Company Uses ‘Shear Cell’ Technology To Make Plant-Based Whole Cuts

Dutch startup Rival Foods is using its proprietary Shear Cell technology to make whole cuts of plant-based meat


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a plant-based whole cut from Rival Foods, made without binders Rival Foods is making plant-based whole cuts of meat without using any binders - Media Credit: Rival Foods

Dutch startup Rival Foods is using its “Shear Cell” technology to make whole cuts of plant-based meat without binders.

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Rival Foods co-founder and CEO Birgit Dekkers undertook PhD research on Shear Cell technology at Wageningen University before establishing the company. The proprietary Shear Cell technology enables Rival Foods to create thick, fibrous, and meat-like proteins.

Where many of the plant-based company’s competitors are forced to rely on binding agents for filets and steaks, Rival Foods’ technology combines heat and pressure to replicate traditional animal-based meats in texture as well as flavor and nutritional value.

A Rival Foods plant-based meat alternative
Rival Foods Rival Foods offers plant-based alternatives to meat

“One of the biggest obstacles to the success of plant-based whole cuts is achieving the right texture,” explained Rival Foods’ Supervisory Board Member Martina Pace, in a statement.

Rival Foods is currently producing chicken-style products for select restaurants in the Netherlands and Germany, including filets, blocks for skewers, and “pulled” chicken. The company plans to launch new products like red meat and fish later in the year.

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The global plant-based whole cuts market could surpass $20 billion

Rival Foods recently announced a new lease on its first “commercially viable” facility, where it plans to ramp up production and distribution throughout the food service and retail sectors in France and the UK, as well as the Netherlands and Germany.

“With its best-in-market texturizing technology, Rival Foods is positioned to make a significant impact at the center of the plate. It’s exciting to see the team leaping towards the next milestone in scaling up,” added Pace.

Rival Foods believes that the plant-based protein sector will eventually mirror that of traditional animal products, in that the whole cut segment will make up 50 percent of sales.

Future Market Insights predicts the global plant-based protein sector will surpass USD $42.5 billion by 2034, while Mordor Intelligence reports that the European market alone will near $4.3 billion by 2029. Using Rival Foods’ estimations, that could mean plant-based whole cut segments of more than $20 billion and $2 billion, respectively.

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Swiss food tech brand Planted recently launched its own whole cut-style alternative protein in the form of a first-of-its-kind fermented vegan steak. By incorporating fermentation technology, Planted has managed to “grow” a whole cut of plant-based meat.

Meanwhile, Germany’s Pacifico Biolabs is using fermentation technology to create whole cuts of plant-based seafood out of microorganisms such as mycelium.

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