Responsible Use of Artificial Intelligence (Ai).

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Our Mission

Plant Based News is dedicated to elevating the plant-based diet and its benefits for animals, human health, and our planet. In pursuit of this mission, we sometimes embrace the power of technology, including artificial intelligence (AI). We believe that AI, when used responsibly, can help us tell compelling stories, engage our audience, and promote a sustainable lifestyle

Responsible Use of AI

AI offers immense possibilities, but it also comes with challenges. At Plant Based News, we recognize the importance of responsible AI use. We are committed to using AI in a way that respects our audience’s trust, ensures content quality, and upholds our mission.

Originality and Human Contributions

The majority of our articles are written entirely by our staff. We do, however, sometimes use AI to assist us with producing written content.

While AI can assist us in some tasks, it is the human touch that truly sets our content apart. We believe that the originality and innovation sparked by human creativity cannot be replicated by any machine.

AI may help us analyze data, generate initial drafts, or manage repetitive tasks, but it’s our human team that breathes life into the content, infusing it with empathy, context, and a deep understanding of our readers. It’s the human team that asks the tough questions, engages in critical thinking, and brings diverse perspectives to our content.

We want to assure our readers and our team that while we embrace technology, we will always prioritize human contributions. AI is a tool – a powerful one, but a tool nonetheless. The heart and soul of Plant Based News will always be the people who work tirelessly to bring you the most relevant, compelling, and reliable content in the realm of plant-based living.

We value our human staff not just for their role in content creation but also for their vital role in monitoring and guiding the use of AI. They ensure that the AI aligns with our ethical standards, mission, and the high-quality content our readers expect from us.


When using AI tools like ChatGPT to generate content or ideas, we are aware that the output is only as good as the input it was trained on. Hence, we consider AI-generated content as a starting point. Our editors rigorously review and fact-check all AI-generated content to ensure it meets our high standards of accuracy and credibility.

Responsible Image Use

Images play a crucial role in storytelling. They can evoke emotions, provide context, and make content more engaging. At Plant Based News, we take the use of images very seriously, especially when AI is involved in their selection or creation.

When we use AI to assist in selecting or generating images, we are committed to ensuring that these images are used responsibly. We strive to ensure that every image we use is accurate, relevant, and respectful. We avoid using images that may be misleading, inappropriate, or offensive.

In the case of AI-generated imagery, we understand that it’s essential to maintain accountability. If an image has been created or altered using AI, we will clearly indicate this to our readers. We believe it’s important for our audience to know how the images they see came to be, and we are committed to providing this information.

Moreover, we respect copyright laws and the hard work of photographers and artists. We always aim to use licensed or open-source images and give proper credit to the creators.

Whether it’s an image of a delicious plant-based meal, a snapshot from a recent vegan event, or a graphic illustrating a complex concept, you can trust that it has been chosen or created with care, respect, and responsibility.

Respect for Audience

We respect our audience’s right to human interaction. While we use AI to help us research and create some content, we ensure that it doesn’t replace the human connection that is so vital to our community. Our team is always available to engage with and respond to our audience.

Guiding Principles

We adhere to a few guiding principles in our use of AI:

  • Our use of AI should benefit our audience, contributing to their understanding and appreciation of plant-based living.
  • We strive to prevent harm. We use AI responsibly, ensuring it doesn’t propagate misinformation or create confusion.
  • We respect our readers’ right to know. We clearly indicate when AI has been used in creating content.
  • We aim to use AI in a way that promotes fairness and inclusivity, preventing any form of discrimination or bias.


At Plant Based News, our aim is to leverage AI responsibly to enhance our storytelling and help promote the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. We are excited about the possibilities AI offers and remain committed to its ethical use. As we continue on this journey, we welcome feedback from our readers. Together, we can shape a future where technology and responsible journalism go hand in hand.

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