.

Vegan Wellington

A vegan beef wellington from BOSH!
BOSH! This wellington isn’t just for Christmas

Christmas is still a long way off, but this tasty wellington from BOSH! would make a great main for any special occasion. The meaty center is made from mashed up vegan burgers, surrounded by a mushroom and chestnut mixture. Wrap it all in ready-made puff pastry and you have a hearty main that will surely impress your guests.

Find the recipe here.

Maple Garlic Tofu Roast

A vegan roast maple tofu
Romy London If you’re craving roast ham, try this tofu recipe instead

Looking for a healthy alternative to a traditional roast ham? Look no further. This maple and garlic glazed tofu roast by Romy London is easy to make and is high in protein. Serve with roast veg and potatoes for a vegan twist on Sunday lunch.

Find the recipe here.

Vegan Roast Beef

A vegan roast beef joint made with chickpeas and seitan
Carleigh Bodrug Thought your roast beef days were over? Think again

With a blend of seitan, chickpeas, and beetroot powder, you can create vegan roast “beef” from scratch in your very own kitchen. Flavored with red wine, steak spice, soy sauce, and mustard, this roast from PlantYou starts out almost like a bread dough before becoming a moist and tender roast lunch centerpiece.

Find the recipe here.

Cheese, Bacon, and Apple Stuffed Mushrooms

A vegan cheese, bacon, and apple stuffed mushroom being served at a Christmas party
JAZZ Apple It couldn’t be easier to make vegan stuffed mushrooms

If you’re hosting a party, these stuffed mushroom canapés will delight your guests. This recipe uses Portobellini mushrooms – mini Portobellos – stuffed with a mixture of vegan sausage and bacon, diced apple, and a generous amount of vegan cheese. Most of the cooking time involves letting the mushrooms bake in the oven, leaving you free to get on with other party prep.

Find the recipe here.

Smoked ‘Haddock’ Kedgeree

A vegan kedgeree made with swede
Edible Ethics This kedgeree recipe is completely free from animal products

Kedgeree, thought to have originated in India and been adopted in the UK by returning colonials, is usually made with flaked fish, egg, spices, and vegetables. But Edible Ethics has successfully veganized it. Liquid smoke and crumbled nori (seaweed) help turn swede into a haddock alternative. Meanwhile, tofu steps in to take the place of egg. The result is a nutritious, hearty meal that would be perfect for a dinner party.

Find the recipe here.

Seitan Pot Roast

A seitan pot roast
Romy London This seitan pot roast is a great replacement for meat

Another one from Romy London, this German-style pot roast will make a lovely, comforting main for a Sunday lunch. Homemade seitan is slow-roasted in a rich stock. Serve with all the trimmings.

Find the recipe here.

Jackfruit and Apple Coleslaw Burger

A vegan apple and jackfruit burger
Happy Skin Kitchen Looking for a new and creative vegan burger idea? We’ve got you covered

In this recipe from Happy Skin Kitchen, you make your own BBQ sauce using vegan Worcestershire Sauce. The jackfruit simmers until it comes apart in the perfect “pulled pork” consistency. The cabbage and apple slaw uses coconut yogurt as a base instead of mayo, making a much lighter version.

Find the recipe here.

Apple, Kale, and Sausage Pasta

Vegan sausage pasta with kale and apple
Happy Skin Kitchen Sausage pasta doesn’t need to contain meat

Happy Skin Kitchen has devised this easy pasta dish that you probably have most of the ingredients for already. There is optional walnut parmesan as part of the recipe which would make this dish something extra special.

Find the recipe here.

Garlic Butter Mushroom Scallops

Vegan scallops made from mushrooms
Romina Callwitz These vegan scallops are made from king oyster mushrooms

Romy London brings you these succulent mushroom “scallops” that would make a wonderful dinner party starter. Score the tops of king oyster mushrooms in a criss-cross pattern to let the flavors and heat in as they fry. When done they will be a beautiful golden brown.

Find the recipe here.

Cheesy Chili Dogs

Vegan chili dogs
World of Vegan These couldn’t be easier to make

Find yourself some vegan hot dogs and buns and make these for your next movie night, game night, or Wednesday night. You can make your own vegan chili for this recipe from World of Vegan, but if you buy it in a can it’ll take you no time at all to whip these up. Top with vegan cheese and jalapeños

Find the recipe here.

Vegan Duck Pancakes

Vegan duck pancakes made with plant-based ingredients like jackfruit
Lizzie Mayson Did you know you can use jackfruit as a vegan alternative to duck?

This BOSH! recipe uses jackfruit in place of duck. With soft Chinese pancakes, crunchy veg, and a sweet, tangy sauce, these make a delicious starter.

Find the recipe here.

Tofu Salmon Rice Bowl

Vegan tofu salmon and rice bowl on a table beside some nori sheets and chopsticks
plantbaes Tofu is the star of the show in this plant-based meal

“Bowls” have become hugely popular as people seek out healthier food options. This one from Plantbaes is a vegan take on the popular salmon and rice bowl. It uses shredded, marinated tofu in place of salmon, ensuring it’s high in protein as well as delicious. 

Find the recipe here.

Banana Blossom Fish

Battered Banana blossom fish
Viva! Make fish and chips plant-based with banana blossom

Viva’s Vegan Recipe Club brings you this easy fish alternative using banana blossom, which can be bought in a can. Seasoned, battered, and fried, this is the perfect battered fish substitute. Serve with chips and mushy peas. 

Find the recipe here.

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