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A rich, decadent chocolate orange ganache on a layer of cranberry jam. This tart is what the Christmas dinner table is calling for!
Duration1 hr
Cook Time30 mins
Prep Time30 mins
Servings12 servings


  • 180 g all purpose flour
  • 40 g cacao powder
  • 50 g icing sugar
  • 120 g vegan butter chopped
  • 2 tbsp cold water
  • pinch salt
Cranberry Orange Jam
  • 200 g cranberries
  • 100 g maple syrup
  • 50 ml water
  • 1 orange zest and juice
Chocolate Orange Ganache
  • 350 g dark chocolate
  • 200 ml vegan cream
  • 100 ml orange juice (3 oranges)
  • 2 tsp orange extract


  • Sift the flour, icing sugar, cacoa powder and salt into a mixing bowl.
  • Add in the chopped vegan butter and work into the dry mix until crumbly.
  • Add the cold water and compress into a ball. Chill in the fridge for 30 minutes.
  • Pre-heat the oven to 200C.
  • Scatter flour on a work surface, remove the pastry from the fridge and roll out to a thickness of 4mm.
  • Spray your tart tin with baking spray (or rub it with butter) and a light dusting of flour.
  • Pick up the pastry using a rolling pin and drape over the tart tin. Press the pastry against the tart tin all the way around and cut off the excess.
  • Place parchment into the tart tin with baking beads or dry lentils/rice and blind-bake for 25 minutes. Remove the baking beads and bake for a further 10 minutes.
  • Take the tart case out of the oven to chill while you work on the fillings.


  • Place all the ingredients in a pot over medium heat. Stir constantly and bring up to a boil for 5 mins.
  • Gently smash the cranberries against the side of the pot. Continue to cook for 10-15 minutes until the jam is thick. Optionally, use a hand blender to purée the cranberry jam.
  • Once ready, allow the jam to cool for 2 hours and then spread across the base of the cooled tart crust.


  • Heat the vegan cream on the hob with the orange juice and orange extract. Once it is hot, pour the hot cream over the chocolate. Leave for 1 minute and then mix together until homogenous.
  • Pour the ganache over the jam layer.
  • Garnish with decorations.

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