7 Vegan Christmas And Holiday Sweaters To Keep You Warm This Festive Season

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or none of the above, dress to impress with these cruelty-free jumpers


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Vegan Christmas jumpers to buy for 2022 Why not make your Christmas or holiday jumper vegan-themed this year? - Media Credit: Various

The tradition of cracking out an ugly holiday sweater in December doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing your hearts and morals on your sleeve. 

More clothing companies than ever are realizing that, yes, vegans do have a sense of humor, and also love a tasteless garment. As such, they are stepping up to offer festive fun to animal-free fashion fans, featuring cruelty-free slogans, self-deprecating jokes, and, of course, no animal products.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite festive sweaters – but remember: a jumper is for life, not just for Christmas. We are not advocating fast fashion here, and hope that you’ll wear your tacky wardrobe addition for many years to come.

1. Vegan Outfitters – ‘Vegan ruining family gatherings’

Vegan Outfitters Christmas jumper
Vegan Outfitters Ever been accused of ruining the holidays with your beliefs? This is the jumper for you

A playful jibe at the difficulties of integrating vegan beliefs into meat-filled holiday traditions, we like to think of this sweater as an ice-breaker. It also serves as a nice reminder that you don’t want the meaty gravy boat coming your way at dinner.

Vegan Outfitters prioritizes ethical manufacturing, and it is Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP)-certified. All inks used are eco-friendly and the company is PETA-approved.

Ruin Christmas Day here.

2. notjust – A few of our favorite things

notjust's vegan Christmas jumper
notjust Understated, but vegan-inspired nonetheless

notjust has chosen to showcase a repeating pattern of vegan staples. Who knew that hummus, pitta, and avocados would translate into a Fair Isle-style knit so well? While the design is great, so is the blurb that encourages shoppers to place an order to annoy Piers Morgan. 

The jumper is designed, manufactured, and shipped from within the UK. notjust advocates for fair and equitable working conditions for its garment workers, and, as an extra gift, 50 percent of all proceeds go to environmental charities.

Grab yours here.

3. Blanket Boss – ‘Joyous Kwanzaa’

A patterned green vegan Kwanzaa jumper
Blanket Boss Is this sweater Kwanzaa-themed? Yes. Can you wear it all year round anyway? Double yes.

Of course, Christmas isn’t the only holiday taking place in December, so if you’re a meat-free Kwanzaa celebrator, this is the sweater for you. Made from 100 percent acrylic, no animal products are used anywhere in the process. Plus, every jumper is made in the US, under fair working conditions.

Remember, as a secular celebration of life, Kwanzaa and veganism can go hand-in-hand. Now, questionable holiday sweaters can join the mix too!

Dress up for Kwanzaa here.

4. Defender of Animals – ‘Go stuff yourself’

Defender of Animals Christmas hoodie
Defender of Animals If hoodies are more your thing, look no further

Harmless fun is all well and good, but let’s not forget that around this time of year, millions of animals lose their lives to be served as a dinner centerpiece. Defender of Animals keeps this firmly in mind with its messaging: “Have a vegan Christmas or go stuff yourselves.” We are also a sucker for a hoodie at this time of year, so bravo for including this option.

The holiday jumper comes with a slew of ethical credentials. These include being constructed from certified organic cotton, and being free from animal-derived products. It is also manufactured using low-waste printing techniques in a factory powered by renewable energy. As you might expect, some of the profits are donated to animal sanctuaries – 50 percent to be exact.

Become a defender of animals here.

5. Modern Tribe – ‘Holiday schmear’

Blue vegan Hanukkah jumper
Modern Tribe If you celebrate Hanukkah, this could be the perfect jumper for you

Gone are the days when it was hard to veganize traditional Jewish holiday dishes. Now, you can join in with all the fun, from vegan Gefilte fish to wearing ugly sweaters that immortalize your love for Hanukkah. 

There are plenty of tongue-in-cheek designs to choose from, but the innocence of a schmear gag feels wholesome enough to be family-friendly. Plus, the abundance of dairy-free cream cheese now available keeps it on theme.

Spread some joy here.

6. Alba Paris – ‘No excuses’

Vegan Christmas jumper from Alba Paris
Alba Paris This jumper nods to the many excuses people make to not go vegan

Continuing the theme of unapologetically vegan holiday sweaters, this Alba Paris number makes a statement – but still has cute animals, holly, and snow on the front. This feels like the right jumper to wear when you know you’re going to see that family member who always has to make a case for meat-eating or tries to trip you up with questions and hypothetical scenarios. No, Uncle Dave, we wouldn’t eat the pig even if we were on a deserted island.

The jumper is WRAP-certified, and the printing uses non-toxic and vegan inks. The sizing is unisex and four colorways are offered, all of which can be distributed from either the US or Europe to lower transport emissions. Animal rescue centers and activist organizations receive 10 percent of the profits.

Stop making excuses here.

7. PETA – ‘I want tofu’

PETA has had a few holiday designs, including one that showcased the cruelty of wool. However, this is a gentle option that makes the case for turkey to be taken off the menu. Simple, unassuming, and a perfect combination of festive colors.

Sales of merchandise help to fund PETA’s ongoing animal advocacy work.

Demand tofu here.

Tag us in your social posts of you wearing your own holiday sweaters, we’d love to see! And where ever you are in the world, however you celebrate (or don’t), happy holidays!

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