Kraft Launches Vegan Mac And Cheese Boxes In Canada

Demand for dairy-free products is growing in Canada


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Dairy-free mac and cheese boxes from The Kraft Heinz Company A vegan version of the classic from Kraft and NotCo - Media Credit: The Kraft Heinz Not Company

The Kraft Heinz Not Company, a plant-based collaboration between Kraft Heinz and NotCo, has announced its latest launch: a vegan boxed mac and cheese in Canada. 

KD NotMacandCheese is the first plant-based product to be released by the company in Canada. It follows a similar US launch last year. It will be available nationwide in two flavors, Original and White Cheddar Style. There is also a gluten-free option.

According to Kraft Heinz Not Company, around half of Canadians are either plant-based, or looking to incorporate more animal-free foods into their diets. It claims, however, that tastes of alternatives have provided a “barrier” to people trying them out. The mac and cheese, the company says, tastes similar to the famous dairy version. 

“More Canadians than ever are looking for easy plant-based alternatives to pantry staples that don’t ask them to give up the foods they love, and they want options from their favorite brands that taste, look, and feel like the originals,” said Lucho Lopez-May, CEO of The Kraft Heinz Not Company, in a statement. “This is the core mission of The Kraft Heinz Not Company: to bring easy, accessible, and delicious plant-based alternatives from the world’s most beloved brands to the masses.”

About Kraft Heinz Not Company

Plant-based hotdogs from Oscar Meyer
The Kraft Heinz Not Company The Kraft Heinz Not Company recently unveiled Oscar Meyer plant-based hotdogs in the US

Established in 2022, The Kraft Heinz Not Company is a collaboration between the US multinational Kraft Heinz Company and Chilean plant-based food tech brand Not Company (NotCo). 

The joint venture has already seen the release of a number of products in the US, including vegan cheese and hotdogs. The vegan foods are made with NotCo’s own AI platform – called Giuseppe – which is able to analyze the structure of animal products and replace them using only plants. 

“The joint venture with TheNotCompany is a critical step in the transformation of our product portfolio and a tremendous addition to our brand design-to-value capabilities,” Miguel Patricio, CEO of Kraft Heinz, previously said in a statement. “It helps deliver on our vision to offer more clean, green, and delicious products for consumers. We believe the technology that NotCo brings is revolutionizing the creation of delicious plant-based foods with simpler ingredients.”

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