The ‘Top 10 Vegan Pizzas’ In The US Unveiled

These restaurants are bringing their A-game to their vegan pizzas


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A vegan pizza, which was ranked a best vegan pizza USA Here's where you can find delicious vegan pizza this World Pizza Day - Media Credit: Balboa

Happy National Pizza Day! Almost all Americans love pizza, and a small number even once said they’d rather than eat a pizza than be in a relationship.

About four percent of the US population is vegan, which is around 13.5 million people. There are loads of vegan pizzas for them to choose from all over the country, and dairy-free pies are becoming more and more popular.

Animal rights organization PETA has just unveiled its ranking of the 10 best vegan pizzas to order at restaurants around the US. Toppings include spicy vegan pepperoni, cashew mozzarella, pistachio pesto, and fresh veg. 

Best vegan pizzas

Non Meat Lovers – Las Vegas, Nevada

Slice of Vegas Pizza Kitchen & Bar in Las Vegas has an extensive vegan menu. The star may be the Non Meat Lovers, topped with Follow Your Heart Mozzarella, meatballs, pepperoni, sausage, and ground beef.

Vegan Brotherly Love – San Francisco, California

This pizza, loaded with garlic, vegan steak, mushrooms, bell pepper, and onions, is one of four vegan pizza options at Bizza in San Francisco. The restaurant also has vegan calzones and subs.

El Luchador – Kansas City, Missouri

You Wanna Pizza Me? in Kansas City, Missouri likes a playful name, and it’s no different for it’s vegan specials. El Luchador features taco sauce, seasoned vegan chicken, melty cheese, crisp red onion, salsa verde, topped with a sour cream drizzle.

Thai Chik’n Pizza  – Seattle, Washington

Another vegan pizzeria, Pi Vegan Pizzeria in Seattle, serves up a Thai-inspired pie. A white garlic base is topped with spinach, vegan mozzarella, mushrooms, pineapple, seasoned “chicken.” Finished with a drizzle of house-made Thai peanut sauce.

Pickle Back Pizza – Richmond, Virginia

A pickle vegan pizza, which has been ranked one of the best vegan pizzas in the usa
Hop Craft This pizza is perfect for pickle lovers

The only vegan pizza option at The Hop Craft Pizza & Beer in Richmond, Virginia, is the innovative Pickle Back. Using cashew-based Udderless cheese, it comes with dill pickle, soy chorizo, hot pepper relish swirl, and a white sesame seed crust. 

Mackin’ Out Pizza – New Brunswick, New Jersey

Mackin out pizza, which was ranked one of the best vegan pizza in the USA
Mackin' Out This vegan pizza is packed full of veg

There are five pizza options at Veganized in New Brunswick, New Jersey – but this carb-on-carb one sounds really decadent. A house-made base is topped with Veganized’s specialty Mackin Cheeze: sweet potato truffle cashew cream, smoked shiitake mushrooms, and roasted broccoli.

BBQ Seitan Pizza – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

A vegan pizza available to buy in Pennsylvania, which was ranked a best vegan pizza in the USA
Spak This BBQ pizza can be ordered with vegan cheese

From Spak Brothers in Pittsburgh, the BBQ Seitan pizza can be made vegan by ordering it with dairy-free cheese or no cheese. It comes with seitan, red onions, fresh cilantro, and BBQ sauce. Order with a side of Vegan Cheesy Breadsticks.

Vegan Meat Lovers – St Louis, Missouri

Pizza Head in St. Louis has an all-vegetarian menu that can easily be made vegan. The Vegan Meat Lovers is loaded with soy-based pepperoni, sausage, and bacon and comes with cashew cheese.

The Balboa – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A vegan pizza from Balboa, which was ranked a best vegan pizza USA
Balboa This pizza is available at Balboa

From the all vegan menu of 20th Street Pizza in Philadelphia, the Balboa comes with cashew cheese, chunks of meatball, cherry tomatoes, pistachio pesto, arugula, extra virgin olive oil, and chili flakes.

Bangkok Pizza – San Diego, California

Another Thai-inspired option comes from Red House Pizza in San Diego, which has an extensive vegan menu. The Bangkok pizza features a lemongrass coconut peanut sauce, vegan mozzarella, broccoli, pineapple, jalapeños, julienned carrots, pickled red onions, fresh scallions, cilantro, sesame seeds, and a choice of vegan chicken or sesame tofu.

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