Dairy And Oat Blended Milk Sparks Backlash

Despite the fact that oat milk is popular and readily available, UK supermarkets are selling "blended" oat and dairy milk


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A carton of blended dairy and oat milk in a UK supermarket The "blended" milk is being sold in UK supermarkets - Media Credit: Ebba Emilia/Facebook

A new milk that blends both cow and oat milk has sparked backlash online. 

The milk, which comes from a company called Smug Dairy, is marketed as “giving you the goodness of dairy and plants.” It’s said to contain 30 percent less saturated fat than semi-skimmed milk, while also possessing a lower carbon footprint. 

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Smug Dairy claims that its consumers can “have it all” by drinking their product, and that it’s a “win-win.” This is despite the fact dairy milk is linked to a wide range of health problems, and that people generally abstain from dairy for its huge ethical and environmental issues. 

When a photo of the milk was shared to Facebook and Instagram, a number of commenters expressed confusion at the product. Many questioned why the milk was invented, when non-dairy oat milk is so popular and readily available. 

“I’m baffled as to who it’s being marked at?!”, wrote one, while another added: “Why would anyone want this”. A third wrote: “Just stop taking the breast milk of another species. It’s so simple.”

Why blended dairy?

A carton of blended dairy and oat milk in a UK supermarket
Ebba Emilia/Facebook The milk has caused a stir online

Over the last few years, the popularity of plant-based milk has skyrocketed. The global market is valued at around USD $21.9 billion. 

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Soy, almond, and oat milk are the most popular non-dairy milks consumed worldwide, and these alternatives are particularly popular with young people. Research published in 2022 found that almost half of Gen Z (those born between 1997 and 2012) “felt shame” around ordering dairy. But is blended dairy really the answer? 

'Dairy cows' being milked at a dairy farm
Adobe Stock The dairy industry rests on the exploitation of cows

It appears that blended milk products may be attempting to lure consumers who want to reduce dairy consumption, or are concerned by the nutritional limitations of oat milk. Many recent media headlines have questioned oat milk’s health credentials in recent months, but health issues with dairy are well-documented. Cow’s milk is linked to increased risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers. A major review published in 2023 found that, compared to animal milk, oat milk has a “positive effect” of preventing a number of diseases.

Dairy has been shown to fare far worse than all plant milk in all major environmental respects – land use, emissions, freshwater use, and eutrophication. Dairy also relies on exploitation of cows, who are then slaughtered when their milk dries up. By reducing, rather than eliminating, dairy from your diet, you are still contributing to the significant problems the dairy industry causes. 

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