Babybel’s Creators Are Working On A New And Improved Vegan Cheese

Can a sustainable plant protein make vegan BabyBel's irresistible?


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plant-based baby bels against a green background Bel Group launched a plant-based Babybel for the first time last year - Media Credit: Bel Group

French cheese manufacturer Bel Group is working with Superbrewed Food to improve its range of vegan products. 

To date, the company has released plant-based versions of its Babybel and Boursin brands. Laughing Cow will follow next year.

But it now wants to improve existing recipes and get out in front with new product developments. To do so it will be using Superbrewed’s proprietary postbiotic protein development. 

The protein contains all essential amino acids and a large dose of vitamin B12. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers it a “whole food” and a “good source” of vital vitamins and minerals.

The future of vegan cheese?

The plant-based dairy market is growing, and manufacturers seem to be engaged in a competition to unveil the most authentic flavors.

It comes as consumers are becoming more aware of the dairy industry’s link to cruel practices and its impact on the environment.

Plus, as the flexitarian movement continues to boom, in some areas, conventional dairy and meat sales are falling.

But capturing the attention of die-hard cheese fans is still proving difficult for some manufacturers.

Improving the taste, texture, and functionality of plant-based dairy is key. This is why Bel has leveraged a strategic partnership with Superbrewed.

The Delaware-based startup’s cultured protein will be a functional addition to Bel’s lines, improving the nutritional profile of its products and overall mouthfeel.

“Pursuing our mission to offer healthy snacks for all, Bel innovates to support the changes in nutritional needs and meet the challenges of a sustainable diet for an ever-growing world population,” Caroline Sorlin, Bel Group’s chief venture officer, said in a statement. 

Bel claims that its motivation for creating alternatives to animal-based dairy stems from a desire to introduce healthier and more sustainable versions of popular products. The cheese giant is not averse to experimenting with new technologies, fermentation being one of them.

What is postbiotic protein?

Unlike pea and other plant proteins, Superbrewed’s alternative does not impart any flavor of its own when added to ingredients. It only offers enhanced nutrition and functional benefits, such as a realistic creamy feel to plant-based cheeses.

The non-GMO protein is fermented using natural microflora found in mammalian digestive systems (but sourced externally from animals, to keep it vegan).

Superbrewed aims to have its product landing with Bel in the first half of 2023. If results are as anticipated, vegan BabyBel’s will be launched with a new formulation including the Superbrewed protein. Its other plant-based dairy lines will follow after, including Laughing Cow triangles.

“We’re honored to partner with Bel Group to lead the industry in the application of highly scalable alternative proteins for cheese,” Bryan Tracy, CEO of Superbrewed Food, said in a statement.

He concluded: “Given the global reach of their brands and inclusive “open collaboration” model, they are ideal partners for Superbrewed.”

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