Aldi Introduces Major New Vegan Brand ‘MyVay’ In Germany

Aldi has expanded its vegan offerings in Germany


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Image shows a selection of Aldi's new MyVay vegan products on a dark blue background, including plant-based falafel, milk, and steak. Aldi has a whole new range of vegan products in Germany - Media Credit: Aldi

Popular budget supermarket Aldi just launched a brand new, all-vegan range called “MyVay” in Germany. It includes plant-based steak, smoked salmon, and more, all clearly labeled as vegan to make shopping easier for consumers.

The new line of products will be available exclusively from Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd throughout Germany, with slight variance in the product range between the two stores.

Aldi notes in a press release that it aims to make “plant-based products” and a “sustainable and conscious diet” affordable for everyone, also adding that the new range is “for vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians or customers who want to try out a plant-based diet.”

In addition to two kinds of vegan steak and a plant-based smoked salmon, products include yogurt and spreadable cream at Aldi Nord, along with oat drink, falafel, and a savory “delicatessen” spread at Aldi Süd. They also join the approximately 850 vegan items sold at Aldi Nord and 950 items at Aldi Süd.

Aldi is launching MyVay to coincide with Veganuary 2024, which marks the supermarket chain’s fifth anniversary of participating and promoting plant-based foods.

Vegan Aldi: 1000 products by 2024

Image shows one of Aldi's new vegan MyVay products, the plant-based smoked salmon, on a pale grey background.
Aldi Vegan smoked salmon is just one of Aldi Germany’s new range of plant-based products.

Aldi is already renowned for its plant-based products throughout Europe and the UK, the latter of which has seen a notable expansion of the existing Plant Menu range for Veganuary.

Early last year the supermarket stated its goal of reaching 1,000 plant-based products by the end of 2024, but Aldi is notably reducing its use of animal-derived ingredients as well.

Furthermore, the company says it aims to make plant-based products more nutritionally balanced. To do this, it will create and put in place strict recipe guidelines by the end of 2025.

At the end of last year, the German government promised an investment of $41 million USD (€38 million) to promote plant-based foods and alternative proteins nationwide.

This represents a growing trend throughout Europe to divest from high-impact animal agriculture in favor of plant foods – now widely recognized to be preferable for human, animal, and environmental health.

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