‘Vegan Unilever’: VFC Foods Becomes Vegan Food Group In Major Rebrand

VFC founder Matthew Glover has big plans for the future of the company


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The Vegan Food Group logo, which has recently been rebranded from VFC Foods VFC Foods has rebranded as the Vegan Food Group and plans to be a "vegan Unilever" - Media Credit: Vegan Food Group

VFC Foods Ltd has rebranded as the Vegan Food Group (VFG) and announced plans to revolutionize the plant-based food market.

The newly named VFG will help more consumers make sustainable and ethical food choices, the group says.

VFC was formed as a vegan fried chicken brand in 2020 by chef Adam Lyons and Veganuary founder Matthew Glover. The brand, whose name is a take on the popular fast food chain, has since skyrocketed in popularity. VFC products are now sold in supermarkets across the country, and the company last year bought up Meatless Farm and Clive’s Purely Plants.

Under the new brand, VFG is looking to become a “vegan Unilever,” according to Glover. “VFG is poised to be a leading force in the plant-based sector,” Glover told Plant Based News (PBN). “We’re not just participating in the market; we’re leading the movement.”

Vegan Food Group to grow through acquisitions

Having increased its offerings last year, VFG is aiming to expand further in 2024 and beyond.

The group already has 80 different products for sale across 21,000 distribution points. By bringing multiple brands under one roof, VFG aims to be more efficient, improve supply chains, and increase innovation.

Vegan Food Group has three brands at present
Vegan Food Group Vegan Food Group currently has three brands

Glover told PBN: “As the Vegan Food Group (VFG), we hold a strong position. We have centralized resources supporting three amazing brands, each dedicated to the same goal: removing animals from the food chain. We achieve this by enticing consumers with delicious, ethical, and sustainable plant-based alternatives.”

Sustainable and ethical food choices

The company’s vision is simple: to eliminate animal products from the food system.

It was revealed last year that meat consumption in the UK had fallen to its lowest levels on record. In Veganuary 2024, vegan products are surging in the UK, as more people try plant-based food for the first time.

Although VFG’s ambitious growth plans may mirror global food corporations like Unilever, the group has no plans to become a typical conglomerate.

“Imagine a ‘vegan Unilever’, but with the majority of future profits being donated to effective animal charities and diet change initiatives,” said Glover. “That’s what we’re creating at the Vegan Food Group.”

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