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Boris Johnson Pressed On ‘Glaring Omission’ Over Meat Consumption In Net-Zero Plans

Reading Time: < 1 minute Prime Minister Boris Johnson is being pressed for ‘deliberately’ not mentioning animal agriculture and meat consumption in a vital environmental policy. Despite urgent calls for the PM to encourage slashing meat intake by half, there’s a ‘glaring omission’ in the Net-Zero Strategy: and The Vegetarian Society is not happy about it. Boris Johnson slammed for […]

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Pablo Escobar-Imported Hippos Recognized As Legal Persons In US Court First For Animals

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hippos imported by the infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar have been given a special legal status by a US court. It marks the first time an animal has been recognized as a legal person, according to the Animal Legal Defense Fund. How did Pablo Escobar’s hippos get given the legal status? The animal advocacy organization […]

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Prince Khaled And Matthew Kenney Champion Plant-Based Cuisine At Culture Festival

Reading Time: < 1 minute Vegan investor and environmentalist Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed is championing plant-based food via the Four Season Hotel during the cultural festival, Riyadh Season, in Saudi Arabia. This is in partnership with renowned chef Matthew Kenney, following the launch of the Folia menu exclusively at the hotel chain. Prince Khaled helps festival go more plant-based The […]

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Lawmakers Urged To Stop ‘Painful’ Slaughter Tactics On UK Chicken Farms

Reading Time: 2 minutes Fourteen animal protection charities are calling on lawmakers to stop illegal and ‘painful’ practices during the slaughter process on UK chicken farms. This week, the coalition signed a joint letter to MP Zac Goldsmith, minister of the Department of Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs (Defra). In the letter, they set out multiple alleged breaches of […]

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EU Welcomes Sustainable Food System Strategy Despite Meat Industry Kickback

Reading Time: 2 minutes MEPs within the European Parliament have voted in favor of a green deal aimed at creating a more sustainable and eco-friendly food system. The Farm to Fork Strategy was adopted this week, despite receiving kickback from the meat industry. MEPs endorse sustainable food plans The food strategy encourages healthy eating ‘at every step of the […]