Vegan Brand Wicked Kitchen Acquired By Ahimsa Companies

Wicked Kitchen is expanding into more retailers


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Photo shows Wicked Kitchen's current CEO Pete Speranza Wicked Kitchen CEO Pete Speranza says the brand and Ahimsa are "aligned" in their missions - Media Credit: Wicked Kitchen

Ahimsa Companies has acquired Wicked Kitchen along with Good Catch and Current Foods as part of an “industry-wide consolidation effort.”

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The newly formed Ahimsa Companies says it is on a “mission to remove animals from the global food system,” and aims to further increase opportunities for vertical integration and scale through its consolidation efforts.

Now part of Ahimsa, Wicked Kitchen will expand to additional retailers and food service providers. First launched at Tesco in the UK, Wicked Kitchen already boasts more than 150 products, with around 50 available at US retailers such as Target, Walmart, and Kroger.

“Wicked Kitchen is proud to join the Ahimsa Companies,” said Pete Speranza, CEO of Wicked Kitchen, in a statement. “We are aligned in our mission, and we believe that Wicked Kitchen is stronger today and better positioned to serve the health and environmentally conscious consumer who does not want to sacrifice on taste or convenience.”

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‘Consolidation will drive success’ for Wicked Kitchen, plant-based sector

Photo shows a range of the Wicked Kitchen, Good Catch, and Current Foods products
Wicked Kitchen Ahimsa Companies has acquired Wicked Kitchen along with Good Catch and Current Foods

Wicked Kitchen acquired Good Catch in 2022, followed by Current Foods in 2023, as interest in sustainable, plant-based, and alternative seafood increased significantly.

While demand for meat alternatives has plateaued somewhat after a period of rapid growth, increasing production capacity, decreasing prices, and improving both flavor and nutrition, could help reinvigorate the sector.

According to Ahimsa Companies CEO Matt Tullman, consolidating the plant-based sector could make these goals more achievable, particularly in such an overcrowded marketplace.

“We’ve said all along that consolidation will drive success for the plant-based industry,” said Tullman. “As Ahimsa Companies brings together more brands, it can leverage this strength to help stabilize and shape the new landscape for the plant-based industry.”

Speranza, who has helmed Wicked Kitchen since 2020, and founders Chad and Derek Sarno will all remain shareholders in the company.

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