Walmart Unveils Low Price Plant-Based Range

Walmart’s new own brand label bettergoods offers a growing range of vegan products


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A selection of products from the new Walmart plant-based range, including oat milk ice cream and dairy-free mac and cheese Walmart will release a number of plant-based products throughout the year - Media Credit: Walmart

US retailer Walmart has announced the launch of a number of new plant-based products, including boxed mac and cheese and oat milk ice cream. 

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The new products are part of its new private label, named bettergoods. While bettergoods isn’t entirely vegan, it does feature a number of plant-based food items that are identifiable by their green packaging. 

The majority of the items in the bettergoods range cost less than five dollars, meaning many of them are cheaper than traditional alternatives. 

“Today’s customers expect more from the private brands they purchase – they want affordable, quality products to elevate their overall food experience,” said Walmart’s Senior Vice President of Private Brands, Food, and Consumables, Scott Morris, in a statement. “The launch of bettergoods delivers on that customer need in a meaningful way.”

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Walmart’s new plant-based options

The outside of US retailer Walmart, which just unveiled a huge plant-based range
Adobe Stock There is growing demand for vegan alternatives in the US

One of the key releases highlighted by Walmart is the range of oat milk frozen desserts. These cost $3.44 for a pint, and come in Mint Chocolate Chip, Blueberry Swirl, and Salted Caramel.

The retailer has also launched its own vegan cheese, which Walmart says has an “incredible cheesy pull when melted.” This costs just under four dollars. Boxed mac and cheese is also on offer.

Some bettergood plant-based products are in stores now. Walmart told Plant Based News that it will continue to roll out new launches in the coming months.  

The launch comes amid rapidly growing interest in plant-based alternatives in the USA. It’s thought that four percent of citizens follow a meat-free diet, while one percent are vegan. There are also a growing number of “flexitarians,” who generally opt to eat meat-free for most of their meals.

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