Agrivilla I Pini Review: A Stunning Vegan Hotel In Tuscany, Italy

A review of Agrivilla I Pini, a vegan hotel in Italy


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A bed in Agrivilla I Pini, a vegan hotel in Tuscany, Italy Agrivilla I Pini is a perfect escape for vegans - Media Credit: Agrivilla I Pini

In the heart of the tranquil Tuscany countryside lies a haven of peace and simplicity – Agrivilla I Pini. As we walked up the path leading to this serene vegan hotel, the world slowed down, allowing our hearts to sync with the gentle rhythm of nature. The classic Italian elegance, intertwined with a modern minimalist ethos, beckoned warmly as we approached the Agrivilla.

Agrivilla I Pini is located in the hills of San Gimignano in Tuscany, Italy. The landscape unfolds like a meticulously painted oil canvas – rolling Tuscan hills cradle the villa, fruit trees sway gently to the whispers of a cool Autumn breeze, and the distant silhouette of San Gimignano adds a quaint charm to the stunning scenery. The ambiance is a gentle caress of tranquility, where each element is harmoniously connected with nature.

Stepping into the reception area of this vegan hotel was like being enveloped in a warm, comforting embrace. The rooms, a delightful blend of minimalism and farm chic, echo the serenity of a bygone era. The remnants of the old convent infuse a spiritual calmness into modern aesthetics.

The ethics of veganism and minimalism aren’t just philosophies here; they’re a lived experience. The subtle disconnect from the digital realm, courtesy of the sparse Wi-Fi and mobile signal, steered us into a much-needed digital detox. It was a pause that allowed the mind to breathe, just be. The hyper-connectivity of the modern world often leaves little room for such soulful breaks, making this retreat a nourishing respite.

Why Agrivilla I Pini?

A plant-based meal at Italian vegan hotel Agrivilla I Pini
Agrivilla I Pini Agrivilla I Pini serves only vegan food

The culinary voyage at Agrivilla is nothing short of a gastronomic sonnet. Under the capable hands of Chef Lahiri (a man I had previously met working for Ed Winters, also known as Earthling Ed, at his popular London restaurant Unity Diner), every meal unfolds as a delightful narrative of flavors.

The use of local produce, much of which is tenderly nurtured in the farm itself, is a testament to the sustainable ethos of Agrivilla. The dishes were a fusion of classic Italian herbs with a touch of Asian flair, like miso used to make a sumptuous aubergine. 

The heart of Agrivilla beats in harmony with the kind people who tend to its guests. The staff, with their genuine smiles and attentive nature, add a layer of warmth to the experience. Their care transcends routine hospitality, making one feel as if they have been welcomed into a home rather than just a stay.

Nestled in nature, Agrivilla’s proximity to Florence bridges serene countryside and rich cultural exploration. The visual banquet of Tuscany’s picturesque landscape, especially the quaint sight of San Gimignano’s towers, is a gentle reminder of the timeless beauty that Italy harbors.

Chef Lahiri from vegan hotel Agrivilla I Pini
Agrivilla I Pini PBN ate meals prepared by Chef Lahiri

No narrative of Agrivilla would be complete without a mention of Lampo, the resident cat whose playful antics and affectionate companionship added a sweet note to the serene melody of Agrivilla. His daily visits were a tender brush of nature’s simplicity.

The importance of sustainability

The sustainable narrative of the Tuscany vegan hotel is eloquently penned in the ancient olive groves and the pesticide-free vineyard. The agrarian roots run deep, nurturing not just the soil but the soul of every visitor. Ethical and sustainable practices are preached and lived here, creating a nurturing cocoon of responsible luxury.

The heart and soul of Agrivilla are its visionaries, Benjamin and Francesca. Their journey from the bustling sphere of conventional hospitality to crafting this sanctuary of ‘slow life’ is inspiring. Their love for veganism, animals, and nature is the lifeblood of Agrivilla. The rustic charm of Italy, cherished by Francesca, who grew up witnessing the traditional practices of her village, and Benjamin’s conscious shift from the conventional to the ethically sustainable have synergistically shaped Agrivilla’s ethos.

“We ran it as a bed and breakfast,” explains Francesca. “So we fixed it up a little bit. And then at a certain point we realized what is being served to people is not really what is in line with us now. So, we kind of wanted to give the house back its origin.” 

Agrivilla I Pini’s legacy

Francesca and Benjamin, the owners of a vegan hotel in Tuscany
PBN The hotel is run by Francesca and Benjamin

The legacy of Agrivilla, as shared by Francesca, extends back to her grandparents, who once nurtured the Tuscany land and hosted pilgrims. Their initiative since 2008 has been about reviving this legacy, infusing it with a fresh breath of compassionate living and ethical hospitality. Benjamin’s recount of their hospitality journey underscores a deep-rooted desire to provide a holistic experience where guests could relish the simplicity and authenticity of life away from the modern hustle.

The couple share a desire to offer humble invitations to guests and local school children to explore the roots of their food, to understand the journey from soil to table, which manifests a desire to foster awareness and responsible living. It’s a gentle nudge towards conscious choices, embodying the core spirit of Agrivilla. Their endeavor reflects a yearning not just to provide a retreat, but a journey back to nature and simplicity, making Agrivilla not just a retreat but a pathway towards conscious and sustainable living.

In the embrace of Agrivilla, the world fades into a sweet silence, leaving behind the noise, the rush, and the clutter. It’s a realm where the heart finds its rhythm, the mind its peace, and the soul its haven.

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