Burger King Brings Back Its Bean Burger – How To Make It Vegan

Burger King’s Bean Burger is returning to menus in time for Veganuary 2024


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Burger King vegan bean burger for Veganuary 2024 Burger King is bringing back its bean burger for Veganuary 2024 - Media Credit: Burger King

Burger King UK has announced that it’s launching a new bean burger for Veganuary 2024.

Diners at Burger King will be able to get hold of the Ultimate Bean Burger from January 3, 2024. The new product is a relaunch, as the chain previously discontinued its bean burger.

The new burger is not automatically vegan as it comes topped with dairy cheese. In order to make it vegan, you just need to order it without the cheese. The mayonnaise is egg-free and plant based.

Burger King’s Ultimate Bean Burger is a plant-based patty made of black beans, mushrooms, sweet red pepper, and green chili. Coated in a crunchy tortilla chip crumb, it comes topped with lettuce, tomatoes, vegan mayo, and tomato sauce. It comes in a vegan brioche-style bun.

Burger King embraces meat-free food

Burger King has made some positive strides away from meat in recent years.

The fast-food giant has committed to being 50 percent meat-free by 2030. Famously, its flagship restaurant in Leicester Square went fully vegan for a month in 2022. It has since opened meat-free stores from Bristol to Lisbon and expanded its range of vegan products. 

Burger King UK chief executive Alasdair Murdoch highlighted “growing demand for meatless alternatives and products with no animal protein in the UK” when the company made its 50 percent meat-free pledge in Veganuary 2022.

Advert for bean burger, which has returned to Burger King
Burger King Vegan bean burgers are back in Burger King

The problem with dairy

While the bean burger re-release is plant-based without the cheese, it does contain dairy by default. Dairy is regarded as a hugely cruel industry. “Dairy cows” are forcibly impregnated via artificial insemination on farms. Each time they give birth, they suffer the trauma of seeing their baby taken away.

Dairy is also environmentally destructive. It damages local ecosystems and uses huge amounts of water and land. Moreover, the dairy industry alone is responsible for an estimated 3.4 percent of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Vegan burger choices in Veganuary 2024

For anyone new to Veganuary, there are many vegan burger options to try.

If you’re looking for bean burgers, nearly all supermarket own brands offer a variety. Plant-based brands from VFC (Vegan Fried Chicken) and Beyond to Fry’s and Wicked, also offer vegan burgers for every taste and budget.

Or, for those who enjoy getting creative in the kitchen, why not have a go at making your own?

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