Vegan Easter 2023: Chocolate Eggs, Treats, And Sweets To Try This Year

Easter doesn't mean enduring bad chocolate eggs, especially when there are so many vegan alternatives on the market


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A range of vegan and dairy-free Easter chocolate and candy on a wooden plank backdrop, flanked by pastel Easter eggs Vegan chocolate eggs are not the only choice at Easter - Media Credit: Plant Based News

Whether you celebrate it or are simply in it for the vegan chocolate eggs, Easter is just around the corner (Sunday, April 9).

For those of you that fit into the latter category, and perhaps even subscribe to the “chocoholic” label as well, there are a host of delicious dairy-free and vegan Easter sweets for you to try this year. Oh, and you don’t have to plump for traditional egg-shaped goodies anymore either!

UK supermarkets and candy brands alike seem to be on a mission to prove that you lose none of the flavor, fun, or excitement of this holiday when you ditch the animal products. 

Without further ado, let’s take a look at our favorite vegan Easter chocolate, eggs, and treats that we hope you’ll love as much as we do.

5 vegan Easter treats to try in the UK in 2023

Cocoba – luxury vegan chocolate Easter egg

A Cocoba vegan dark chocolate Easter egg with colourful sprinkles, wrapped in cellophane and tied with a red bow
Cocoba For a high-end and recognizably Easter-appropriate indulgence, Cocoba is a go-to

For something semi-traditional, this vegan dark chocolate egg from Cocoba is a dream. It looks great, comes wrapped beautifully, and best of all, tastes fantastic.

The chocolate itself is rich, not too bitter, and benefits greatly from the sprinkles that adorn it, as they cut through the, sometimes, cloying nature of too much cocoa. However, if you are a “more is more” kind of person, the vegan salted caramel egg is worth considering.

Price: £12.95

Try a Cocoba treat here

Love Raw Nutty Choc Ballsthe year-round (but get some now) treat

A box of vegan dairy-free Love Raw Nutty Choc Balls surrounded by unwrapped chocolate products, on a blue background
Love Raw We think ‘the ambassador’ would give these a solid thumbs up

We all know what these nutty spheres of tastebud heaven are based on, but some of us are old enough to know that they taste exactly like them. One bite and every Christmas, Easter, and birthday comes flooding back in glorious technicolor, to the point where we need these in the house at all times.

As an alternative to an egg-shaped Easter food (let’s not forget that some vegans may not like to imitate eggs), Love Raw has nailed decadent deliciousness that will work for any holiday. You might be able to guess that we really enjoyed these.

Price: £6.99 

Grab some Love Raw Nutty Choc Balls here

Marks and Spencer Percy Pig Easter Party Timethe chocolate-free option

A bag of Marks and Spencer vegan Percy Pig Easter Party Time gummy sweets
Marks and Spencer For relief from chocolate, Marks and Spencer has you covered

Let’s be honest and admit that chocolate for every meal does sometimes get tiresome. That’s when a fruity-flavored vegan gummy sweet will really hit the spot (as well as some vegetables, maybe).

Marks and Spencer made its entire Percy Pig range vegan-friendly in May last year by removing the beeswax coating. What they didn’t take away, however, was the regular release of seasonal bags that tap into some holiday fun. In the Easter Party Time packs, you’ll find gummy bunnies alongside Percy. And, as you’d expect, they’re delicious.

Price: £1.85 (or two for £3 through Ocado)

Get your Percy and friends fix here

Aldi’s Dark Chocolate Office Bunniesthe cost-effective supermarket choice

A packet of Aldi's Moser Roth vegan office bunnies chocolates in a green packet
Aldi With a little willpower, Aldi’s bunnies could last a while

Once you get past the giggling fit that these vegan bunnies are all wearing shirts and ties, you’ll appreciate not only how cheap they are, but also the snacking portions they come in. Everybody knows that once an Easter egg is cracked, there’s a duty to finish it all, but not so here. One bunny, maybe two, and you can pop the box away for later. Or eat it all at once, no judgment here.

The dark chocolate is smooth and the liquid caramel filling packs a salty surprise. A great way to have some holiday chocolate in the cupboard, but without going too crazy.

Price: £2.99

Head to your local Aldi or buy online here

An accidentally vegan Easter classic – Lindt Dark Chocolate Gold Bunny

A vegan dairy-free Lindt Gold Bunny with a brown neck bow and bell
Lindt A classic for good reason, Lindt bunnies always delight

Iconic in their own right, the Lindt chocolate bunnies have delighted consumers for years, both in the UK and abroad. Vegans are included in the mix too, thanks to the accidentally vegan dark variety that contains no dairy at all.

Wrapped in gold foil and given a tinkling bell collar, these are indistinguishable from the regular milk bunnies and just as whimsical. Definitely something to consider if you’re doing an Easter dairy-free chocolate hunt, as a few of these scattered around your garden will be adorable. 

Price: £4.50

Collect your own warren of Lindt bunnies here.

This article was originally published on February 20, 2021. It was last updated on March 27, 2023.

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