Cauliflower Ice Cream Has Arrived – Here’s Where To Buy It

Vegetables can be surprisingly good dessert bases


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EatKinda ice-cream made from cauliflower Yes there's cauliflower in that ice-cream - Media Credit: EatKinda

Cauliflower and ice cream are not two foods that usually go together. But a New Zealand (Aotearoa) company has made the world’s first cauliflower-based vegan ice cream. And it’s available to buy in 90 Woolworths stores across the country.

Jenni Matheson and Mrinali Kumar are the team behind EatKinda, which makes the ice cream. With a shared belief in looking after the planet, they ensured the ice cream comes in compostable plastic-free packaging. Where possible, they also use cauliflowers that would have ended up being discarded for not meeting supermarkets’ aesthetic standards.

The ice cream comes in three flavors: Double Chocolate, Mint Choc Bikkie and Strawberry Swirl.

Plant-based ice cream

EatKinda three flavors ice cream
EatKinda EatKinda makes three flavors of ice cream

Most plant-based ice creams are made with soy, coconut, or oats as the base. So cauliflower is an unusual choice, but clearly one that works. Matheson and Kumar say that big retailers were keen to stock their product very quickly after its launch. Some new food companies never get picked up by big supermarket chains.

EatKinda has other plaudits to its name, having recently won two awards at the New Zealand Food Awards. The ice cream was commended for its taste as well as its eco-credentials in saving cauliflowers from going to waste.

In New Zealand, there is a growing number of plant-based ice cream available, including big brands like Magnum and Ben & Jerry’s as well as Australian and New Zealand produced ice cream. The country has a growing vegan population – in 2020 it ranked fifth in the world for veganism – as well as being one of the world’s biggest consumers of ice cream.

Versatile vegetables

Cauliflower’s mild flavor makes it easy to use in desserts without confusing the tastebuds. It can help to add bulk and thickness to sweet treats without needing to add more unhealthy ingredients. Cauliflower is high in fiber and contains antioxidants and nutrients including vitamin C, potassium, and folate.

There are many vegan desserts that can be made with cauliflower such as rice pudding, chocolate mousse, and chocolate cake

Cauliflower isn’t the only vegetable to be used in vegan baking. Sweet potato can make a tasty chocolate tart. You can make a cheesecake using avocado. Or puree some beetroots to make fudgy brownies.

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