Vegans Are 69% More Likely To Pursue Open Relationships, New Data Says

A behavioral psychologist says the "fascinating" new data actually "makes sense"


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Two people in a relationship Confidence could be a factor behind the findings, a psychologist says. - Media Credit: Adobe Stock

Popular vegan and vegetarian dating app Veggly has released data suggesting that vegans are far more interested in open relationships than those who eat meat.

According to Veggly, almost 75 percent of its users are interested in long-term, monogamous relationships, while over half (56 percent) are interested in “one-off dates.” Further, 57.2 percent are interested in making new friends and 33.8 percent are interested in open relationships. 

Vegans and open relationships

The data also suggests that vegans and vegetarians are 69 percent more likely to pursue an open relationship than meat-eaters. 

In recent years, non-traditional relationships – such as open relationships – appear to be growing in popularity across the world, especially in Google searches. While the exact definition of an open relationship depends on the individuals involved, the term can include everything from polyamory to non-monogamous arrangements. 

‘Data is fascinating’

Commenting on the new findings, behavioral psychologist Jo Hemmings said, “This research from Veggly that vegans and veggies are 69 percent are more likely to pursue an open relationship than meat-eaters is fascinating, and it makes sense from my point of view as a psychologist.

“Vegans in particular have already taken an ethical decision not to eat meat, and this has become one of their core values when meeting a match. Due to their self-assured and less traditional eating choice, they are more likely to have the strong confidence needed to consider relationships that are also different from the ‘norm’.”

Hemmings believes the norm-breaking confidence expressed by vegans and vegetarians can also be carried into other areas of their life. This may result in a stronger likelihood to experiment in the bedroom, for example.

Founder of Veggly, Alex Felipelli, shared: “This data is great to see, because it shows how our platform is being used for all sorts of purposes, helping herbivores across the world connect in new ways.”

Veggie dating apps see incredible growth

Veggly, which has exceeded 600,000 global users, predicts its rapid growth will continue as the vegan movement grows.

There are now a range of dating services centered on matching singles who favor plant-based diets.

Online, people can create profiles on Green Singles, Veggie Date, and Veggie Connection to meet like-minded individuals. In the dating app world, Veggly is joined by the likes of Grazer and Vegpal.

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