You Can Now Get Barista Soy Milk Delivered On UK Milk Rounds

UK consumers can get soy milk delivered on milk rounds


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Three bottles of soy milk from a UK milk round UK consumers can have soy milk delivered on a traditional milk round - Media Credit: PBN (image generated with Midjourney. All rights reserved)

UK consumers can get dairy-free barista soy milk delivered to their door on traditional milk rounds.

Delivered in returnable glass bottles, Good Company’s Fresh Barista Soya Drink is available now from The Modern Milkman. It’s made using sustainably sourced, non-GMO soy.

In recent years, plant milks have been growing in popularity in the UK and around the world as more consumers seek to avoid the ethical and environmental harms of dairy.

“We’re pretty chuffed to be able to offer a completely unique product to the UK market via the milk rounds,” said a spokesperson for Good Company. “We’ve undergone months of product development to ensure it’s got an excellent soya milk taste, nice vanilla notes, great texture, works well in barista drinks, and mirrors all the nutritional benefits of other milks, with calcium, B12, B2, D3 (vegan) and iodine.”

Change the milk, not the tradition

The milk round is a long-standing tradition in the UK, even if it has declined with the rise of the supermarket.

Having a vegan version of the milk round shows that tradition does not always need to change to be cruelty free. It has never been easier to swap animal products for vegan alternatives.

As well as the newly launched barista soy, oat milk is also already available on UK milk rounds.

Soy milk in reusable glass bottle, available on UK milk round
Good Company You don’t need to give up your milk delivery to go vegan

Soy milk is better for planet and animals

The environmental damage of dairy is now well known. Studies have shown that dairy milk results in more than three times as many greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as soy milk. It also requires more than 13 times as much land and 22 times as much freshwater. Dairy is also a major contributor to other environmental problems, including eutrophication (the pollution of ecosystems with excess nutrients).

The dairy industry is also considered unethical by many. So-called “dairy” cows are forcibly impregnated via artificial insemination from the age of around 15 months. Their pregnancies last nine months, which means they’ll usually give birth for the first time at the age of two. A cow’s calf is generally taken from her hours after birth. After her first baby, a cow will usually be impregnated again within a matter of weeks.

The rise of vegan food

In 2024, UK consumers can enjoy all their favorite products on a plant-based diet. From vegan honey and plant-based steaks to Burger King burgers and pain-au-chocolat, traditionally non-vegan foods are now commonly available to plant-based consumers.

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