Heura Launches Plant-Based Butcher’s

The pop-up butcher's shop is now trading in France


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A plant-based butcher's pop-up shop at a France supermarket The Heura pop-up butcher's will be appearing at a number of French supermarkets in the coming weeks - Media Credit: Heura

Plant-based brand Heura has announced the launch of a pop-up butcher’s shop selling only vegan meat. 

The shop will be opening in various locations in France. It will be at three Paris E-Leclerc hypermarkets at the end of May and early June, before moving to other venues in the coming weeks. 

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Visitors to the shop will be able to try a wide range of Heura’s plant-based meat, including mince, chicken, burgers, and its newly released ham slices. Clément Werbrouck, chef and head of plant-based cuisine at Heura, will also lead a show-cooking session, where he will speak to customers about “the importance of meat substitutes in French cuisine.”

A plant-based butcher's by vegan meat brand Heura
Heura Heura sells a number of high protein meat analogues

“As a champion of Mediterranean, healthy, and plant-based cuisine, Heura is proud of the positive impact we have had in France since our arrival three years ago, a testament to the universal appeal of our products,” said Marc Colomon, Heura CEO, in a statement. “This recognition inspires us to continue innovating and implementing initiatives such as the plant-based butcher shop that allow us to interact directly with our consumers, strengthening our connection with them.”

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The rise of Heura

Founded in 2017, Heura Foods is a Spanish company specializing in plant-based meat analogues. Its vegan meats are legume-based, and are popular for their high protein and low saturated fat content. Earlier this year, Heura raised €40 million ($43 million USD) in a record funding round to expand its food technology and bring its products to more countries. 

Currently, Heura products can be found in Spain, France, the UK, and a number of other countries in Europe. 

One of the reasons why Heura chose France for its pop-up butchers shop is because of its huge popularity in the country. France is Heura’s second biggest market, after Spain, and Heura products made up 3.3 percent of the total plant-based market share. 

The shop will be at Leclerc Levallois Perret from May 28 to June 1, before moving to Leclerc Clichy from June 3 to 8. Heura plans to bring it to other supermarkets and areas throughout France later this year.

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