‘F*ck Vegans': Bimini Strips Off For Plant-Based Dating App

‘F*ck Vegans’: Bimini Strips Off For Plant-Based Dating App

Bimini got naked in a new campaign for Grazer


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Bimini gets naked for vegan dating app Grazer Bimini rose to fame in season two of Drag Race UK - Media Credit: Grazer
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UK drag sensation Bimini has teamed up with vegan dating app Grazer for a nude photoshoot.

The app frequently promotes itself with the straplines “f*ck vegans” and “love vegans.” It welcomed Bimini onboard as a major stakeholder in 2022 before employing their modeling skills. The move came after the dating platform completed a successful crowdfunding campaign at the beginning of the year.

Bimini rose to fame within the meat-free community for featuring on season two of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK. They were shown walking into shot declaring “I’m vegan! Ha!”

In a series of glamor images, Bimini is seen in various states of undress, with the “f*ck vegans” strapline emblazoned either across clothing or their naked body.

“Vegans can get a bad rep, ‘f*ck vegans’ puts a twist on that sentiment by lightheartedly taking the p*ss out of ourselves and inviting everyone to the joke,” Bimini explained in a statement. 

“The campaign is designed to bridge the gap between people through humor. That’s important to me when I put something out into the world and Grazer shares that mentality. Collaborating on’ f*ck vegans’ was the perfect marriage of minds.”

  • Vegan celebrity Bimini in a campaign for dating app Grazer
  • Vegan celebrity Bimini in a campaign for dating app Grazer
  • Bimini poses naked for vegan dating app Grazer

Grazer identifies ethics as a turn-on

Grazer, the self-styled “meatless matchmaker,” has created its “f*ck vegans” campaign following consumer research. 

The vegan dating app states that it discovered, through surveys, that aligned ethics are a serious turn-on for singles. It bolstered this claim by revealing that 67 percent of its existing community said they would date someone they might not usually consider, if they were vegan or vegetarian. 

Similarly, 42 percent stated they would not engage in a casual encounter with a meat-eater. Finally, 71 percent would not kiss someone who had recently eaten meat.

“People joke about being vegansexual, but our research shows it’s real. ‘F*ck vegans, love vegans’  is our way of celebrating the growing hunger for vegan connection,” Charlotte Elizabeth, co-founder of Grazer said in a statement.

“Vegans aren’t just looking for a shared lifestyle in long-term partners, they’re looking for it in casual hookups too.”

Bimini as a Grazer ambassador

Known for their bold and punk-adjacent style, vegan Bimini was a natural ambassador choice for Grazer.

Referring to the Drag Race runner-up as its perfect match, Grazer highlighted that Bimini is a representation of modern veganism and that the final campaign images are inspired by protest imagery. Specifically, the two wanted to capture the feel of anti-fur activism.

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