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Chickens ‘Left To Rot’ On Factory Farms Supplying Supermarket Giants, Footage Reveals

Reading Time: 2 minutes Factory farms supplying UK supermarket giants found chickens dying of thirst on ‘breeding grounds of disease’, a major new investigation has uncovered. Three large sites supplying Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Lidl, and KFC revealed ‘filty’ conditions, investigators claim. ‘Filthy’ factory farms The shocking discoveries came after leading vegan charity Viva! launched an undercover investigation. It took place […]

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Why Vegans May Be Exempt From Workplace Compulsory COVID-19 Vaccinations

Reading Time: 2 minutes Vegans will be exempt from COVID-19 vaccinations if their workplaces enforce compulsory policies, according to legal experts. Moreover, employers may be at risk of legal action if they ‘insist’, reports claim. Exempt vegans Under employment law, vegans in the UK will not have to have COVID-19 vaccinations if told to do so by employers – […]

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Amazon Expands Sustainability Program To Become Net-Zero By 2040

Reading Time: 2 minutes Global retail giant Amazon has added new certifications to its sustainability program in line with goals to become net-zero by 2040. This means over the next two decades, the brand hopes to reach zero carbon emissions. Amazon sustainability program The Climate Pledge Friendly program highlights products that meet ‘sustainability standards’, such as those that are […]