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Vegan and vegetarian dating app Veggly has exceeded 200,000 global users, Plant Based News can exclusively reveal. 

The app, which is available in 181 countries, says it has witnessed its growth eightfold in the past 16 months.

It has also seen more than 500,000 ‘Veg Matches’ – where two users match with each other- and predicts to exceed one million Veg Matches by early 2021. 

‘Wonderful news’

Speaking to Plant Based News, Founder of Veggly Alex Felipelli said: “This is wonderful news for all vegans and vegetarians looking for a new relationship!

“We are so pleased to see Veggly users go past the 200,000 mark – it just goes to show how popular veganism and plant-based living is today. It is also great to see so many Veg-Matches; half a million already!

“We are 100 percent dedicated to helping this community grow as much as possible and will do our best to make sure every herbivore on our app finds love.”

Vegan dating

Earlier this year, Veggly crowed the United Kingdom the ‘best country in the world’ for vegan dating

The announcement followed new data from the company that showed the U.K had the highest number of users in relation to population. At the time, the U.K had 43,000 ‘Veg-Matches’ – with more than 11,000 users in London alone.

Homophobic comments

A slew of homophobic comments were left under the story when shared on Instagram.

“We’re very disappointed to see homophobic comments criticising the picture of a same-sex couple,” says Veggly.

“We condemn homophobia very strongly. We want our users to be accepted for who they are. Our ultimate goal at Veggly is to help vegans find love and new relationships. It doesn’t matter what your gender identity or sexual orientation is. LOVE IS LOVE.

“Despite the comments, we’re very pleased to see lots of positive responses to the image. We believe and hope that most vegans and vegetarians support the LGBTQIA+ community.”

Since the announcement, Veggly now has 225,000 users around the world.

You can find out more about Veggly here

Liam Giliver

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