More Than 100 UK Workplaces Urge Staff To Do Veganuary 

It's thought that more people than ever are taking on the month-long plant-based challenge


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A woman sat at her desk at work eating a vegan meal Many workplaces are teaching their staff about the benefits of plant-based food - Media Credit: Adobe Stock

Businesses and workplaces across the country are calling on their staff to go plant-based for the month of January.

Claire’s Accessories, the University of Exeter, and Suffolk County Council are among those to have signed up to Veganuary’s Workplace Challenge. This will see them offer their staff support and encouragement to incorporate animal-free food into their diet.

Many organizations will be providing veg stalls, cooking classes, and free vegan meals for their staff. Some will also offer prizes to those who complete the challenge. Regular sessions on the benefits of animal-free diets will be taking place at many places of work, which will look at health, environmental, and ethical benefits of plant-based food.

Office workers eating vegan food at their place of work
Adobe Stock Some employees will be offered prizes for completing the challenge

A wide range of different businesses and organizations are taking part, including several health bodies. Royal Devon University Healthcare Trust, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital King’s Lynn NHS Foundation Trust, Croydon Health Service NHS Trust, and NHS North Devon District Hospital are among those to be celebrating plant-based eating.

Sports associations have also partnered with the challenge, including Scottish FA and Lewes FC. Food businesses such as Just Eat, Kikkoman, and Higgidy are also named.

What is Veganuary?

Veganuary, which is in its 10th year, sees people from across the world drop animal products from their diets for the month of January. The challenge has seen massive success, with hundreds of thousands of people signing up each year.

In 2023, Veganuary 706,965 people signed up globally. According to the organizers, Vatican City and North Korea were the only countries in the world with no sign-ups.

According to data released in October 2023, 28 percent of that year’s participants were still following a plant-based diet. Eight in 10 people who signed up had also maintained a dramatic reduction in meat consumption.

“These results show that Veganuary is helping people make lasting diet changes that are good for the planet and their health,” Veganuary’s Head of Communications Toni Vernelli told Plant Based News at the time.

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