IKEA Brings Plant-Based Hot Dogs To The US – And They’re Cheaper Than Meat

IKEA's Plant Dog is part of its ever growing meat-free range


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A selection of plant-based hot dogs available on the IKEA vegan menu in the US The IKEA plant-based options just keep growing - Media Credit: IKEA

IKEA has officially introduced its plant-based hot dog to US customers, and the product costs just 70 cents. 

The Swedish furniture brand, which has 53 stores across the USA, has been increasing its meat-free menu as part of its goal to be 50 percent plant-based by 2025. Other options on the menu include Plant Balls, Veggie Balls, and Veggie Dogs.

The difference between the Plant Dog and Veggie Dog is that the former is made to mimic actual meat. It’s made from rice protein, apple, onion, and other seasonings. The Veggie Dog, in contrast, is made from vegetables and grains like kale, onions, quinoa, and lentils. 

The Plant Dog was released first in Europe last year. At the time, Helene von Reis, food manager at IKEA of Sweden, said in a statement: “We have spent much time in the development process to give the best experience for our customers. With a great taste, texture, and a snap when you bite it, the plant-based hot dog is a perfect alternative to a traditional iconic hot dog.”

The plant dog is available at IKEA bistros across the US. It’s five cents cheaper than the meat hot dog, which costs 75 cents. 

IKEA embraces plant-based food

In 2022, IKEA released a sustainability report that outlined plans to reduce its carbon footprint. The report discussed the impact of food served at its restaurants and bistros. 

“The climate footprint of plant-based food is often lower compared to animal-based options,” the report said. “A plant-based diet with high nutritional value can also be a healthier choice.”

As well as its commitment to go 50 percent plant-based with its food, IKEA said it would look to “remove or replace” dairy from its line. 

“We continue to explore where and how we can remove or replace dairy in our range (without compromising on taste) to further reduce the climate impact of our food ingredients,” the report said. 

Making realistic plant-based versions of meat favorites is in line with this goal, and it’s hoped that the new Plant Dog will encourage more people to choose the less environmentally damaging foods. 

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