Ben & Jerry’s Launches First New Flavor Made From Oat Milk

New year, new Ben & Jerry's vegan flavor


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Close-up pf Ben & Jerry's new Strawberry Cheezecake ice cream Oat milk is the base for Ben & Jerry's new vegan Strawberry Cheezecake ice cream - Media Credit: Ben & Jerry's

Ice cream giant Ben & Jerry’s has launched a new vegan flavor in the US.

The new non-dairy Strawberry Cheezecake is “jam-packed with strawberry cheesecake-greatness & a fantastic graham-cracker swirl.”

It is also the first newly released Ben & Jerry’s vegan ice cream to use the company’s updated plant-based oat milk recipe.

Strawberry Cheezecake joins almost two dozen non-dairy flavors already available, including favorites like the Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Netflix & Chilll’d.

The launch comes at a time when more people are trying plant-based foods in Veganuary.

Ben & Jerry’s vegan flavor reveal

The new non-dairy flavor reveal from Ben & Jerry’s has sparked excitement online.

“Finally a vegan option for the strawberry cheesecake ice cream yess yes yes yesss,” wrote one fan. “Omg I gotta have it,” said another.

The popular ice cream company, established in 1978, already has a number of vegan flavors. With the release of Strawberry Cheezecake, Ben & Jerry’s is upping its game and boosting its vegan range to more people. The new flavor is vegan certified and fairtrade.

New oat base for non-dairy Ben & Jerry’s flavor

Strawberry Cheezecake is the first Ben & Jerry’s new flavor to be made with their new oat-based recipe.

The company announced last year that it would be swapping all its non-dairy flavors to an oat-based ice cream by Spring 2024.

The Strawberry Cheezecake is made with Ben & Jerry’s “new creamier-than-ever oat milk recipe.” the company said in an Instagram post. “It has all the decadence, but none of the dairy.⁠”

Oats, which will be used for all Ben & Jerry's vegan ice cream from Spring 2024
Adobe Stock Ben & Jerry’s non-dairy ice cream will all be made of oat milk from Spring 2024

When announcing the switch from sunflower to oat base last year, Ben & Jerry’s pointed to improved taste, as well as being better able to cater to people with allergies. The company also said the new oat-based recipe offers improved flavor and texture on the original.

“The oat base creates a smoother texture, allowing flavors like chocolate, decadent caramel, mint, and rich vanilla to shine as intended,” a spokesperson previously told Plant Based News. “As a bonus, the oat recipe reduces nut allergens, making the options more inclusive for diet sensitivities.”

Veganuary in the US

Veganuary is a vegan eating challenge where participants pledge to go fully plant based for the month of January. It began in the UK in 2014. While Veganuary launches aren’t yet as widespread in the US as they are in the UK, a number of brands like &pizza and Hard Rock Cafe have added new meat-free menu items this year.

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