AI Predicts Most Of World Will Be Vegan By 2075

Veganism is growing in popularity all over the world


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An AI-generated image depicting a scientist next to a screen with the words "World Goes Vegan Is the world moving towards veganism? - Media Credit: PBN (image generated with Midjourney. All rights reserved)

The Artificial Intelligence software ChatGPT has predicted the world will have almost entirely shifted towards veganism by 2075. 

This finding follows a new study from The NPD Group regarding the future of the food industry as it becomes increasingly influenced by the dietary choices of Gen Z and Millenials, and their growing concern for the environment and animal rights. used the study as a prompt to Open AI’s ChatGPT regarding what a gradual timeline towards veganism across the world’s population might look like. 

ChatGPT made a number of predictions, including the flexitarian diet being mainstream by 2027 and breakthroughs in food technology making vegan meat alternatives better and more affordable. It also foresees a shift towards plant-based agriculture, a Natalie Portman and Leonardo DiCaprio-backed Climate Action and Veganism Day, athletes like Serena Williams pushing for the plant-based diet to become more mainstream, and then animal farming almost collapsing entirely. 

Future-proofing the food industry with plant-based foods

Data researchers The NPD Group conducted its study on how the food industry will become increasingly shaped by the Millenial and Gen Z generations. Based on the findings, Darren Seifer, food industry analyst from NPD had this to say after co-authoring the study:  

“As consumers continue to prepare more meals in the home and younger generations cook more, plant-based foods and ingredients will be a part of their repertoire. In addition to providing a variety of plant-based foods and ingredients, food manufacturers should also focus efforts on Millennials and Gen Zs since they will be driving the category’s growth. Their concerns for sustainability and animal welfare should also be taken into account when messaging them.”

ChatGPT’s vegan timeline

The Daily Mail gave ChatGPT the NPD study as a prompt, asking the AI chatbot to provide a timeline based on its data. Its first prediction is that, by 2027, the flexitarian diet will be much more mainstream. As opposed to what is currently known as the Standard American Diet, which heavily involves meat, dairy and other animal products, a flexitarian follows a largely plant-based diet, occasionally eating meat, dairy and eggs, but not as diet staples. Also known as the semi-vegetarian diet, ChatGPT sees it becoming a much more normalized diet by 2027.

It also predicts that from 2024, Gen Z and Millenials will increasingly spread awareness about animal rights and climate change. Food technology companies will react, and by 2028 will innovate more plant-based meat alternatives, with heavy social media promotion. A few years later in 2032, a breakthrough in food tech sees vegan faux meats becoming much more convincing and also affordable. 

Are plant-based subsidies the future?

A woman eating a vegan burger
Adobe Stock Veganism is particularly popular among younger generations

ChatGPT’s first legislative prediction is seen in 2037: North American and European governments implement the first subsidies for plant-based agriculture, with a significant decline in traditional farming and animal agriculture underway.

A big year in ChatGPT’s diary is 2057, the first time in history in which veganism is “widely accepted and normalized in many parts of the world.” A few years later in 2064, “Global Vegan Week” is celebrated internationally in its first year. 

Regarding companies that have been responsible for huge amounts of meat consumption around the world, another prediction is that McDonald’s is taking big steps in transitioning to a completely plant-based menu in 2068. 

By 2070, younger generations have grown up with veganism as the norm and are playing a huge role in the shift. ChatGPT declares that three years later in 2073, the world is almost entirely vegan, foreshadowing the animal agriculture industry completely collapsing in 2075, and any animal-related farming being “obsolete”. 

ChatGPT clarified to the Daily Mail that “While it’s impossible to predict the future with certainty, I can offer a hypothetical timeline based on the assumption that Gen Z and Millennials raising awareness on animal agriculture will lead to a significant shift in dietary habits. Keep in mind that this is a speculative scenario, and the actual timeline may vary widely by region and culture.” 

The role of Gen Z and Millenials in veganism

With vegetarianism relatively rare and veganism almost completely unheard of among many in the Boomer and Gen X generations, it is the younger generations that have increasingly adopted vegetarian and vegan lifestyles. There are many factors that have caused this shift. The increased use of social media has seen younger people sharing vegan recipes and information, and vegan YouTubers and influencers have helped popularize the lifestyle. 

The rise of streaming has seen the release of documentaries such as Cowspiracy and What The Health about the negative consequences of meat consumption on health and the environment. While such films may have struggled to get cinema releases in the years prior to streaming, the emergence of platforms like Netflix meant it has been much easier for these films to be released and spread information about veganism. 

In the last decade, many celebrities have popularized veganism by announcing they have adopted the lifestyle, such as Billie Eilish, Joaquin Phoenix, and Jessica Chastain. 

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